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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    for sale $200obo for rear bumper. 2x6" .120 wall rectangular tubing that bolts on to stock location. fits sport tracs and explorers. will fit rangers but the mounting tabs will have to be moved in closer since the fraames are narrower.
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    Thanks Rebel. This truck is my daily, weekend fun haber, work truck, family car and more! Can't wait to post more updates
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    black widow exhaust experience

    i have the black widow 250 and i love it. it is a little louder this the magna flow and took some time to get used to but the truck sounds amazing. brian (owner of blackwidow) runs it on his ST and after hearing his truck i was sold on it. you will not regret it.
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    this is a race i did twice this year. my class was for daily driven trucks and it was a blast! the only upgrade is that i have gone up to 35" tires. now that i have a garage and a welder i plan to speed up on doing some major upgrades in the next few months.
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    A better engine for a 2003?

    I wish I was getting 19 or even 17 mpg's but I average 13.
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    Lifted Sport Tracs Picture Thread!

    NewTrac17- where did you get your bumper?
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    Head gasket ?

    Do you really have to pull the engine to replace a head gasket? I have to replace a gasket because I have an external leak.
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    spare tire questions now that im up to 33"s

    If you're able to get a10.5" width tire then get it. It doesn't hang past the bumper like a 12.5" would.
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    spare tire questions now that im up to 33"s

    Yeah you can fit a 33". I've had both a 12.5 and 10" width.
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    03 4.0l to 4.6l swap in a o3 explorer

    Good info on here!
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    Rear view camera cable routing

    I just did this on my truck. I spliced to the passenger reverse light for power and ran the rca cable through the C frame continuing through the box frame. I utilized the radio antenna grommet to feed it into the cab. All on the passengers' sideb
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    Thanks guys. I pretty much have the truck where I want, performance wise. The suspension is done, I'm 4wd, rocksliders in the making, new tires and is running strong. All I will be doing is maintenance and upkeep on the truck. Oh, and I bought '10 Sport Trac headlights I want to install, a...
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    took the truck out to Barstow for a day trip. i up'd the springs to 700# and did a full rebuild on them. i still haven't been able to tune my shocks but i will get to them soon. bought a length of 2x6" 120wal rectangular tubing for rockliders that i need to build soon.
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    Sport Trac Spindle Lift Help

    I installed spindles on my '01 ranger which is the same work. Did they say why they couldn't do it? Some shops don't like messing around with modified trucks so you might be better off going somewhere else.
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    In the video I had 2.0x10 smooth bodies only gibing me 10" of travel. My current set up gives me 16" of travel and I'm able to control the travel with the tubes. I'll be going to Pismo in 2 weeks so I'll be testing the rear in the same location
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    Thanks man. The photo JC been edited but it is blue.
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    did a trip to Barstow for the Wished for Warriors fundraiser and the truck did great! i was able to take the trailer on its maiden voyage, use 4x4 for the first time, and put the rear shocks to a little abuse.
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    4wd front wheel bearings-when do they fail on average?

    My hubs went out around 55k and had them replaced. Always replace them with American parts, at least the drive terrain. Like any car it's a hit or miss. Some go a long time without issues and some need parts replacement before 100k.
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    What would you do with a free tailgate?

    Make a bench out of it.
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    Moab 2015 - May 22-24

    Are most just doing fri-Sun or is anyone saying there a little longer?
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    clean under the hood question

    I pressure wash my engine bay. I put plastic bags over the battery, alternator, fuse box and ecu then I wash always. Have been doing it for years with no issue.
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    Thanks Offtrac.
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    a video from a trip i did to Pismo in Nov.