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1997 explorer

  1. F

    1997 Explorer Heat Suddenly Stopped Working

    1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4X4. So I've had this car for about a month, it has only one previous owner, impeccable service history and only 90,000 miles on it. Recently, the power steering went out and the auto shop repaired the pump, pulley, pressure line, fluid and freight parts. When I...
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    Ramps 2

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    Ramps 1

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    On Street

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    On Street 2

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  9. J

    I may be a peer of Henry Ford

    I am old but active. I was thrilled to find this forum...both for sharing and learning. My first Ford was a 1963 Galaxy Convertible (6 cyl- 3 on the tree). Lasted 6 months until I saw a Forest green convertible that rumbled my windows. I stopped the owner and talked him into trading for a few...
  10. C

    2 questions in thread. New member so I apologize.

    So, I have been upgrading and restoring my 1997 Explorer XLT 4.0 OHV since I purchased it for under a Grand with 129,000 miles, almost a year ago this month. I haven't had any major issues with the vehicle at all and have put quite a few miles on (160,390) it from driving it to Florida and back...
  11. CATS Removal 1

    CATS Removal 1

    Adding new pipe
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    Off w/ the Post Cats
  13. J

    Solved '97 OHV- Missing and Fuel in Head

    Hey explorer forum, This will make my first post- I've always used this site for info but figured I might as well join already. Anyway, my '97 4.0L OHV 5-speed sport has been idling and accelerating roughly for a week or so. The smell of gas is incredible and always-present, and there...
  14. R

    97 Explorer No Start -Likely Electrical

    All, I am currently the proud owner of a four door V6 1997 Ford Explorer that is not starting for me anymore. I believe that this is an electrical issue and I have spelled out my personal experiences with this problem below to see if anyone is able to help me in solving this problem by...
  15. J

    idle problem

    I have a 97 ford explorer and I have an idle problem and I can't figure it out. It will start and run fine but if you put it in reverse the RPMs drop to 500 and if you tap the gas it drops more and spits and dies.... I have tried to adjust the idle and nothing... need some help and thing is...
  16. V

    Need help diagnosing drive train problem

    Greetings! My first post: Just spent a day replacing a non-existent front drive shaft on my 1997 5.0 AWD Explorer with a rebuilt one. Now, the vehicle rumbles and shudders at anything over a few mph. Without the front drive shaft it is fine. What are the chances I got a bad drive shaft? Or...
  17. A

    Largest tire size for a stock 97 explorer 4x4 with 17 inch wheels

    can anyone help me out in figuring out the largest tire size for a 97 explorer 4x4 w/ stock suspension if i put 17 inch wheels on? otherwise ill have to do 16's.
  18. S

    Bushwacker Fender Flares

    http://www.truckcustomizers.com/products/bushwacker-cut-out-fender-flares.html Id like to know if these would fit my 97 explorer. its not listed on the trucks they fit so i was wondering if someone else tried to fit em and succeeded or if there is something else like em that will fit.
  19. L

    1997 Funugy from Whittier, California

    Hello all, although I've stalked here for several years I just now joined the forum. I live in CA and own a 1997 Explorer Sport (2wd) 4.0 SOHC purchased new. Originally it was purchased for my wife and then handed down to me, then my daughter, then back to me and then at 160K miles after...
  20. S

    4x4 Conversion

    Hey guys I'm new to this site and this is my first post. I'd like to convert my 1997 2dr V6 SOHC Explorer 2wd into a 4wd. All I can find online is for years 1991-1994, I want to do the conversion myself and not go through the expensive headache that a shop would give me. I would like to know...
  21. M

    97 Explorer 4.0 Head Gasket replacement .

    Hi everyone . Im new here but have followed some nice post and learned alot about my 97 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 Sohc engine ... Heres the problems im having . Cold start trouble until it warms up . I believe its the intake rings . Now my coolant fluid is leaking from back and front left of...
  22. A

    Axum's Red '97 Explorer Sport

    So here's my Explorer. It's not technically my first car, but it's the first one I ever owned AND drove. I don't plan on doing a whole lot to it, I pretty much fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Plan on trying to keep it running as long as I possibly can. 1997 Explorer Sport Engine: 4.0L...
  23. black91EB

    97 SOHC 4x2 Auto won't stay running

    This is my mom's DD, it is a 1997 4 Door XLT 4x2 auto with the 4.0 SOHC. Day before yesterday it suddenly started running very badly and will not stay running at idle. At 1000rpm or higher, it runs well, but below that it sputters and dies. Checked DTCs and found a P0153 O2 sensor code, bank 1...
  24. T

    1997 Explorer Sport w/Controltrac AWD

    Ok Guys, Found the site a few weeks ago and love it. I just hope you aren't gonna tell me I bought a lemon. For my sons 1st car, I found a 1997 Explorer, 150k, in relatively good shape. Only problem is no reverse. On the drive over here to show it to me, the guy lost all fwd gears. To make a...
  25. S

    1997 Ford Explorer. Driver's door won't unlock.

    I can not unlock the door with the driver side door lock but the door will unlock using the passenger door unlock. Driver door lock will lock all doors. Replaced switches on driver side door. Can anyone help me figure this out? What could be causing the problem?