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  1. M

    Better? 1995 Explorer or 1999 Exp Xlt?

    Which one is a better deal? Price $1,000- 1995 Ford Explorer Limited, 174k miles, no mechanical issues, runs and drives strong, straight body and paint, has things to fix like 2 power windows not working, new tires, new brakes, top console lamp not working, but good vehicle no leaks. VIN X Or...
  2. H

    O/D light blinking Transmission Shop can't read codes

    I've got a 95 XLT 4.0 OHV 4x2, and the O/D light is blinking and it won't shift into overdrive. It didn't start flashing the O/D off light until one day when I was pulling a trailer with only a push lawn mower in it. (nothing heavy) I figured that connecting the trailer to the plug that supplies...
  3. C

    Dash issues...

    Hello, I've been reading through the forum here for several months. I have a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT. It is in relatively good shape and drives well. However, I've had some problems with the dash. Here are the symptoms: Dashboard lights don't work (it started with one side going out...and now...
  4. T

    New Member

    Hello all! My name is TJ. I'm from Washington, and I own a '95 Explorer 4WD, and I've had it for about a year and a half. Finally decided to join the forum, and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! Thanks!
  5. J

    Ford Explorer OHV 4l OD Light flashing!

    Hey, i got the infamous OD light flashing on me... And at first the truck was all normal. But now when i stop at a Junction to wait on a car its like the converter stops working. You can push Down the throtlle, and rev the engine. But you won't move before you change it from "drive" to "1" gear...
  6. P

    charging system fiasco

    This truck is driving me out of my mind. Ive got a new alternator new battery, fusible links are good fuses are good, replaced terminals, im getting no charge and my battery light is on. Ive tested EVERYTHING. When i put the new battery in it was running at 14 or so volts, checked at alt yellow...
  7. M

    VIN Chassie number on Ford Explorer 1999 - Solved

    I had a very hard time finding my VIN on the frame. Its required by the goverment control in Sweden, not enough with the VIN in windshield or under the hood. This explorerforum have helped me SO many times, so I just thought I will share the location for others that needs to locate it. The vin...
  8. D

    newish member first post / question

    Hi everyone a few years back I gave my niece my 95 XLT to go to college. Im getting back today and it needs new seats. Are all second gen seats interchangeable ? 95-2001 all fit in one another ? Thanks for looking at my post have a great day. D
  9. F

    Does a 1995 Explorer ECU have to be programmed?

    I'm replacing the ECU in my '95. At the last minute I saw a clause in the sales slip that said that the seller was not responsible for programming ECUs. I called the guy's attention to that, and he said that applies to newer ECUs, but my '95 won't have to be programmed. Is he correct?
  10. E

    Completely stock 2nd Gen, want bigger tires and a lift!

    Completely lost on where to begin, I want to fit maybe some 33s on it, I was thinking a 3" lift, my mind says suspension if the but my wallet says body lift I would really love for my Explorer to look like this one, any help would be appreciated!
  11. J

    Ford Explorer M90 future build.

    Hey! :D So I just read alot of threads of people that has sc their ohv explorer. I have wanted to do it a long time now. But not sure what i need. :confused2: The List i have come up with to now is: -Supercharger M90 -New injectors -New MAF -New fuel pump -Intercooler(if i go over 5psi??)...
  12. M

    1995 Ford Explorer XLT Driver side Window won't roll up.

    I will state this now, I am not that great with cars. But I have two friends who do and they have so far dropped the ball. I will also say that my Explorer was manufactured in the later of the year of 1995, causing it to have some 1996 parts as well. So the problem is my driver side window went...
  13. 9

    Looking For Solid Axle

    :us:I'm New To The Forum, I've Used This Site For Certain Questions And What Not, But I'm Wondering What Would Be Best Or Rather Where I Could Find A Solid Front Axle For My Explorer, Its 4WD And Also A Good Site For Suspension Lifts. I Work With Someone Who Knows Alot Of My Questions But I...
  14. H

    Good Morning, Newbie I the house!

    Hello all, just wanted to take a minute to say hi & introduce myself. Hi, I'm Michael, I've been a registered member for a couple years, however I've never did the new member introduction. I own 2 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorers. My wife drives the 91 4x4, I drive a 95 2wd. Hers is primarily stock...
  15. I

    Looking for parts!

    I have a 1995 limited ford explorer with a 4.0 and finding parts is getting kind of difficult i am looking for many parts mostly to deal with offroad and track performance for example grill guards, performance chips, body kits, and I would even like to improve my interior! So can anyone send...
  16. T

    95 OHV K&N Filter Swap to 97 SOHC.. is it possible?

    So I have a K&N air filter and Intake on my 1995 ford explorer. However I was wondering if it was possible to put that Intake in My 1997 explorer. I am currently stripping the 95 back to stock and was wondering if anyone had rigged the Older K&N intake to fit on the 1997 to save me some money so...
  17. B

    1998 Cloth Seats to 1995 Heated seats help

    Hey guys! The other day I was wandering on craigslist and found a set of heated leather seats for $40 in great condition, and I want to put them in my car. Both front seats are powered, and I think the drivers is the only one heated from a 1995 Explorer. I have a 1998 xlt, and my drivers side is...
  18. K

    Replacing Stereo 1995 Ex with Clarion 6 disc changer

    So my stereo is getting pretty worn out. going over small bumps it skips and casette tray doesnt work (got a casette that i can plug my phone into to play music). anyways, its dated and i want to get a new head unit. Ive helped replace them in other vehicles, but it was basic installation. what...
  19. D

    Transmission will not separate from engine.

    I am doing a replacement on my 1995 Explorer XLT 4.0 4wd. I've followed every step from every list of instructions I could find, including the list on this site. I've checked a dozen time to ensure all of the bell housing bolts have been removed. Including the studs for the starter. Despite...
  20. The 1995 taillight is on the left. The 1996 taillight is on the right.

    The 1995 taillight is on the left. The 1996 taillight is on the right.

    This is a side by comparison between the socket holes on two Aerostar taillights.
  21. E

    1995 Explorer Limited Console Disassembly

    (First post, please be kind!) Hi, I just purchased a nice '95 Explorer Limited that had been stored in a barn for the last 4 years, but started and run every month for maintenance. That was good! Now for your chuckle and "I am so glad that is not me" moment of the day! UNFORTUNATELY, mice...
  22. L

    just got a 95 explorer

    well i was just given this 95 explorer and i am going to only use it as an ofroading and fishing/ camping car. The things i know about the car are that it has had 2 owners. The first a young girl in Colorado and my brother. The other thing i know is that it has never been beaten on but never...
  23. B

    new guy here

    I just bought a 1995 Explorer from my sister for 500.00 dollars, that's the good part. It runs decent but the transmission feels mushy and like its slipping. I'm going to have to replace the windsheild and possibly the front passenger door but I got a junkyard close by where I can get parts...
  24. G

    need help 1995 headlights ........

    Ok great suv love but my low beams both went out and can't turn on high beams either. The high beams will come on if I pull turn signal toawrds me but they cut right off when let go please need posible answers. And how to fix thank you all
  25. G

    Transfer Case Vibration/Shaking

    Hi Folks, I'm new here, and a relatively new owner of a 1995 Eddie Bauer Explorer 4x4. I just had my transmission rebuilt on my 95 4x4 Eddie Bauer explorer, and everything was fine, it drove great, no problems, except there was a minor leak coming from the transfer case. The repair was under...