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    steering wheel locked, can't remove key from ingnition, shifter locked!

    Had this happen to me, but only once in over 4 years. Turns out the wheels were turned in just the right position, putting enough pressure on the steering linkage and steering wheel to cause everything to just lock up. Couldn't budge the steering wheel, no key movement, no start. I sat there for...
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    Explorer Maintenance Website GONE?!? (

    If you go to and choose advanced search, then input explorer maintenance in the search string, and input in the return results from the site or domain box, you can then view all the cached pages google has indexed.
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    AC experiment gone awry

    Did you clean your battery terminals and make sure they're tight? If you hear clicks when you turn the key it means the starter solenoid is engaging but the starter is not turning. In other words, either you don't have enough power in the battery to turn over the starter or the starter is bad.
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    IAT Location

    Thanks. I was beginning to suspect that since it wasn't in the location Haynes says it should be.
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    Front End High Speed Vibration

    Had the same problem. Turns out the bearings were causing front end vibration and noise. If you're not sure how old the bearings are, just get some new bearings and seals as they're not very expensive and pack 'em with fresh hi temp wheel bearing grease. The Haynes manual comes in real handy for...
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    91 Exp. Rear Brakes Bleeding?

    Can also be done by yourself if you can't find someone to help. Get yourself a clear jar, I use a mayonaise jar. Fill it about 1 or 2 inches high with clean brake fluid and attach your bleeder hose to the rim of the jar so the end of the hose is submersed in the brake fluid. Open bleeder valve...
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    IAT Location

    Okay, I can't seem to find the IAT sensor. I know it's supposed to be on the intake somewhere, but it's not there. Could it be combined with the MAF on mine? 2000 4.0 v6 SOHC.
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    Is it possible to have codes set without the check engine light?
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    Need some advice on tranny issue?

    Yehbut Yehbut, I've noticed my rpm's getting lower as my (solenoid malfunctioning? Not sure yet...) deteriorates. For example, I now get 2000 rpm's at 70mph. And going up a hill or under a load I've noticed the rpm's dropping ridiculously low enough to cause engine bogging, while the tcc never...
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    97 5R55E tranny goes in neutral between shifts

    Well, it's not the TPS (bummer). Problem still there. Did some more driving checks though. It seems to do it in all gears, just didn't notice it before. Test drove in 1st and when I let off the gas, and then back on it hesitated with higher than normal rpm and little/no trans engagement, just...
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    97 5R55E tranny goes in neutral between shifts

    Ok, I need some experts here to chime in on this. I decided to do a little more research, and a little more checking before I start to throw bad money at good parts. And what I came up with it this: The throttle position sensor is dead. Now, here's where the experts come into play...could this...
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    97 5R55E tranny goes in neutral between shifts

    Need someone's wisdom here. I've got the same problem...wants to shift from 2nd to 3rd, then hesitates like it's disengaging while the engine rev's up a little, then eventually shifts. Also seems like when it's cold it's a lot more bark than bite, ie. not much torque being transferred to the...
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    Help...Need part source

    Exactly Exactly what I was thinking. But I'd much prefer to just put a new valve or o-ring on there. But I'm still hopeful someone will know where I can get one.
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    Help...Need part source

    I need to locate either a new brass schrader valve that goes into the end of the fuel rail, or the o-ring replacement for my current valve. I seem to have a leak at that valve that is getting worse every time I start the X. Removed it and the o-ring was shot. Anyone with a clue as to where to...
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    High speed = hurt transmission?

    Rule #1...never race a fat chick. Rule #2...if ya do, don't tell anyone.
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    95 xlt wont start: no fuel???

    Great job.
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    Any Recommendations on Front Rotors?

    holptj's post is probably the best bit of advice I have seen on brakes. The important points to remember: Do bearings when doing brakes, torque everything to specs, lube the caliper mounting bolts to keep the caliper and pads from sticking, and never use air tools on your lug nuts. Metalic...
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    Overheating Quadry

    You've done just about everything I would've. A couple other things to check: drivebelt...could be slipping, the fan clutch, and the water pump. My hats off to ya for working on your own 12 year old daughter helps me with mine.
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    AC problem, smoke out of vents

    System could need a recharge. Most likely condensate, very similar to "fog". Has to do with the temperature of the air coming out of the vents, and the moisture in the air. If it has an odor, then something's burning or leaking.
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    Dying Explorer

    Sell it to some high school kid for a thousand bucks, don't give it to the dealer. They'll tell ya they're giving you x dollars for it, but then they'll add x dollars to the price of the car they're selling you, and you'll really get nothing for it. Then go out and pay cash for your next car...
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    Name that part!

    I like the variable power assist answer. Seems right to me!
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    No Start After Getting Hot?

    Yes, it is possible it's one of the sensors...or one of many other things that can go wrong. Still need to determine if your engine is getting fuel and spark. Are you handy when it comes to working on your X? Take a look at the spark plug they look ok? Also check voltage on the battery.
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    help putting in a thermostat in a 5.0

    Hey, not everybody sits around and watches their computer on a beautiful saturday afternoon...the intro to the forum does say "Board members and moderators will try to answer your questions asap, however no time frame is guaranteed." Of course, if you'd like to pay someone for it, we'll be more...
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    Electrical / Starting Problems

    I had my battery go completely dead, without any warning. A bad battery will sometimes build up enough juice to start when it's left to sit a while. Yours sounds similar. Maybe check the charge on the battery with engine off, the voltage while running to see if it's trying to charge, all the...