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    2015 PIU Mysterious side lights

    For the holes in the trunk lid, they take Whelen IONs. I have pictures with the part numbers from the ones I took out of my 2017 PIU after replacing them with 3D printed blanks.
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    Programming several items on 17 PIU

    I've been trying to get the marker lights only as DRLs for a while but can't figure out how to get the headlights off. Along with that, the ambers are very bright. Not sure if it's possible. The dimming is programmed on Forescan and can easily found. I can find the code or the specific option if...
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    Black PIU color code?

    I got a touch up pen from Amazon in Shadow Black to fix some chips on my PIU. The part number for the one I got was PMPC-19500-7343A. You can purchase a Monroney sticker or a original window sticker from Ford if you want a definite paint color. I wasn't able to find a reliable decoder when I...
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    ION trunk light covers
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    Trying to get RKE on my 2017 PIU

    The toolbox is for IDS, not FORScan. They're separate programs. You can't program keyfobs with FORScan.
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    ION trunk light covers

    I took out the trunk plastic trim off my 2017 PIU to see if I could get the rear lighting working. I figured since I wasn't planning on using the stock red/blue LED flashers I'd take them out. I ended up 3D printing a pair of blank Whelen ION sized blocks that I modeled that fit it's place. I...
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    2017 PIU DRL amber only

    Does anyone know how to enable DRLs to run with just the amber parking lots? I messed around for a while with Forscan and was only able to get the amber lights to come on during the day along with the lowbeams. I couldn't figure out how to have the low beams to stay off with the ambers on. When...
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    Trying to get RKE on my 2017 PIU

    Do you have any recommendations on where to buy a VCM 2 module? I'm seeing a wide range of prices ($100 to $1500) when googling and don't want to get scammed.
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    Have a 2016 police interceptor utility

    From what I was able to gather researching this, the PIUs don't have the LEDs for the strip installed. I haven't had the chance to take my lights out and see for myself yet.
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    Trying to get RKE on my 2017 PIU

    I purchased the key fob listed as "GB5Z-15K601-C" and looking at all the photos on different Ford websites, it's showing the part number on the back of the fob as GB5T-15K601-FA. Is your the same or does it say GB5Z-15K601-C on your fob? Thank you for mentioning the Fortin EvoAll, that seems...
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    Trying to get RKE on my 2017 PIU

    Hey everyone, I just took my 2017 FPIU to the dealer to try to program a set of keys since my car only came with three key blades with no remote. I bought a set of keys from Amazon that didn't have the 48 digit code, so I figured they wouldn't be able to program those. Sidenote it was...