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  1. C

    1993 AC Problems

    So I picked up a 1993 Explorer XLT 4x4 without functioning air conditioning. The compressor clutch won’t engage at all when the AC is pressed. Here is what I have troubleshot so far. 1. The system was near empty so I charged it up to full with coolant. 2. Tested for leaks, and there are none...
  2. E

    4x4 shift motor help

    Alright guys… I’ve officially hit a mental wall. I am trying to fix the shift motor to get my 4x4 back up and running. I tried the test in the back with the 4 lights. That’s all good. Took the shift motor off and no surprise but the bushing in there was totally destroyed. So I replaced it with...
  3. T

    Bad Catalytic Converter? or something else?

    Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I've posted on here. I've been stuck at home for the past year because of covid but I'm trying to get my Ex in running shape to be able to drive out west (I'm In Wisconsin). I got my long to-do list and at the top of it; a rattling noise while I'm...
  4. S

    1993 Ford ranger M5R1 3.0 L manual 5spd transmission installation issue

    Hey, I have recently bought a ford ranger with a supposed low mileage tranny swap.. it bust on us, so got a new tranny, replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, throw out bearing etc.. putting the tranny in.. got it all in place, 5 of the 6 tranny-engine bolts in place, except the very top passenger...
  5. L

    Need Help Installing Aftermarket Radio in 1993 Explorer with JBL System

    Hello, I need help installing a new aftermarket stereo in my 1993 Ford Explorer XLT with the JBL audio system. I just want to be able to put the head unit in without messing around with the amplifier. I know you need an adapter, but I am not sure which one. If anyone can tell me how to hook one...
  6. L

    Radio/Amplifier Sound issues

    I need some help trying to figure out what's wrong with my radio on my 1993 Ford explorer XLT (which is part number f2df 18k817 bf). A couple weeks ago it just stopped making sound, but I discovered if you pump the volume all the way up and hold your ear to the speaker, you can hear what's...
  7. B

    1993 Explorer XLT - Garaged for ten years

    I’m new to the forum and reading all the experiences here has been super helpful. Short Version - What do you think of the engine sounds in these videos: Just inherited a 1993 Explorer XLT and have had a heck of a time trying to get running. I live in New York and the Explorer sat in my...
  8. G

    1993 Explorer XLT - Junk or?

    Hello. I've been a member of the Explorer Forum for years, and I have a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT that I am the second owner of. My step-dad was the original owner. It sat for about six months after I was hit on my motorcycle by a car. Since I ride a vintage motorcycle which, I restore myself...
  9. B

    Gasoline smell after driving for a while

    I smell gasoline after driving for a while in heavy traffic and it's normally when I have half a tank or less. Firestone told me it was a gas cap but I think they diagnosed it incorrectly because I got a new gas cap and can still smell gas on occasion. I really don't want to pay that ridiculous...
  10. B

    Xavier's 1993 Eddie Bauer

    (I'm Xavier) Hey all. Sort of new here. I drive an Emerald Green 1993 Ford Explorer (93 is the model year, it was actually assembled in November 1992, so the truck is older than me by several months). It has the Eddie Bauer package and 2-wheel drive. I bought it used last year in December and...
  11. Z

    93 Explorer Interior Lights Won't Turn On

    I just recently installed a new aftermarket radio, and when I finished I noticed none of my interior lights turn on now. They did before. My dash lights and all of my windows can roll up and down (well not the ones that need new window motors.) But anyways. Its been annoying reaching around in...
  12. D

    1993 brake master cylinder replacement

    I've got a 93 4wd Ex, and the master cylinder is in pretty bad shape. the brakes are squishy and I want to replace the MC before I do any brake work. My Haynes says to not attempt at a home shop because it is "impossible" to properly bleed the MC. I hear there is a special tool (on a ford...
  13. M

    1993 Hot Starting Problems

    I have a 1993 Ranger that's been giving me some problems. About 3 months ago the starter began to drag turning the motor over until eventually it stopped all together. The truck has roughly 350k miles on it so I assumed it was just the starter going bad and so I replaced it. Well here we are...
  14. F

    Front hub parts identification help

    Hi, i have been looking around junkyards, parts stores, and dealerships trying to find a replacement "washer/spacer/retainer" for a 1993 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 manual locking hubs. found the first missing piece earlier today thanks to this forum and Tousley Ford. But now i have to find out what...
  15. L

    Few questions about headlights and front suspension.

    Hey, I have searched the forum for answers to my question but I have found nothing useful. I may not have used the right keywords so forgive me if this is a repetitive thread. If I have overlooked something could you simply point me in the right direction. Thank you. Headlight: Ok, heres the...
  16. N

    help! 1993 ford explorer gearing. 3.27 gears with 31x10.5

    With 3.27 gears what is the biggest tires i can run without terrible change. I want to keep my mpg and acceleration somewhat the same. I just wanna be able to driver on the freeway still. If anyone could help itd be awesome. Maybe 30 inch tires? Just wanna make this work without regearing...
  17. N

    1993 explorer lift kit questions help!

    Im installing a skyjacker 1.5-2 inch lift kit on my 93 and need to know what size tires will fit. Ive planned on getting 31x10.5 goodyear dura tracs on 15x8 procomps The lift would be front coils and then rear add a leafs with notro shocka im going to add shackles in the back as well for...
  18. 1993 Aerostar evaporator core diagram.

    1993 Aerostar evaporator core diagram.

  19. L

    Lifted 93 Exploder XLT Project

    Relatively new to the forums here as I am, this is one of my first posts. I recently bought a 93 lifted explorer off of a guy I live close to. He had it for a short period of time. He installed a 4 inch Rough Country lift and threw a set of 33 inch by 10.5 inch Super Swampers. Some rusty areas...
  20. T

    Need help

    I have a 1993 Explorer and the EVR voltage is out of range ( code 335). The EVR voltage should receive between 4 to 6 volts. I tested the connector to the EVR, and it was receiving 14 volts. How can I fix this problem?
  21. Suicide77

    New Member

    I've had a 93' Ford Explorer for 3 years now. It has gone through a lot despite being completely stock. I just started attempting to restore it, and hopefully it will get upgraded along the way. It is a V-6 with 215,000 miles. Heart of a lion.
  22. O

    Head Gasket Advice

    I as much as I try to remain in denial about it, it looks like 'ol Red has a blown head gasket. This one, I would not be doing myself. She's a 1993 XLT with 185,000 miles The questions are as follows: Is it worth it, at this point? Is it really worth it to do just the head gasket...
  23. B

    Serious Issue I Think

    okay so heres the deal, this is a completly stock truck, 93 ex limited 4x4 and all the goods, only things ive done is new plugs/wires, and audio stuff, ol girl ran out of gas, i got it going again, and now if i need it to "**** and get" the engine just kinda sputters and i roll away slowly, if...
  24. T

    hey new and want to post in best area to get help on my build? please read

    hey names anthony and i got a 93 explorer xlt. looking to do some heavy mods here soon to the beast. and my first big project i wanna get figured out is putting some full sized dana's under it. i do have a older jeep wagonneer that is a parts truck that my father put two strong danas under years...
  25. C

    Pitman Arm Questions ('93 Ranger 4x4)

    OK, I have a '93 Ranger 4x4, 4.0L/5spd The pitman arm is bad. The tapered hole for the center link ball joint is worn out, so there is WAY too much slop in that connection. Sounds like an easy enough fix, right? Wrong... Every parts source I can find lists Moog K8754 (or a simlar "house"...
  26. D

    Getting the serpentine belt off '93 explorer

    I have a 93 explorer sport 2wd, 2 door which doesn't use a 3/8 driver but instead requires something like a 15mm socket (I forget exactly what I was using). I can turn the socket counter clockwise (clockwise does nothing) and I'm doing about half a turn but it still doesn't seem as if the belt...
  27. B

    On and off knocking at idle.

    Hey, I've got a recently acquired 93 explorer xlt and at idle there is a knock that is on for a few seconds then goes completely away for a few seconds, and then back on again. The guy that owned it before said it was a sticky valve, but i dont understand how it could knock one second and be...
  28. T

    4" Skyjacker Lift Springs (Possible Writeup)

    I know, this question has been asked and answered but searching for such things results in bismal return, it would be amazing to just find out from someone with experience. What I want to do is lift the front about 4" I'm not looking at spending $600.00 for a lift and I was just...
  29. T

    Doors randomly unlock and lock?

    Ok, so since I have obtained my pile of crap 1993 Eddie Bauer 4 door a4ld transmission with 4.0 v6 it has been randomly locking and unlocking via the electric locks, also my horn will go off with the lights at random times, im looking to disconnect any wireless keyfobs there are stock in this...
  30. A

    Question about replacing my engine?

    What other model fords have 4.0 6cyl engines that will fit in my 93 explorer xlt and fit my trans?
  31. 9

    can u lower a 4x4?

    can u lower a 4x4? i wanna kno cause i dont like the high CG and body roll of my 93 sport x but dont wanna lose my 4x4 for the ice here in the iowa winters
  32. H

    1993 Ford Explorer guage cluster swap.

    Hey guys was hoping to change or mod the cluster in my 93 cluster. was hoping to put in a white one from a dodge ram wondering if that's even posible?!?! Any help would be GREAT! thanks guys and gals :D
  33. A

    I am desperate for help!!! Carbon fouling!!!!

    I have a '93 Explorer 4.0 XLT. The plugs are all carbon fouling within 15 minutes of driving, somtimes less than that. I am in desperate need for help, I have been working on this for almost a year and I have no idea what it is. I am a full time student in college so I dont have much time to...
  34. R

    red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

    Name: Tyler Truck: 1993 Eddie Bauer Explorer welp...this is my baby. got her in the fall of 2007 as a gift from an elderly woman at my church. she bought it right off the showroom floor when it was brand new, and she kept it in excellent condition. the only real driving she did was to...
  35. 1993 Ford Aerostar 3.0L engine.

    1993 Ford Aerostar 3.0L engine.

  36. C

    Is this '93 Ranger an STX or an XLT?

    Hey guy, need some help Id'ing my Ranger. '93 Ranger, 4.0L-OHV, 5spd, 4x4, reg cab The fender badges say XLT, but: 1.) it has manual windows, mirrors, and locks 2.) no cruise or tilt steering 3.) it has "sporty" true bucket seats, complete with power lumbar and bolster leg support.(but...
  37. A

    Need help with plugs fuel fouling

    I have a 1993 Ford Explorer 4.0 XLT. My spark plugs are fuel fouling on the passenger side of the engine. Does anyone know if the Electronic Engine Control (EEC) will cause this? All three plugs on the passenger side of the engine are fuel fouling.
  38. A

    1993 Explorer Engine control Computer

    Can someone please tell me where the electrical engine control unit is located on a 1993 ford explorer 4.0? A picture or diagram would be nice.
  39. A

    carbon (fuel) fouling spark plugs

    I have a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0. My spark plugs are carbon (fuel) fouling on the passenger side of the engine. I have no idea what could be causing it. Any ideas? message me if you need any more details. I believe it has something to do with either the fuel or the spark on the passenger...
  40. N

    how to replace leaf springs on a 1993 explorer

    Hello all, My explorer is leaning bad to the drivers side, upon inspecting the leaf springs I found that they are almost completely flat (both sides). I have to replace all 4 shocks and I figured that since I'm down there I should do the leaf springs too - (front springs were done in the...