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    Low epc pressure on 5r55e

    I was looking into a hesitation to shift under WOT on my 2003 5r55e. I have forscan lite on my phone with a obdlink mx reader. I noticed the epc pressure ranged from 10-65 psi while driving, which is low as per the Ford shop manual. If the valve body gasket was blown, wouldn't it not shift or...
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    5r55e update question

    Im trying to cure some inconsistent shifting in my 03 sport Trac with a 5r55e. Was the updated epc solenoid, bonded seperator plate and the other pieces in the valve body update installed from the factory on these? I noticed the update TSB stopped at the 2002 model year.
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    Remote start issues on 2003

    I recently hooked up a fortin evo one remote start in my 2003 sport trac. The remote start, the bypass and the lock function work flawlessly. I have I tapped into the unlock and lock trigger wires in the drivers side kick panel. I have noticed after sitting for a while, the unlock function...
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    Aftermarket wheel reliability

    I had some issues in the past with some pro comp wheels on my 2003 cracking around the lugs after being torqued to the factory spec of 100 ft lbs. I called them and talked to tech support, they stated 70-80 ft lbs maximum. Has anyone else had issues with aftermarket cast wheels on these not...
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    Remote start questions

    I'm looking at installing the avital 4003l remote start on my 03. It Needs a pats bypass module. I'm looking at the 555p and the pkall xpresskit modules from dei. Any suggestions on what's better?
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    Oil pressure port-4.0 sohc

    I'm adding an additional oil pressure gauge(that has numbers) on my 03 sport trac, before I tee into the location of the factory sender, does anyone know of additional plugs/ports that have oil pressure?
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    Solved Odd missfire 2003 4.0

    I changed out the plugs and wires on my 03 4.0 ST Saturday, motorcraft plugs, autozone wires. We had a storm and it blew blooms all over it. I was rinsing off the hood with a garden hose, when I noticed the hood wasn't latched all the way down. Nothing seemed wet. I've noticed now it'll...
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    Normal missfire count?

    2003 sport trac 4.0 Had new ford chains, guides, tensioners and heads rebuilt in 2019. Has good compression, new ford plugs and wires. Occasionally at idle I'll notice a hiccup of sorts. I have a bluetooth obd reader, watching it, It has a missfire count of up to 10 when I drive 60 miles round...
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    Superduty steering wheel swap

    I ran across this photo in a drag magazine in a 2002 explorer sport. It's running a carbureted small block, so I don't believe the cruise or airbag is hooked up. Looks like it'll physically fit, wondered if anyone knew what it'd take to make the switches and airbag work properly in one of these...
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    Matching up woodgrain radio bezel

    I recently came across a Nos woodgrain radio bezel to replace a black broken one. Has anyone matched this to a vinyl wrap design? Closest thing I've found is bubinga 3m di-noc vinyl. I was hoping to wrap some switch panels to match it, like on a lariat interior.
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    Differential c clip

    On Wednesday night I was driving home, noticed a whining noise, then some violent clunking. Apparently my pass CV(new as of last Friday) shaft slipped out and destroyed itself. I think the circlip did not have enough tension. It was engaged all the way into the differential. Does anyone have a...
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    Heat issue

    I have 1994 ford explorer, automatic. I have an issue that the heat does not always work when needed, the lever is on heat, the vents are open, fan is on, but it is cool air. My father tired plugging a heater line. or vaccum line, I cant remember, and it now defaults to heat, nice and warm...
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    JBL Cassette player Error Code 1

    Hey, I'm new posting here, but heres my issue I have a JBL Cassetter player in a 1994 Ford Explorer. I have noticed it used to play cassette tapes fine, clear, no issue, as well as a phillips cassette adapter. I accidentally pushed seek one day with a tape in and it will loosen the tape in...