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    Ford Explorer 2011 Limited Camshaft Position Sensor

    Hi to all... I have a 2011 Explorer Limited 3.5 V6 that turned on the Check Engine light. A friend of mine scanned and gave the P0017 error which is the Camshaft position Sensor Bank 1. I have tried to find the motor schematic to see where they are located as i have found that the motor uses 4...
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    Vandalized Explorer 2011

    My Explorer was vandalized and will like to know if anybody knows if Ford has made an improvement in their security system since factory developed because seems that they know well ford systems. What the thiefs did is that they pulled the drivers door handle and broked the lock cylinder...
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    MFT 3.5.1 Upgrade

    Well finally i had the obligation to change the MFT version from 2.1.1 to 3.5.1 due to black screen. The truth, i was regerting to do the upgrade because of so much complainments by others but i didn't have another route. I have to say that i found it more responsive and fast. Paired great...
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    Call Notification thru MFT and Phone

    When i recieve a call when i am paired with MFT i recieve sound notifications from the phone and also thru the speakers. Is there a way that when i am connected to disable the phone ringer of my Galaxy S2 and sound only come thru the MFT system?? I have version 2.11. Thanks ...
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    MFT Text Messages Signature

    I have noticed that when i send a text message appears a signature saying sent from my ford. Is there a way i can change it so make it personalize??? Thanks in advance...
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    V2.8 MFT Issue with Call Phone

    Hi... I have paired my Samsung G II sucesfully and have tested MFT with messaging and dialing contacts thru the voice commands but when i want to call a contact by his name, MFT doesn't go thru after saying phone, call, name. It doesn't recognize any name in the contacts list and the system...