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    need help 1995 headlights ........

    Ok great suv love but my low beams both went out and can't turn on high beams either. The high beams will come on if I pull turn signal toawrds me but they cut right off when let go please need posible answers. And how to fix thank you all
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    Transfer Case Vibration/Shaking

    Hi Folks, I'm new here, and a relatively new owner of a 1995 Eddie Bauer Explorer 4x4. I just had my transmission rebuilt on my 95 4x4 Eddie Bauer explorer, and everything was fine, it drove great, no problems, except there was a minor leak coming from the transfer case. The repair was under...
  3. S

    Heater control valve on a 1995 Aerostar with a 4.0L.

    The heater control valve on my 1995 Aerostar has broken. I can find replacement parts at rockauto.com or autozone but they are configured differently. Part number 74809 is supposed to be the one. Mine sits on the passenger side of the engine compartment right up next to the AC drier/canister...
  4. J

    When the back goes CLUNK

    Hey ya'll I just recently purchased my 95 ford Expo and a bit concerned. It drives perfectly except for one little thing. Every time I hit the brake or go over a bump it feels like something is banging around in the back of my car. My friend said that id could be my rear dif. can anyone out...
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    1995 Explorer 4.0 Overheating Problem (yes, I've searched already.)

    My girlfriend has a 95 Explorer 4.0 that is overheating. She told me that one time, she was driving around and went to go get gas. Her car was overheating before she shut it off. After she gassed-up, she went to start her car and it would not start. She waited a few minutes, tried to start...
  6. L

    My great mess... 95 limited

    This is kind of a long story, but maybe someone has some Ideas I am open for anything. When we came to Canada our first car was a 94 Explorer XLT, and I fell in love with it. But in last December it broke down, and I decided to look for a replacement. I bought a 95 Explorer Limited, and I love...
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    1995 Explorer. Idle problem.

    Greetings all, first time here. I tried to find an answer, but was unable to, so I thought I would post this question for all you experts out there. 1995 Explorer XLT, 4.0liter engine purchased about 18 months ago. It had a few things wrong with it, the windshield washer didn't work...
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    Missing bolt on rear axle to hub!

    I just replaced upper and lower ball joints on both sides. The first trip out the driveway herd a pop at first i thaught it was something seating after the job. Then we pinpointed it to the driverside rear looked close and there are 4 bolts from axle to the hub 1 is gone completely and the other...
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    Seeking a 1995 OEM Luggage Rack

    Anyone have a 1995 OEM Luggage Rack lying around or know if I can use a different model year? I have a 2 Door if that makes a difference.
  10. C

    1995 Eddie Bauer

    Need some help with this one guys. Really strange check engine light goin' on. If I turn it over, and let it sit or drive it for alittle bit, then the CEL will sometimes come on, not always anymore. But if I want to turn on the heat, then I have to do it before the CEL comes on or it'll just...
  11. 1995 Aerostar front wiper assembly.

    1995 Aerostar front wiper assembly.

    1995 Aerostar front wiper assembly.
  12. A

    95 ford explorer overheating

    i recently replaced my instrument cluster in my explorer because the only two gauges that really worked right were my oil pressure and voltage. when i replaced it, i noticed my car was running really hot and actually overheating up big hills. i replaced the thermostat, checked the water pump...
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    95 Eddie Bauer A/C sparking

    Whenever I put on the A/C the whole compressor throws sparks everywhere and makes a terrible noise. Also, when I had the defrost on the other day, I popped the hood to find the compressor smoking like crazy. Is the whole compressor shreaded and is there anyway I can have the heat on without the...
  14. C

    '95 Eddie Bauer

    In the system check feature, I keep on pulling a headlight error. The turn signals work, caution lights, and both bright and lows work. Any ideas?
  15. T

    Gear Selector Cable Replacement

    I have purchased a 1995 Ford Ranger 4.0 from my father-in-law, the gear selector cable appears to be broken, because its slipping inside the sheath. I have called the major auto parts stores to no avail looking for this cable. I did find it on Amazon, or my brother did, but i consider that...
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    Brake Problem

    Hi: Yesterday night I had to brake hard in order to stop (because I was going a bit too fast). It felt like the brakes didn't have its usual stopping power. I also noticed that the ABS did not kick in. Thankfully, I was able to stop in time after standing on the pedal. From that point on, the...
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    Is it time to put my 95 out?

    (I originally posted this under an old thread and since I hadn't seen any responses, I thought maybe it needed to be on its own with a thread of a newer date. Sorry if this is wrong.) Background: I have a 95 Explorer XLT 4x4 w/ 5spd MANUAL transmission. It has about 190k mi. I bought...
  18. 1995 Aerostar steering column.

    1995 Aerostar steering column.

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    need help understanding lifts

    i know that a body lift is much less expensive then a suspension lift. i have a 1995 explorer, i would love to lift it but according to a local 4 wheeling store, there was never a body lift kit made for my model. i was wondering if i could use a ranger body lift kit, i only want to make my car...
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    Ford Explorer 1995 Tranny stopped working.

    Hi, My tranny (4R55E?) died yesterday. It's stuck in reverse and I can't make it go forward at all, The linkage is working so it's something inside the tranny.... My Question: I got in contact with a tranny repairshop and they have a tranny from 1997 thats rebuild for sale.. He says that...
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    New with a couple of questions

    Thank goodness I found this forum. You have all already helped me a lot, with changing my thermostat, and getting my keyless entry code changed, and I thank everyone! I just bought a very nice 95 4dr that I love. I have a couple of issues, and if anyone can help, I would appreciate it: 1...
  22. 1

    '95 Thermostat question

    '95 Explorer Eddie Bauer, V6 pushrod (250,000km / 155,000m) My temp gauge consistently reads on the cold end of the scale. I put in a failsafe thermostat two years ago, then changed it just a few weeks ago after thinking it had failed open (it didn't fail after all). Turns out the new one...
  23. 1995 Mass Air Flow (MAF) with a block off plate.

    1995 Mass Air Flow (MAF) with a block off plate.

  24. Air Charge Temperature Sensor in a 1995 3.0L Aerostar.

    Air Charge Temperature Sensor in a 1995 3.0L Aerostar.

    This sensor is screwed into the upper intake manifold. It measures the temperature of the air going into the engine.
  25. 1995 3.0L Aerostar Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF).

    1995 3.0L Aerostar Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF).

    This is the Mass Air Flow Sensor with the air filter box.