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    Cooling fan upgrade?

    Rockauto has 2 different fans and an eFan available for my 02 ST. Should I just put a stock one back in or is there a better option out there?
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    Wanted stock shackles

    for my 02 sport trac so any expo/ST shackles will do. i will even trade my warrior shackles for the stock ones with some cash on your end
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    A/C not working

    my clutch is not engaging at all. i checked the the 10a fuse and the blk relay in the power distribution box, i checked the switch in my dash both ac and max ac, i checked the fuse in the in the panel on the d-side, i checked the continuity on the clutch and there is. i am NOT getting any...
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    Sport Trac Portfolio

    this is a collection on ST's that i have in my computer and phone for insperation and ideas for when the day comes to do a project and i thought it would be helpful for others to view this thread and see if something will work. i read many threads about ppl's ideas that i use to have and when i...
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    WTB: 4x4 axles shafts

    i have an 02 ST and i need some front axles to modify a bit. my local junkyard has a couple 98 explorers and i was wondering if the suspension and axles are the same. i believe they are identical but i want to double chk before i go pull them off. thx in advance.
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    4x4 cv shafts fitment

    are 95-2001 explorer front axles the same length and fitment for an 01-05 ST? i think they are but i want to double chk before i pull them from the junk yard.
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    Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

    hello everyone i've been on this site for awhile and slowly have been saving money and building my project. i had an 01 ford ranger 2wd that i started to build with the little knowledge that i had. the ranger wasnt much in performance but looked kool. the more i hung out in forums and went to...
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    Dixon Bros Racing 4x4 LT kit

    i'm sorta in a dilemma right now and i need some help. i have an 02 st 4x4 and just a couple weeks ago i made up my mine on putting the Dixon Bros Racing 4x4 LT kit. the front end with c/o's is 4200+tax, deaver springs 650+tax, shocks, 35's mtr's, 15" wheels, fenders all around, its about 8000...
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    my new brakes

    i got the EBC slotted rotors and green stuff brakes and they work awesome. hers a couple pix
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    new here from so cal

    my name is demetrio and i'm from long beach ca. i just bought an 02 sport trac 4x4. i owned an 01 ranger 2wd with an 8 inch lift and 35 but hated the fact i can only carry 2 ppl. it was between an f150 and s/t 4x4. since i new a lot about rangers i wanted the sport trac b/c they are very...