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    Help identifying decals

    I'm just trying to figure out if these decals are anything special, if anyone could identify it The car is canadian, it has a sticker that says meyers holland nanaimo (where i live) on the back and these nice decals
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    91 explorer fender support swap?

    so, what do you call those exactly, the part where the headlights mount to and the part where the fender mounts to, and are those replaceable? i mean, im sure there's some spot welds that you gotta drill out or whatever.
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    91 Explorer no temp or fuel gauge

    so i just bought my very first vehicle, and it's a 91 explorer right, but neither the temp nor the fuel gauge work, when you turn the key however, the needles on the gauges do move a liiiiittle bit down, but not alot everything else electrical works fine suggestions?