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  1. B

    H.I.D. Head/Fog lights

    Hi, i'm havin some trouble finding either some HID foglights(housing, lense and everything) or HID kit just for foglights are these available?, i have found some foglight HID's, but they are round lense with a blue halo on them... would I have to buy two kits, one for my headlights, and one for...
  2. M

    New Ford Explorer in CA

    hey i just got a great deal on a 1995xlt ford explorer. unfortunately it is 2wd.. i want to make it so it can handle well and stay solid while going fast in ocotillo wells. Anyone have suggestions what i should start with. currently it is all stock. Were should i start?
  3. R

    95 XLT Codes 17, 32, 63, 332

    Ok, first a little rant. I look up OBDI codes and I get a raft of '94 advice. Very little '95 advice... Not to mention people trying to get me to hook up an OBDII tool to my '95. Please go away, ok? And the Ford manual doesn't seem to document 2-sigit codes... grrr... Now, on to the...
  4. A

    trying to remove starter on a 1995 Explorer

    I am hoping there is someone out there who can help me. I have a 95 Explorer which can be a 2wd or a 4wd. I always leave it on 2wd. Well, my dad is trying to remove the starter so he can go buy a new one, and he is having a horrible time trying to get it off. He said the starter is loose, but...
  5. X in Alaska

    X in Alaska

    My ride when I was up in good ole Alaska
  6. X in Alaska

    X in Alaska

    My ride when I was up in good ole Alaska
  7. A little water can't hurt

    A little water can't hurt

    Having alittle fun in the water
  8. My old 95XLT

    My old 95XLT

    My first Explorer. Offroad in the sand...I had a lot of fun with that truck...too bad it had to end. No more sand for me until I find a good old beater.