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  1. mikebolk

    Downloadable Owners Manuals and Maintenance Schedules

    Hey guys and gals. I was cruising around the net the other night and came across this site. I searched the forum and didn't see this link. Looks like it could be somthing useful lots of us on here. I was able to download the pdfs rite to my phone so now I have all the info rite at my...
  2. mikebolk

    Popping/Clicking up to 30mph then Squeak

    Hey all So Leme start by giving you my set up then we shall get to the Noise. The Setup I have a 96 sport 4" Superlift 2"keys and 2"shackles 33x12.5 15 Firestone Destination M/Ts on 15x10 rims stock front drive shaft The Noise So here goes.. When I take off I have a popping/clicking till...
  3. mikebolk

    RCV Axles

    Hey guys i duno if anyone is interested but i spoke with Kraig over at RCV today about making me up a set of new CV axles.. He informed me that they are in the middle of making axles to fit our trucks and they will be out in "about" a month. they aint going to be cheap but well worth it.. They...
  4. mikebolk

    Just in case any one ever wants to see...

    A superlift with 17s and lo pros.. My wheels were at the shop having the new Mts put on. .
  5. mikebolk

    How good of a deal did i get?

    hey ladies and germs.. i was crusing the web last night and found somone doing an SAS w/40s from a year old super lift w shocks (i have brandy new skyjacker hydros ill probably use those).. less then 5000 miles on everything wrack ball joints axles control arms tie rods and every other...
  6. mikebolk

    Ifs Shot!Again! but what else while im in there?

    Ok so it has been a while since i posted anything but i have been doing alot of reading!! I have replaced my hubs a couple times lower ball joints once..axles once and now! inner and outer tierods another lower ball joint and upper control arms.. im going with XRF everything (a million...
  7. mikebolk

    Got some new toys this weekend..

    So i was walkin around the local swapmeet this weekend.. and i happend apon a double din kenwood HU with all the bells and whistles.. box said 300 i thought to my self damn thats a prety good deal.. lets see if i can get a great deal! i offer 175 he sais 250 we settled on 200! now i have a new...
  8. mikebolk

    Pictures from Rausch Creek offroad park

    hey guys... i went camping/wheeling at Rausch Creek offroad park in PA this weekend... had an awesome time... i was the only explorer there.... here are some pictures from the trip... this place is awesome.. i would say that it would be better to go out there with atleast 2-3 inches of lift.. i...
  9. mikebolk

    Have you ever seen these taillights?

    hey guys i was at a local swapmeet last weekend and i picked these up i got them cause i had never seen them before and they gave me an idea.. im going to make upside down taillights and have my reverse light on the top.. but! before i do this... since i cant find them online and i wanted to...
  10. mikebolk

    my 96 Sport

    Mike Bolk 1996 Exporer Sport Sayreville NJ [email protected] Hey guys so ive been in the market for an explorer for over a year now. A month ago I found a sweet deal on this 96 on craigs list. It’s a 96 sport 140k on the body 9k on the trans(rebuilt) and 25k on the motor (jasper).gladly...
  11. mikebolk

    Giving Your Taillights a face lift for around $10

    Giving Your Taillights a face lift for around $10 A while back while working on one of my hotrods I found that this Dupli-Color Metalcast MC200 Red Anodized paint. Your supposed to paint it over chrome to achieve a Anodized aluminum look. What I found it more useful for was...