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    Please Help!?! Transfer case replacement? Humming noise?

    I have an 09 Explorer EB 4WD. I bought it used. After a month or two I started hearing the hum. I had both front wheel hubs and RR hub replaced which greatly reduced the hum but the hum was still there. It turned out to be the front differential. The front diff was removed and sent to Austin...
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    Advice on buying used '09 XLT with low miles

    I bought a used 09 4.0 4x4 EB with a lot more miles on it. 64,500 miles. It turns out to have had rough use. After replacing front wheel hubs, 1 rear wheel bearing and overhauling the front diff, it has been a pretty good vehicle. I have used it off road. I get pretty good gas mileage with it...
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    Running boards, non-retractable

    Ok, I took my 2009 4x4 off-road. I managed to drive into two badger holes that lined up perfectly with the driver side front and rear wheels. It set the Explorer on the frame and popped off the driver side running board. There was a lot of laughs and fun making at my expense. The running...
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    Did you know you can turn off the seatbelt chime!

    It is a goofy process so that the odds of doing it accidentally are impossible. It would have to be a deliberate attempt. It is done that way to protect the manufacturer from lawsuits.
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    Buying advice: 2009 or 2010?

    I bought a used 09 with 64000 miles. I think it got abused. Now that I fixed the big problems, it is a nice ride.
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    Front differential rebuild kit?

    I had the grinding/grating noise on my 2009. Because of the fine adjustments required and me being a shadetree mechanic, I took it to Austin Drive Train/Inland Truck Parts. They overhauled the front diff. My pinion bearings were replaced. Cost to remove diff and overhaul was $1,200. Now all is...
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    2008 Explorer Transmission Bump

    Welcome to the forum. Maybe one of the more knowledgeable will comment. I would have the service technician test drive your vehicle and determine the best course of action.
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    Next Vehicle?

    I bought my Explorer in August. I developed a shortlist of Toyota 4-runner, Nissan Pathfinder and Ford Explorer. I needed a 4WD for launching boat and off-roading. The Ford Explorer had the best interior room. I can pack all my camping, hunting and fishing gear in there, including 7' fishing...
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    Transmission Cooler Line - Connector

    I would go with an external trans cooler. The 2005 Nissan Xterra, Pathfinder, Frontier, etc used a similar trans cooler setup with their radiator. They apparently used a faulty material for the trans cooler section allowing coolant to mix with trans fluid. The result was totally failed...
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    Noise that really concerns me

    Good luck with convincing the warranty people. It seems if the repair is over $1,000 they want to send an adjuster and call it previously existing condition. I am convinced that putting some money in a repair fund of your own choosing is more profitable then spending a bunch of money upfront for...
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    Replaced Wheel Bearing Still Noisy

    65,000 miles. I am third owner. I have no idea what was done previously.
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    08 LTD dumb question. Correct tire pressure

    Dealer wants the ride to be smoother, hence lower pressure. As little as two psi can make a difference in mpg. I go by what is on the door jamb. I just got back from a trip to Texas Gulf Coast at Matagorda Bay. I get 21 mpg on highway and 18 all around. I drive to conserve gas. I keep the...
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    Replaced Wheel Bearing Still Noisy

    My right rear was replaced as a single bearing and had it pressed by a shop. It was quick and fairly inexpensive.
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    Fixed my Explorer and Mountianeer issues

    I bought mine for the 4x4, interior room and looks. I have had good performance with prior Ford products (Bronco, F-250). I have spent more than I wanted to on this 09, but I expect that it was abused by previous owner(s). But runs good now.
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    high RPM

    Town, according to you should use Motorcraft Transfer Case fluid, not Mercon or does that not apply to earlier Explorers.
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    Leaking pinion seal-----clogged vent hose??

    That or you have a bad pinion bearing that allows some slight movement of the shaft while rotating.
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    2009 Explorer 4x4 front diffs

    Now that I have it all done, I can better describe the experience. The front diff carrier and pinion bearings was most noticeable as a grinding or rubbing sound that could be felt in the steering wheel. Understand that I am deaf as a post and I don't hear high frequency noises very well. At...
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    Headlight switch

    Good find Polizi212. Let me know what your measurements show.
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    Headlight switch

    I have the auto headlight feature. So I put it on that. I rarely have a need for fog lights and I can't see the headlight switch when seated in the driver seat with the steering wheel adjusted. So I won't worry about it. The pain factor is too high in trying to change it.
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    Replaced Wheel Bearing Still Noisy

    Awww, Town, youe were just checking to see if anyone was paying attention. I couldn't find the Xfer case fluid anywhere locally except the Ford dealer. It cost 9.50 a quart. Good thing it only takes 1.5 qt.
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    Replaced Wheel Bearing Still Noisy

    Note that Ford calls for Transfer Case Fluid Ford Part Number/Specification XL-12 not Mercon V. See This document states that Mercon V "Not for use in transfer cases".
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    Headlight switch

    How do you get at the bulb? Do you have to remove part of the dash? If so, any instructions would be appreciated.
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    Replaced Wheel Bearing Still Noisy

    I had the front diff pulled and sent it to Inland Truck/Austin Drivetrain. The front diff overhaul cost almost $1000 and the labor to pull, ship and replace the diff cost $500. It was 7 hours labor to do the work. All is quiet and smooth now. 10 years ago, I would have pulled the diff myself but...
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    09 trans

    Mine has the 5R55S and has 65,000 miles on it. I do not know if the trans got flushed at 60,000. The Ford maintenance guide shows "Change automatic transmission fluid on all vehicles equipped with the TorqShift transmission." Is the 5R55S a Torqshift?
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    Where was your Explorer built?

    Louisville, KY. If you look on your original window sticker (available on this forum) at the bottom you will see "Final Assembly Point" which means components may have been built in other places and it was all screwed together in Louisville.