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    96 4.0 low fuel pressure can't find cause

    I have a 96 explorer sport 4.0 will not idle correctly at all, at idle in neutral it will start choking for a few seconds like it's running out of fuel then it will pick up and idle smoothly for a few seconds before starting to choke up again like a constant cycle of nearly dying then being...
  2. B

    Excited to begin learning here!

    I have/have had 5 Explorers, still have 2 now: 1996 XLT 2WD V8 5.0 bought new in '96, and 2000 V6 4WD ....
  3. D

    1996 Explorer XLT: Rear Frame "issues"

    So I have a 1996 V8 Ford Explorer XLT that has seen some better days, however it's been with my family for a long time and I'd love to get everyone's serious opinion on if it can be saved or not (within a reasonable budget). The rear left body of the vehicle is sagging something fierce and has...
  4. J

    Power window 96

    When I bought my 96 Explorer a few months back, there was an existing issue with the drivers side window. Switch works, motor turns, but makes a "bumping" noise while running and does not stop turning when the window reaches the top. My mechanic was running a diagnostic for an unrelated problem...
  5. V

    Rear hatch window removal

    My name is Veronica . I'm new and I have a 96 explorer
  6. K

    1996 Explorer XLT | Start Issue

    Good evening all, I currently own a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT. I came across this forum while trying to find a fix to a starter problem. I've read a lot of threads still not quite finding what I needed... My wife decided to drive the truck low on gas and managed to park it at our home. We had a...
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    Greetings from Texas

    Good evening all, I currently own a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT. I came across this forum while trying to find a fix to a starter problem. I've read a lot of threads still not quite finding what I needed... My wife decided to drive the truck low on gas and managed to park it at our home. We had a...
  8. J

    Will new valve job overstress old bottom end?

    96 XLT OHV V6 4.0L 250K on original motor Problem: Blown head gasket (and/or cracked head) Question: Should I include a valve job when having the heads replaced or will having a super tight top end overly stress my lower end and cause it to fail, or fail quicker? Condition of rings: Good...
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    96 Ford explorer speedometer not working

    Hi, I have a 1996 Ford explorer, I got a couple months ago. my Ford have been running fine and I take really good care of it. last month I was doing a lot of driving on the freeway and city. And while I was driving to my friends house I heard a loud snap and my speedometer started going crazy...
  10. D

    1996 explorer xlt lower steering shaft u joint

    I can't drive my 1996 explorer xlt because my lower steering shaft u joint is all messed up. That particular part is discontinued and my mechanic cannot locate one. Does anybody know where to find this u joint? It's been three weeks since I could drive her. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. T

    1996 Explorer AC Clicking

    The AC will make a somewhat loud click about every 6 seconds. Every time it clicks the engine will slightly rev for a second whenever I'm idling. Here's a video of the AC under the hood.
  12. C

    96 Explorer - Eddie Bauer - Trailer Harness

    I have a 96 EB and I know there was a trailer harness at one time. Previous owner gave away a wheelchair lift on the back of it, and the people who took it, took part/all of the harness. When I went looking today, I could find nothing of it. I did find a strange looking connector (see...
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    On/Off Rocker switch found in engine compartment, what is it?

    Went to put in hood struts today and found a switch in the engine compartment laying on the headlight access panel. I have no idea what it may go to. I had the car in a shop about 2 weeks ago for a oil change and a issue with my fog lights. http://imgur.com/jWd23uU http://imgur.com/jojrtDa...
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    Clif's 96 Explorer Eddie Bauer Progress Thread

    This will serve, hopefully, as a progress thread on my new to me Explorer Back story: I recently acquired a 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 4WD truck. It was owned by my deceased step father since it was new, then to my mother, and now to me. Cracking a little over 193k miles, it has had...
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    O/D light blinking, check engine light blinking, burning smell.. PLEASE HELP!!

    Hello y'all, im not much of a car junkie so i have no idea whats going on with my car I have a 1996 Ford Explorer & about 3 weeks ago i went on a 600-800 mile trip about 3 weeks ago & suddenly the O/D light starts flashing; i got really worried since i was in the middle of no where but...
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    Power windows quit working

    Here is my 1996 Explorer XLT I purchased for $1000 over 3 years ago with 90,000 miles, 6disc changer and a sunroof. I recently had issues with my windows not wanting to go down except when the door was open or cracked. Then the windows stopped working all together. I wasn't sure if it was the...
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    Beach Modifications

    Hi, I recently bought a 96 explorer. I live in NC and have access to drive on beaches and want to do some modifications to make it better on the soft sand, I took it on the beach yesterday and it did pretty good stock I just want to make it better. So far I plan on doing: Torsion bar lift...
  18. F

    96 explorer xlt, 4wd not working, help!

    The lights come on and change accordingly, when I turn the switch i hear the clunk of the hubs locking but the 4wd isn't working at all. I just don't have a clue what it could be. Please help!
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    The ol' Jiggle-the-stick starting issue 1996 Explorer

    1996 Explorer Eddie Bauer 5.0, automatic transmission, 135,000 miles. Over the last few years occasionally, maybe 1 in 10 starts, I'd have to jiggle the shifter to get the vehicle started. In the last few weeks it's turned into every start I'd have to jiggle it a lot, and last Tuesday nothing...
  20. A

    New to the forum with a few questions....

    Hey all, so lets get straight to it, shall we?? I was gifted a 1996 Explorer XLT equipped with a 5.0. We an oil change and slapped some used tires on it after she had been sitting up for a few years in my parents driveway. Needless to say, she cranked on the first try after charging the battery...
  21. C

    Vacuum disconnect on 96 Explorer Transfer Case (?)

    My first post.... I picked up a 96 Explorer Sport model about a week ago, and have been picking up all kinds of good info from this forum. I purchased the truck to haul a small Boston Whaler.... so I've been going through the vehicle, looking for little things. ( so far, I've replaced...
  22. B

    AWD transfer case problem

    I have a 96 AWD 5.0, My transfer case is pretty well shot. Whenever I let off the gas it rattles and sounds life the driveshaft it hitting, its not hitting anything. I was wondering if anyone knows a way to disconnect the front driveshaft and still be able to drive it. Or will it hurt or help...
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    Hello evreyone I'm Trigga

    Hey guys I'm joining because I have questions and the internet can only tell me so much. I got a 96 explorer xlt 2WD explorer V8. Its only got 118,000 on it, no tranny problems, no rust, very clean and fully loaded. Its says "explorer" on top of the engine. Every video or step by step pictorial...
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    96 4.0 XLT worth keeping?

    New member here. Been surfing this forum for bout 2 years and finally decided to sign up to get some opinions. I find this forum highly informative and useful. I have a stock 96 Explorer XLT 4.0 2wd @ 196,xxx miles. My father bought it from a coworker who had taken us camping in the same...
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    Water Pump Replacement Cost, 1996 Explorer

    Hello! I noticed antifreeze leaking onto the ground towards the front of my 1996 Explorer Sport a couple of days ago. Last night it seemed worse and by this am I could see a steady drip. I took it to a Monro shop today to get the oil changed and told the guy of my issue with the leak. He said...