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  1. BKennedy

    Purchasing 46.5 Acres Near Kingman, AZ

    I changed "one more thing" with the plans. I changed the wall between the master and the walk in closet to not go fully to the ceiling. They call it a half wall, but its more like a 3/4 wall. Let's light in while still maintaining privacy. Unique feature that's in my current house and I like...
  2. BKennedy

    Cash For Clunkers Crush List

    I think those numbers are close. There are not very many 91-2000 Explorers in junk yards in the San Diego area.
  3. BKennedy

    Another upper control arm thread

    Hmmmmm, let me Google that.....
  4. BKennedy

    Wanted 1st Gen Explorer - RUST FREE within 500 miles of Chicago IL

    I get a daily email from BAT. Still looking for that 997 C4S manual trans Porsche with the terracotta interior.
  5. BKennedy

    Aftermarket Radiator Pressure Issue?

    Somebody else with a 2nd gen can chime in here, but if the OP is pulling the timing cover, isn't there a bunch of stuff he should also do?
  6. BKennedy

    Wanted 1st Gen Explorer - RUST FREE within 500 miles of Chicago IL

    Your saying you got over 25 MPG out of a 1st gen? You have a rare car indeed.
  7. BKennedy

    Wanted 1st Gen Explorer - RUST FREE within 500 miles of Chicago IL

    Yeah, bit it's at lease 28 years old. They are nothing like what's expected in a new car, especially with electronics and gadgets. Even the most bare bones new car will outmatch these old Explorers in nearly every aspect. Mileage, power, warranty, electronics, safety features, quiet power...
  8. BKennedy

    Aftermarket Radiator Pressure Issue?

    The radiator is leaking for sure. The previous owner wasn't completely honest if he said that is a all aluminum radiator.
  9. BKennedy

    Wanted 1st Gen Explorer - RUST FREE within 500 miles of Chicago IL

    I think with these Explorers that just because its clean and has low mileage, doesn't make it rare or valuable. It's a Ford SUV after all. They produced over a million of them in 4.5 years. You Explorer is very clean, but it's still one of a million produced. My favorite of all the Explorers...
  10. BKennedy

    My Drawer System

    Welcome to the forum. If you join as a Elite member, you can upload photos directly to a post.
  11. BKennedy

    Cash For Clunkers Crush List

    The attached article has a near complete list of the nearly 700,000 vehicles destroyed during the Cash for Clunkers program. Top of the list by far, 1991-2000 Ford Explorers. Over 50,000 got squished.
  12. BKennedy

    Aftermarket Radiator Pressure Issue?

    The leak at the firewall could be the heater core diverter. They are plastic and fall apart over time. There is also a weep hole in the firewall, passenger side about 2/3 down behind the front tire. If it's leaking coolant there, the heater core has failed. The pressure not dissipating is...
  13. BKennedy

    Newbie has an appointment to buy his first explorer tomorrow, a little help!

    That is a vacuum actuated valve that diverts coolant from your heater core. I think it's only diverting coolant when the AC is on max or vent. It is inexpensive and easy to replace. If your heater core is bad, that's also fairly easy to replace. There are I think four screws holding a panel...
  14. BKennedy

    When to replace the timing chain?

    That's the one I just got delivered. There are lots of threads on the forum related to repair and maintenance. It's all here for the searching.
  15. BKennedy

    When to replace the timing chain?

    From what I have read on the forum over the years, the 1994 heads are a upgrade to previous years. I don't have actual experience with this.
  16. BKennedy

    When to replace the timing chain?

    1994's don't have the head issues. They do need the intake gaskets replaced over time. Water pumps wear/corrode over time, usually due to poor maintenance. Fan clutches can be upgraded to heavy or severe duty. Don't need to replace the timing chain unless doing a rebuild. Plugs and wires...
  17. BKennedy

    LED Available for Luggage Compartment/Cargo Light

    I took apart a wedge mount type LED bulb and soldered the wire ends to the metal connectors. Been like that for years and it was a 10 cent bulb.
  18. BKennedy

    1998 Ford Explorer 4.0L OHV 4 X 4 Oil Pan Gasket Replacement

    My 1994 pan was leaking enough to drip on the concrete. Since I have a solid axle, I cut out the engine cross member and made a bolt in version. Dropped the pan, replaced the gasket. It was a rotten job with the transmission still attached as the rear two bolts are awkward, and one is about...
  19. BKennedy

    Bkennedy's SAS and Rebuild Thread

    That would be fun. I've looked around underneath and the Atlas should clear the floorboards still clocked up like it is now, with a little BFH massaging of the back left rear footwell. At most, I would be cutting out a small section and welding in a flat piece. I think I could get away with...
  20. BKennedy

    Bkennedy's SAS and Rebuild Thread

    The bushings that came with the track bar lasted about 5 years. BC Broncos doesn't know which vendor they used then. The ES bushings lasted 2-3 years. Delphi lasted less than 1000 miles. iBox
  21. BKennedy

    Bkennedy's SAS and Rebuild Thread

    What got me about Sedona is its all mountains and trees in Williams and Flagstaff, then an hour away and its crazy red rock high desert. But really, it looked like the south-western version of Del Mar or Beverly Hills. Fake looking pueblo architecture everywhere and roundabouts all through...
  22. BKennedy

    Got a New Puppy!

    See, not that bad.
  23. BKennedy

    Stic-o Class C RV. Say hello to Sunny🌞

    Don't keep track of your mileage in the RV. No good can come of that.
  24. BKennedy

    1960 Dodge Dart Seneca Project

    I love that car. Its got the coolest fins of just about any car from that era.