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    ION trunk light covers

    I took out the trunk plastic trim off my 2017 PIU to see if I could get the rear lighting working. I figured since I wasn't planning on using the stock red/blue LED flashers I'd take them out. I ended up 3D printing a pair of blank Whelen ION sized blocks that I modeled that fit it's place. I...
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    2017 PIU DRL amber only

    Does anyone know how to enable DRLs to run with just the amber parking lots? I messed around for a while with Forscan and was only able to get the amber lights to come on during the day along with the lowbeams. I couldn't figure out how to have the low beams to stay off with the ambers on. When...
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    Trying to get RKE on my 2017 PIU

    Hey everyone, I just took my 2017 FPIU to the dealer to try to program a set of keys since my car only came with three key blades with no remote. I bought a set of keys from Amazon that didn't have the 48 digit code, so I figured they wouldn't be able to program those. Sidenote it was...