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1993 explorer

  1. B

    Gasoline smell after driving for a while

    I smell gasoline after driving for a while in heavy traffic and it's normally when I have half a tank or less. Firestone told me it was a gas cap but I think they diagnosed it incorrectly because I got a new gas cap and can still smell gas on occasion. I really don't want to pay that ridiculous...
  2. Suicide77

    New Member

    I've had a 93' Ford Explorer for 3 years now. It has gone through a lot despite being completely stock. I just started attempting to restore it, and hopefully it will get upgraded along the way. It is a V-6 with 215,000 miles. Heart of a lion.
  3. M

    dazed and confused

    about a moth ago my 1993 ford explorer xlt .4.0 6 cyl suv started making a a popping sound under the hood .like a muffled backfire.i put in a bottle of lucas problem was gone .a week later same thing again with idle low.so i changed spark plugs and fuel filter .problem stopped .for a few...
  4. T

    error code help

    hi i have a 93 explorer 4x4 and i have four engine error codes that i dont know how to fix. the first code is: 335-EGR sensor voltage out of range the second code is: 124-throttle position sensor voltage higher than expected the third code is: 327-EGR valve pressure transducer/postion...
  5. J

    How to take instrument cluster off a 93 explorer, properly?

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum, so if it takes me a while to respond, I apologize in advance. I'm still figuring everything out. It wont take me long! Ok, so my question is how do you take the instrument cluster off a 1993 explorer. What i'm looking to do is take the cluster off to change the...
  6. 9

    Transfer case issues.

    Hey i was wonderin if a manual shift transfer case from a 1984 bronco II would bolt up to an automatic transmission in a 1993 ford explorer. i found a good deal on one but i dont know if it will work. Please help me with this dilemma :exp:
  7. M

    Running Board Help!!!

    I have a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT. I has these running board like things on the side, but when i took then off, there were holes holding them on and it looks really bad. What should i do to get rid off/cover up those holes and make the car look good??
  8. S

    Brake Rotor

    This is my first time doing Brake work, and i took off the rotors and on the back of the driver side of it had a gear looking thing attached to the back of the rotor but the passenger side did, now i bought new rotors but now both of the new ones do, are they suppose to have those? what are they...