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  1. J

    Javi say "Hello!" from Barcelona, Spain!

    Hello everyone! I am Javi, American car lover from Barcelona, northern Spain. :) I'm also enthusiast of DIY, mechanics and engineering, reason for what I dared some months ago to buy a beautiful 1991 model XLT Explorer. I felt in love with that car as soon as I drove it from the very first...
  2. N

    Lots of mod ideas, so little cash flow

    So, bear with me here, this'll sound pretty stupid. I got three ideas to put out there. 92 Explorer XL 4x4. Virtually stock but lots of repairs to OEM, looking to change that before October 31st hits as I will hopefully participating in the local Gambler 500. Slight lift from new front...
  3. J

    Second Gen Mirrors on a First Gen

    So i've looked all over and i can't find it on here, but can i put the second gen heated mirrors on my 1992 i know they look the same but are they direct bolt on and what is the deal with wiring? I already have power mirrors but they're super faded and im looking to replace them anyways. Thank...
  4. Q

    1992 Explorer, seized tranny and fried starter wire

    Hello, just swapped a bad tranny out of my 1992 xlt for a good one out of my '91. Finally got the whole thing in the '92, but when I go to start it I just hear a click, I believe from the starter solenoid making the click. I leave the key at the on position and pop the hood only to find smoke...
  5. J

    Speedometer is crazy

    Alright so my 1992 explorer isn't super moded but it is running a little bit bigger tires 30x9.5 so I thought I'd put it here. But on my way to school I hit a bad pot hole at about 60mph or so and for a split second the rear abs light came on it kicked the radio out for a sec and now my...
  6. J

    Brake Light and Rear Abs Light!!!

    So here about a month ago, i got in a small accident, rear ended someone only screwed up my bumper. Right afterwards my brake light and rear abs light have came on and stay on, brakes work great. Master cylinder is full, float moves, replaced the rear abs sensor (only has one in the rear...
  7. T

    New to the Forum 92 Explorer

    Hello Explorer Forum. This is my first time using this Forum, actually it's my first attempt at Using any kind of online forum. Just bought a 1992 Ford Ranger XLT 2WD. I have done some poking around the web, but if anybody can point me in the direction to find what parts from other cars fit...
  8. J

    Brake problem!

    So on my 1992 explorer I just replaced the front pads and rear brakes because of wear and I replace the front rotors because they were warped. And now the rear wheel cylinder because one was locked up. And the other was on the way. I bled the brakes over and over and still have no pedal. In the...
  9. J

    1992 Drivers speaker problem

    So I have a 1992 explorer 4 door with almost 200,000 miles. Today I noticed that my drivers speaker wasn't working. And these are aftermarket speakers that have worked perfectly for months. So I take the door apart and barely wiggle the speaker and it works. So I put it all back together. Close...
  10. T

    Got her running again

    Just got my 92 Explorer running again, has been sitting for about three years. Husband dropped the tank and replaced the fuel pump and all that, gas gauge hasn't worked since I bought it 8 years ago, still doesn't but we thought that was the problem. Now rear main seal is completely blown.
  11. C

    For Sale 1992 Explorer Sport

    I really don't want to sell this but I don't really drive it anymore no time(wife, 2 kids and 2 jobs now) and I think someone else would have more fun with it. I don't have it posted anywhere else yet I wanted to post it here first, since I have gotten so much from this site over the years...
  12. G

    transmission dumped. please help!

    OK, so back story is I have a 92 explorer xlt. Was doing some mild offroading. Was in 4wheel drive if it matters.. My tranny starts slipping out of gear. Stupid me kept going till I found a turn around a mile or 2 down the dirt road, checked my transmission and it was empty. Dump all along the...
  13. M

    My New Toy!

    ...Literally! I decided one day to see if I could find a mini-me of my first gen because I enjoy it that much! And here it is! I love it! (They could have made it much better!) But I guess it's not that bad for being as old as the real thing! I decided to open mine since they seem to hold there...
  14. E

    1992 explorer bucks like a bronco!

    ..1992 Explorer...when passing on the freeway or just wot to get on the freeway, she bucks / stumbles quite suddenly at almost exactly 4000 rpm....then picks back up as the revs drop just 1-2 x....i can get over 4000 but I have to wot PAST 4000 to avoid the buck.... Fuel pressure was tested...
  15. 4

    92 Ford F150 Manual Transmission

    Just thought I'd share my progress with my truck. In November I was driving down the road and went to shift. I heard a pop, bang, clank, and pinging noise lol... something in the area where the transmission meets the engine, it was steaming and dripping fluid... bad. So for 2 days I...
  16. D

    1992 Ford Explorer Voltmeter Gauge

    Is there a fix to voltmeters reading everywhere but in the middle? I'm trying to return things to as close to factory as possible. I had a 91 Explorer with the same problem (new alt and batt) Thanks
  17. C

    Help with 92 Eddie Bauer sub wiring

    Hey guys, I've got a 92 Eddie Bauer with the Audiophile sound system and was trying to install a Sony Xplod cdx-gt630ui in place of my old HU. I bought the Scosche FDK8B wiring harness to wire it in, but realized that it didn't allow for the sub. In the pic below you can see the two heads I...
  18. 1992 Aerostar vehicle speed sensor.

    1992 Aerostar vehicle speed sensor.

  19. 1992 Aerostar rear antilock brake system schematic.

    1992 Aerostar rear antilock brake system schematic.

  20. 1992 Aerostar turn, stop, and hazard light schematic.

    1992 Aerostar turn, stop, and hazard light schematic.

  21. 1992 Aerostar trailer wiring schematic.

    1992 Aerostar trailer wiring schematic.

  22. 1992 Aerostar brake combination valve.

    1992 Aerostar brake combination valve.

  23. 1992 Q45

    1992 Q45

  24. 1992 Ford Aerostar fuse cover.

    1992 Ford Aerostar fuse cover.

  25. J

    1992 Explorer radio fiasco.

    So I recently bought a 1992 Explorer. The radio installed into it only turned on and didn't produce sound. I have a much nicer and newer stereo that I would like to install, but I have no experience doing this. The stereo that was in there was not the factory stereo, and upon pulling it out, we...