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  1. 9

    '91 A/C reinstall ??? Can you look under your hood for me?

    Hey guys, I'm working at reinstalling my A/C system after I ripped it all out about 6 years ago (long story), and I think I have all of the parts I need, BUT I can't find the A/C Compressor connector. Odds are I pushed it out of the way or zip-tied it to another connector to keep it from getting...
  2. J

    Javi say "Hello!" from Barcelona, Spain!

    Hello everyone! I am Javi, American car lover from Barcelona, northern Spain. :) I'm also enthusiast of DIY, mechanics and engineering, reason for what I dared some months ago to buy a beautiful 1991 model XLT Explorer. I felt in love with that car as soon as I drove it from the very first...
  3. B

    New Member: 1991 Ford Explorer XL 4X4 ("The Papa's Truck")

    Hi All, I have been utilizing the forum as a resource for years now but haven't posted anything to this point. I first of all want to say how much of a help and a resource this forum has been and I feel like I should at least contribute something to the forum after years of using it! In any...
  4. allmyEXes

    Slightly Modified-1991 Explorer 4 dr 4x4 Build

    Slightly Modified-This thread will be for the 1991 4 door 4x4 that I purchased about a year ago. Not only will I be repairing it, I am going to perform some mild modifications. I had seen it sitting out near the field on one of my neighbors property and ask him if he would sell it. He asked what...
  5. L

    Solved New member! Need help ASAP!

    I recently purchased a 1991 Ford Explorer, everything ran great until several weeks ago. My engine overheats, radiator fluid bubbles and boils into the reserve tank but doesn't leak under the engine. Haven't seen any white smoke indicating a broken gasket. Checked the oil for any water spots...
  6. J

    1991 exploder 4 inch lift. 4x4 problems

    So i recently bought a 91 explorer 5speed, rough country 4 in lift, and for a month or so its been fine. Recently the 4x4 will partially engage without me wanting it to (not pressing 4x4 or lo range) and the front passenger side wheel will start clicking, sometimes the front drivers side, very...
  7. G

    What can I expect to break down?

    I have a 1991 Explorer (Eddie Bauer) V6 with only about 23,000 miles on it. It sat untouched for more than 20 years. I did all the minor things -- brakes, filters, et cetera. It runs like a new car, which it almost is. My wife and I are considering a round trip to Mexico next January. My...
  8. C

    ECU! Explorer Eddie Bauer 1991! Help!

    Friends, I greet all the members of the forum! Please help ! What expression calf and fed mean? The ECU description of the picture. This is a play on words or technical reduction? How important are the differences?
  9. E

    91 4wd open 8.8: rear axle locked?

    I have a new-to-me 91 Ranger 4wd, 120k miles, very nice condition. I've just recently noticed a few occasions where when turning slowly, forward and backward, the rear wheel (maybe just on the right side?) is skidding as though it were in 4wd, but it shouldn't be. The panel lights indicate...
  10. T

    Is it possible to swap a 91 audiophile JBL system into a 1997?

    I have a 97 explorer with the base unit sound system in it. meaning no subwoofer in the back. I have a box from a 91 explorer with the 6.5" subwoofer, and JBL amplifier. Part Number F17F- 18C804-CA. Is it possible that I can put this into my 1997 explorer? Im looking for the more powerful...
  11. K

    91 explorer body and transmission/ 94 engine

    I got a used 94 explorer engine for my 91 explorer. The engine was incomplete, because the intake manifold didnt come with it; so i put my old 91 intake manifold on the 94 engine. Everithing bolted on right. Plugged up all electrical, but i didnt lable the vacuum hoses to where they go and join...
  12. D

    1991 Ford Ranger 4 cyl. Missing, low power

    Hey everyone I was wondering what your opinion on my problem is. I have been looking all over many different forums to see what my problem likely is. Car: 1991 Ford Ranger 4 cyl. 2WD First symptoms: It started with losing power and missing after about 20 min of driving. Once the engine...
  13. V

    need some help please

    I have a 91 explorer with a 2 inch bidy lift on 36 inch superswampers with a lot of motor work and other off road things done to it. It is also my daily driver. I have started hearing a slight clanging or clicking.noise in the front end at first I thought.It may be the transmission. But...
  14. TOTM-Sept-2012


  15. 1

    fuel pressure or tps

    i have a rough idle, so i checked my fuel pressure and it woudnt hold 30-45 psi when i turn the key, so then i thought it would be the fuel presure regulator. but they are 125 dollars so i thought before i spent that money i would ask a few questions to make sure its not a 25 dollar tps sensor...
  16. 1

    91 x electrecle problem

    so i only have back brake lights off and on, same with the blinkers. so i checked the fuse that had those on it and it said it was a 15 amp in the manuel, but the fuse was a 30amp. i later found out that the guy i bought it from had ran another tow package includng a brack controller to the...
  17. 1

    rough idle help!

    just recently i started my 1991 explorer and usually when i first start it, it jumps to about 1500 rpms then drops to 1000 and runs fine, and sounds good, but this time when i started it it only went to about 1100 rpms and then idled real funny. if i shut it off and restart it, then it goes back...
  18. 1

    first car (1991 explorer)

    i thought that i would show you guys my explorer, what ive done and what im planning on doing. its a 1991 EB i bought it for 800 dollars and it has 170000 on it. everything is running fine and so far i have put plugs wires oil change four tires. i bought a new pionner deck and new 6x9 and...
  19. 1


    I have a 91 explorer EB i am looking for little or big "upgrades" .This thread is for uprgades that you have done to your explorer, they dont have to be big or expensive uprgrades, i am just looking to see what you guys have done to your trucks and how they have worked out, performance wise...
  20. 1

    Exhaust preference/opinions wanted.

    i have a 91 explorer with the 4.0 SOHC. i want to put exhaust on it, i don't want it to sound like a rice burner. so what i am asking, is what exhaust has the best deep sound. or what setup sounds the best. it doesn't need to be loud, i just want it to sound nice. any suggestions?
  21. 1

    antifreeze leak

    i have a 1991 ford explorer it has 170,00 on it. when i got it it was leaking antifreeze from the radiator cap. so i got a new one. then it was leaking from the lower radiator hose on the driver side of the vehicle. it goes to the waterpump and is a rubber hose. so i drained it all out and...
  22. Z

    4x4 not workin

    when i push the button...nothing happens. i tried a new switch ...nothing happens.... the fuse under the dash is fine, and i didnt see any 4x4 fuse under the hood. ive read up on the forum about the 4x4, but is been raining for 2 weeks and i havent got to check things out yet... any idea...
  23. R

    A4LD no computer lock up until 50 mph

    Hey, I'm a new member. I saw some of the older posts and thought some of you might have some ideas. I have a long bed 1991 Ranger Custom 3.0L MFI. EEC-IV. A4LD 2 solenoid automatic. Low miles 80,000 but old. It quit locking the torque converter up at lower speeds. It waits until ~50...
  24. D

    How to: Ford Explorer - Ranger Radius Arm Bushing Repair

    A damaged radius arm bushing may be to blame for odd steering problems like outer tire wear on just one side or vibration. Because it’s difficult to replace, everything else should be checked first – Wheel bearings, ball joints and tie rod ends. If you suspect the radius arm bushing, there’s a...
  25. R

    1st Gen X Sport 4x4 Pics

    I just bought a 1991 ford explorer sport 4x4 5 spd, that had coil spacers and shackle lift but now only has shackles. sits nose dived. good news is craigslist rocks,. I got a B2 with a 2.9(runs) a 5spd man tran.(works) and 2 stick cases(works), 3"BL, rockers, plus a 4" skyjacker off his 91...