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    Continuing RCS issues with 2010 Explorer.

    Had this on my 2010 explorer ended up being the hubs needed replaced. Pull your cluster out and behind it it a little thing that makes the noise. I took mine out but never put back in. It's kinda soldered on if I remember it's been a couple years, but barely had to heat the soldered and...
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    Removing Automatic Headlights completely?

    On my 2010 I went into the coding using forscan and changed some numbers so they come on as soon as it's in gear
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    First oil change advice

    You spent what $40000 on a suv? Spend the $35.00 and change the oil every 3000 miles for your peace of mind! I have two explorers 400000 miles between them and change them at 3000. Let's see full synthetic at Walmart $22.00 for a jug. And $3.99 motorcraft filter on Amazon.
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    Tips for replacing the stupid looking PCV valve

    It's got coolant lines in it to keep heated to slow the build up of carbon.
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    Coolant rust?

    Just don't use these together Dexcool with Ethylene Glycol
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    Coolant rust?

    Just never mix these Dexcool with Ethylene Glycol
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    How to change your 05 Explorer V6's Spark Plugs

    My 2002 mountaineer 4.6 was the easiest spark plugs I've ever replaced.
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    If you were to buy now, would you still buy what you bought? 6th Gen (2020+)

    I've had 7 explorers and one mountaineer and 2 currently right now. But I have no regrets with any of them... a friend at work lives with mommy and daddy and last year bought a new ST for $52000. No freaking way at $800 plus a month!!!
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    off road in SE Mass.

    Not talking or caring about New Hampshire... Freetown is a couple miles from me
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    off road in SE Mass.

    But you won't share? I'd be interested but just some small stuff
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    Radiator, flush and fill kit or just use the drain plug?

    Umm flushing a nasty system. Wow never mind. Someone mentioned coolant turning brown. Sorry I wasted your precious time!!!
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    Radiator, flush and fill kit or just use the drain plug?

    You need to check this out at about 11 minutes in...
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    picked up a used explorer with a pretty big problem

    What's a 2000 explorer worth? Maybe $500.00??? Just not worth fixing it
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    picked up a used explorer with a pretty big problem

    You bought a car without a carfax???
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    Winter/Snow tires

    But it's a 4wd? Why would you need to put snow tires on? I've owned four wheel drives for 35 years and never had snow tires on them
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    LED headlight bulbs error message

    Pushing that button Everytime gets old after the thousands of times
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    LED headlight bulbs error message

    Just bought a set for my 2010 the ones I bought last time didn't work
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    Bad gas mileage

    18. I'd love to get 18. I average 12 in my mountaineer. 13 in 2010 explorer
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    but that wont work when I open the doors
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    LED headlight bulbs error message

    als bought the extra harness and still get the error messae on my 2010