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    Running boards, non-retractable

    Ok, I took my 2009 4x4 off-road. I managed to drive into two badger holes that lined up perfectly with the driver side front and rear wheels. It set the Explorer on the frame and popped off the driver side running board. There was a lot of laughs and fun making at my expense. The running...
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    Headlight switch

    I have a 2009 EB. The headlight switch does not have a backlight so it is not illuminated like the rest of the controls. Is that the way it is supposed to be or do I have a light out? If I have a light out, does anybody know the procedure to replace it?
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    I have searched for an explanation of the generations of explorers (gen 1, gen 2, etc.). Which "gen" is my 2009?
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    2009 Explorer 4x4 front diffs

    I just heard from the job shop that I took my front diff for overhaul, that they have recently had 6 front diffs from Ford Exploders and Expeditions in the similar years. The cited carrier bearing problems and possible gear failure.
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    Front Drivetrain noise/rubbing noise

    I have a 2009 Explorer 4x4 with 65,000 miles, so it is out of warranty. The front wheel bearings were making a lot of noise and vibration. So I replaced both wheel bearings. The noise and vibration is greatly reduced but there is still a very noticeable inconsistent vibration or rubbing noise...
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    Long time Ford 4x4 owner new to Explorer forum

    I recently picked up a 2009 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4x4 with control track . I do plan to use it offroad on a ranch in South Texas and for pulling and launching a 18' aluminum boat. I have had Ford 4x4's for years. I have had a 86 Ford Bronco that I put 220,000 miles on, a 2003 Ford F-250...