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  1. justin146

    Pro Comp 9131 HID conversion (tutorial)

    I know this is an old thread, but I converted three more of these to HID for my Land Rover. Basically the same procedure: Started with this: pulled the H3 bulbs and zip tied in the HID: Plugged in the ballast. It is all plug and play: all tucked into the housing: And the results...
  2. justin146

    2000 AWD Xploder from Turbo back to NA

    Are those the copper gaskets I gave you? I dont remember what brand they are, but they were pretty expensive if I remember. They are two layers of copper with a "crush" type stuff sandwiched in them. They arent supposed to leak. Did you find where the oil line was? There is a pipe thread T at...
  3. justin146

    Pro Comp 9131 HID conversion (tutorial)

    Between 23 and 25mph on pavement. I bypassed the governor; they normally do 12mph.
  4. justin146

    Pro Comp 9131 HID conversion (tutorial)

    I will get some pictures. They make a perfect 15' circle at about 150' while also giving light to the sides.
  5. justin146

    Pro Comp 9131 HID conversion (tutorial)

    They are 5000k.
  6. justin146

    Kinda off topic but, deciding between 04 Mustang Mach 1 or 2002 Camaro SS

    If you are going to mod the car for drag racing, get the Camaro. It is the cheaper car to make horsepower in. If you want the car for any other reason, get the Mach. I love the 4v motor; you cant beat the noise it makes at 7krpm. Heres my 4v.
  7. justin146

    Pro Comp 9131 HID conversion (tutorial)

    I havent been around in a while because I dont have the Explorer anymore. But I figured some of the offroad guys would be interested in these. I have been building a lifted golf cart and decided I wanted to have some large HID lights on a light bar. I was going to buy the Chinese 7" HIDs you...
  8. justin146

    Lori's Reaper, The Cobra R Clone (56K Die)

    I have been looking at wheels for my Cobra and I really like the FR500s. Is your car lowered any? I was worried that staggered 17's would look funny on a non lowered car.
  9. justin146

    My turbocharged 2000 5.0 AWD....

    You should check the vacuum line going to the BOV. If it isnt venting, you could blow them by suddenly letting off of the throttle. It is the line that is T'd into the brake booster line and runs across the firewall. And if you want to run a muffler, install it before the turbo. If it is...
  10. justin146

    My turbocharged 2000 5.0 AWD....

    I just have too many other projects and I am not driving it because of the exhaust leak. This is how it looks right now... And behind it is this.... And I am also building this.... And this, getting ready for summer.
  11. justin146

    My turbocharged 2000 5.0 AWD....

    Galvanized pipe releases toxic fumes when it is heated- I wouldnt recommend using. Although I did use one piece in my setup because I had it and it was the perfect angle. And since this is my thread, I have an update. My truck is currently in the shop having the headers installed. I sold the...
  12. justin146

    How to: Wire in Factory Sub to Aftermarket Stereo

    You need the correct wiring harness- there is one that plugs into one of the unused connectors behind the radio that gives you an RCA jack. Mine didnt have an RCA, but I just spliced one on. This is all you need to make the sub work. This is what I did:
  13. justin146

    BFG AT KO vs Toyo Open Country AT?

    Thanks for the info. I went with 285/70/17 Terra Grapplers instead. They should be here tomorrow. For the little my Tahoe gets driven, I couldnt really justify the $3-400 price difference between the Nittos and BFGs.
  14. justin146

    BFG AT KO vs Toyo Open Country AT?

    I'm bringing this back from the dead- I am also shopping for some 285/70/17s for my Tahoe. I have BFG MTs on it right now and they make too much noise. How much noise do the ATs make? I really like the aggressive tire look, but road trips give me a sore throat (from talking over the tires).
  15. justin146

    Low Watt Sub on Stock AMP

    I didn't see if anyone mentioned it, but there is a bolt into the subs magnet from the back. I pulled my stock sub and replaced it with an 8" Swiss Audio. I am still using the stock amp with an aftermarket HU and it sounds pretty good. People cant believe so much bass can come from an 8 in the...
  16. justin146

    Need pictures of your home entertainment centers.

    I added a floating shelf above the TV for the center channel. I still need to hide the wire in the wall...
  17. justin146

    What is your current "Home Project"??

    Here is my current project- it is a 20x36 shop. The next step is building concrete forms and then putting up the trusses...
  18. justin146

    Need pictures of your home entertainment centers.

    So I upgraded my speakers. The Onkyo speakers sounded really good, but they really lacked midrange bass. I had to have my sub set at 120hz. With the new speakers, I have the crossovers set at 80hz. The most noticeable difference was audio from the center channel. The voices sound deep like they...
  19. justin146

    difference in 5.0 blocks??

    same block.
  20. justin146

    New shoes on the truck

    Those look great, very similar to the ADR M-classic wheels I am planning on going with. What is the offset of those?
  21. justin146

    VIN # problem

    A limited would have monochromatic paint and body cladding, and mesh style wheels.
  22. justin146

    Need info for turbo

    I would spend a few days researching different setups over at first. The same principals for any turbocharged gas vehicle will apply to your Explorer. For the turbocharger itself, something with a 60-70mm compressor with a P-trim turbine will be a good starting point. Be...
  23. justin146

    4.0 SOHC Performance Motor Build

    I have great hopes of redoing my entire setup this winter and switching to an A/W intercooler. To make more room under the hood, I am going with a spider type intake. This way I can have my intercooler core right on top of the valve cover.
  24. justin146

    Boost on an Eaton SC

    I didnt have any issues with mine- I installed them and my MAF at the same time. I just put them in and loaded my tune and it ran. I then datalogged some step revving and sent the file to James. The next day I had a tune I could drive the truck with. A week later it would do this :)...