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02 explorer

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    Battery light 02 explorer

    Afternoon fellas. So I have been over more posts in this forum than I can count and I can’t find a solve to my issue. 02 explorer xlt 4.0 motor sat for 2 years and had the need to resurrect. Did a bunch of work to her simple stuff brakes, rotors, calipers, new battery etc. Battery light it on...
  2. R

    Fuel gauge/light issues

    2002 Explorer. Intermittent failure of the fuel gauge and light on the instrument panel. This issue just started happening this week. Gauge reads empty and the warning light to check gauges comes on. No relation to outside temperatures. Seems to happen when the vehicle has been sitting...
  3. D

    Custom and modded explorers

    Please post pics of you custom or modded explorers to give me some ideas for mine. I have a 02 explorer sport with 192,000 miles but still a strong motor I need some ideas for performance and exterior styling
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    Random misfire p0300 p0302

    2002 Ford Explorer with 150k miles. Have done maintenance mostly myself. For last 2 yrs the check engine light has been on and would occasionally go off. Code check said was an o2 sensor so I blew it off. As of a month ago I noticed lack of power while driving. Pedal down to floor and car...
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    New & Confused

    Hey Guys! my name is Courtney and I just purchased my first Ford, a 2002 Explorer XLS 276XXX. I was unfortunately scammed when I bought this vehicle and now we are trying to get the parts and price things to fix it and get it together by next week. So if anyone can help that would be awesome...
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    '02 XLT & '68 Bronco

    My '02 Explorer and my buddies '68 Bronco hitting the trails
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    New to the Explorer Forum!

    My name's Chris and I thought I might show you all my Explorer! This is my 02 Explorer XLS. I bought LED Tail lights, a new radio, and painted my wheels black. Light mods, but sure is hell of a difference than what it was before!
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    02 ford explorer v6 rough start

    Ok, so i have a 02 ford explorer v6 with a starting issue. It always starts but its a 50-50 chance that it will start within 5-6 turn overs. The second time i turn the key it starts up immediately like it should. New plug wires, plugs, pvc valve, fuel filter, coil all the basics. It has 230k and...
  9. A

    02 ford explorer need help installing front drive shaft from transfer case to front d

    I have a 02 Ford Explorer with 4WD. I removed the front drive shaft that comes from the transfer case going to the front diff. It has 6 loose ball bearings and I can't get it to go back in for the life of me. I have tried many different ways and still have not been able to get it in. Can someone...
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    No reverse or drive 02 Explorer

    I have a 02 Explorer with 196,000. I am the second owner and was told when I purchased the truck at 166,000 that the transmission was rebuilt at 155k. Recently I began having issues in extremely cold weather (below 10F) twice upon first starting out the truck acted as if I shifted into neutral...
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    leaking coolant

    I have a 02 eddiebauer explorer 4.6L and found a antifreeze leak and it is leaking above my transmission but cant see the source of the leak does anyone have a starting point for my to look for the leak?
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    leaking coolant

    I have a 02 eddiebauer explorer 4.6L and found a antifreeze leak and it is leaking above my transmission but cant see the source of the leak does anyone have a starting point for my to look for the leak?
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    02 XLT V6 4x4 loss of power

    I have a 4x4 2002 X V6 130,000. was driving 70-75 on freeway and had a loss of power. Has rough idol revs high and shifts fine (but still shifts through all gears) accelearates extremly slow. will not go over 40 (unless going down hill). starts fine, does not stall, has rough idol, will go into...
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    I think I have a Timing issue?

    I have a 2002 Explorer with 4.0L V6 with 79000 miles. Last year I started to hear a bearing kind of sound only when I accelerate hard passed 2500 rpms when I drive coming from the right passenger's side front of the engine. As soon as I let off it goes away. I have power braked it and...
  15. S

    Need help Roof light bar tips trick please!

    Ok i own a 2002 for explorer XLT i have the Roof rack. If i knew how to post photos with these threads i would lol, Any way the lights i want to use are: HELLA 008284811 FF75 Series 12V/55W H7 Halogen Driving Lamp now i want to mount them directly to my front roof rack bar an have a...
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    Lucas transmission fluid trial/error 2002 explorer

    a lot of people wonder about lucas transmission fluid. i'll go into detail about my experience, feel free to posts some comments, i'm curious if anyone else have experienced this. Here's my story: my tranny started having a small issue last month when the odometer hit 157XXX miles. While...
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    Leak on drivers side--02 explorer xls manual trans

    I purchased a 2002 ford explorer about 3 weeks ago and didn't realize a slow leak on the drivers side. I got into the car a few days after purchase and noticed wet drops on the floor matt. Keeping in mind that this is a manual transmission, what could it be? I also noticed that the clutch...
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    4x4 and overdrive problems in my 02 Explorer XLT

    I am having a problem with both my 4x4 and my overdrive in my 02 Explorer XLT. The transmission was rebuilt in November and the truck has just under 160K miles on it. Lets start with the overdrive; it will not come out of overdrive. I press the button and nothing happens - no light...
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    clean 02' X?

    [/IMG] I got it about 2 years ago from my mother, she kept it really nice and i have kept it up i need some suggestions as to what to do with it. im thinking just getting some nice 18's with a good size tire and just keeping it clean. what you guys think?