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1993 explorer limited

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    Two radiators since purchase - FIRST POST

    UPDATED: Installed pics of DNA All-Aluminum Radiator UPDATE: The replacement radiator from Genesis was damaged during shipping; had a gouge halfway up the core. A different radiator I bought from a parts store in person had a defect when pressure tested. Ended up getting an all aluminum...
  2. O

    Wheel size help???

    my 1993 ford explorer currently sits on the stock rims at 15X7 I have an opportunity to buy some other rims that are from a 92 explorer and are at 15X6.5. Both are 5 lug pattern. My question is, will this be an issue for me? Will the wheels even fit my car?
  3. M

    1993 stalling again ????

    i spoke too soon read below for the story ...my 93 explorer stalled again ... about a moth ago my 1993 ford explorer xlt .4.0 6 cyl suv started making a a popping sound under the hood .like a muffled backfire.i put in a bottle of lucas problem was gone .a week later same thing again with...
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    upper shock bushings

    I recently installed rough country nitro 9000 shocks on my 1993 explorer. A week after I put them on the upper bushings on the rear shocks have completely disintegrated. Has anyone had problems like this before? I did some light off-roading today and when I got back on the road one bushing was...