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05 explorer

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    05 Explorer Engine Fail Safe Mode

    Hello all... I have owned my 05 explorer for several years. The past 2 years, ONLY during the summer months, my car will randomly (not a daily occurance) go into Engine Fail Safe Mode. Any ideas? I continue to shut the car off, turn it back on and drive, repeat, etc. We've cleaned the...
  2. S

    05 Explorer Eddie Bauer General Questions

    So I recently purchased a prestine 2005 Explorer Eddie Bauer edition with 55k miles. And since I'm not used to having this type of vehicle I have some questions/concerns regarding the information panel. 1. Prior to starting the engine I get a Low Oil Pressure message is this because the engine...
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    Fender flares

    I just want to know where, if anywhere I could get riveted fender flares. The pocket fender flares. If any one makes them or a company sells them please let me know.
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    Informal Survey: Best brand for rotors for 2001-2005 Explorer?

    Hafa Adai From Guam!!! I am about to purchase front disc brakes for my 05 Explorer XLS 4X4. I plan to upgrade to aftermarket rotors, maybe drilled and slotted. Here's your chance to brag about what's worked for you or what hasn't worked so well. I read a post about BrakeMotive Discs crack...
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    Explorer hood modifications!

    Has anyone tried to put an 04+ F150 hood onto the 02-05 explorer? I am modifying my black 05 explorer xlt to give it a saleen look but its become a little tricky because lets admit it there is not a whole lot of aftermarket or market stylish body kits or hoods... so far ive added the red saleen...