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    Please help! urgent 97 explorer XLT

    I have a 97 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 l V6 OHV it has 181k miles on it. When I drive Down the road at 55-65 MPH it has this like grinding/ whining noise. It recently started doing this. The parts have never been changed at least to my knowledge. The parts that I’ve changed myself were : Inner and...
  2. S

    Gear selector not working on 1997 Manual Ford Explorer XL 4WD RHD

    I was driving when my selector just stopped working. No gear forward or reverse. The engine is still running and there is no grating noise. 1. Can you tell me where to look on a RHD vehicle. 2. Is a photograph available 3. Is there a video on my model for the repair/replacement for my model car
  3. Z

    1997 Explorer Tranny Problem

    Hello everyone, Over the last two days, I installed a new torque converter and flywheel. After putting everything back together, explorer starts up and runs. When I put it in reverse and drive, the gears engaged and it moves. I then shifted into reverse and backed off the ramps. After the...
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    Preventative maintenance list?

    Hey new member here and I was looking for some insight on some preventive maintenance items/parts I should change. It's a 1997 ford Mercury Mountaineer with 228,600+ miles. These are some items/parts I've changed not all where preventive maintainace like the AC system. Spark plugs and wires...
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    1997 Ford Explorer Sport Manual Transmission 4x4 v.s. RWD - Difference?

    Hey, I've recently purchased a 97 Explorer Sport with a manual transmission and 4wd. However, the manual transmission needs to be replaced. What I want to know is if I can go to a junkyard and rip out a manual transmission from a RWD Explorer and use it in my 4x4 Explorer. Thanks in advance!
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    97 explorer sport steering problems

    hey does anyone know why my 1997 explorer sport stalls? when i turn the wheel from lock to lock (all the way left or all the way right) and also when i shift it from reverse to drive or park to drive. I could also be gently turning the wheel as i take off with out pressing the accelerator and...
  7. H

    4.0L SOHC V6 Flowmaster Options

    Forgive me for posting this, however, I'm the epitome of a beginner... I just want something with a little bit more rumble than stock... I also don't want to cut anything. What size inputs can I fit stock on my 1997 4.0L SOHC V6? Sorry again for my incredibly stupid question, but thank you for...
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    Subwoofer setup suggestions

    I've got a 1997 ford explorer and I want to setup a subwoofer and amp, 10" or 12" unless I comeacross a good deal for a 15 on craigslist. I need help picking out the sub and amp and I also need some instruction on the installation. Also if anyone has ideas as to how I could setup the sub and box...
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    1997 Air Ride Removal Issues

    Hey All, First post! I just bought a 97 Eddie Bauer AWD 5.0. Once I parked it next to a similar explorer I noticed it looks much lower than other stock explorers of that era. I did some research and found out I had air ride. I read a bunch of posts about people converting to standard gas shocks...
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    1997 explorer loses all power while driving

    Hello, So my 97 ford explorer began stalling when driving the other day. when it stalls all electrical components die. I found that if I opened the hood and moved the positive battery cable around a little that it would eventually be able to start up. I live in houston so its cold enough...
  11. D


    I've read a lot of the forums and researched to lift my 97 explorer Eddie bauer edition. I know the TT rule is no more than 2" due to CV joint issues. But I'm looking for about 3" up front and would like to know if anyone could suggest aftermarket cv joints, control arms, or anything to extend...
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    Montego the 1997 Mercury Mountaineer - Maintenance Log (Picture Happy)

    Hey guys, and gals. I created this thread to not only display my 1997 Mercury Mountaineer, but to also keep track of everything I do to keep her living for another 20 years :) First a little bit about her; I was looking to purchase a V8 Explorer, as I grew up in one when I was about 4 years...
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    Heater issue, it's cold guys

    So, I have a 1997 AWD Mercury Mountaineer with the 5.0 V8 in it. My heat has been acting up lately. When I first start it (when it's completely cold) the air blows and gets up to temperature just fine. But when I stop and turn off the truck and start it back up again (like if I just got gas) the...
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    1997 Mercury mountaineer stuck gas pedal

    I'm currently deployed and my wife was driving my mountaineer while pulling out onto a main road she stated the gas pedal got stuck and wouldn't come loose, she proceeded to press the brakes and the engine wouldn't slow due to the gas pedal Being stuck. After a near accident she jammed the...
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    New Toy

    I just aquired a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport XL manual 4.0 OHV with 135,000 miles for $700! Sounds like a good deal right?! Well after we got it up in the air I found it was road hard and put away wet. Here in Nevada we dont have that many rust issues but we have knucklehead teenagers issues. After...
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    doing a 5.0 swap to a 78 f100

    heres what ive got going, I have an unwrecked 1997 5.0 explorer that's the donor, beside it is a 1978 f100 swb that needs that 5.0, I want to keep it fuel injected, and keep coil packs, can someone please help me figure out what ive got to do wiring wise to get this beast fired off in the 78...
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    95 OHV K&N Filter Swap to 97 SOHC.. is it possible?

    So I have a K&N air filter and Intake on my 1995 ford explorer. However I was wondering if it was possible to put that Intake in My 1997 explorer. I am currently stripping the 95 back to stock and was wondering if anyone had rigged the Older K&N intake to fit on the 1997 to save me some money so...
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    Is it possible to swap a 91 audiophile JBL system into a 1997?

    I have a 97 explorer with the base unit sound system in it. meaning no subwoofer in the back. I have a box from a 91 explorer with the 6.5" subwoofer, and JBL amplifier. Part Number F17F- 18C804-CA. Is it possible that I can put this into my 1997 explorer? Im looking for the more powerful...
  19. B

    Smell of burnt oil and other things.

    I want to start off by staying that I've had my license since may so im still new at driving. This is my first winter driving in the cold, so i have some question regarding how my car runs. I have a 1997 Ford explorer XLT v8 5.0, and when winter came, I started to realize that my car idles...
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    1997 Ford Explorer Moonroof Shade handle repair

    Has anyone else been faced with and found a solution to replacing the brittle plastic handle with vents after recovering their moonroof shade when recovering their headliner? THe plastic is so brittle from sun exposure that it has cracked, shattered in dozens of places - even after a complete...
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    Tow Hook install on 1997 Mercury Mountianeer

    So I picked up some tow hooks off a 2001 model Expedition at a pull a part to put on my Merc since I just bought a tow rope 'just cause' 'just to have' ;). Anyways, I paid $5 a piece for the hooks/loops, including the bolts and nut assembly thingamajig. And I'm sorry but I didn't get pics of...
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    new to forum

    if this has been asked before I apologise but I just rescued a 1997 ford explorer xl and when I got it home I found out it has no hi/low beam lights just running and park lights I looked and all bulbs are good and fuses in passenger compartment and under the hood are all good tried...
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    window switch, 97' explorer

    I have a '97 ford explorer XLT my window switch stopped working, its the drivers so now none of them are working, It cant be a fuse because the book says it runs off the same one as the power seat and locks witch both still work, I also put two new switches on that I got from the pull-it yard...
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    Help with plans for future mods

    Admin, if this needs to be moved please do so, I think I'm in the right spot. Ok, so I have a 1997 Merc Mounty 5.0 AWD with 180k miles on it that I've owned for a little over a month. I've had an idea of what I'd like to do with it once I can get some money, and after managing to drift it...
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    Please help! 1997 ford explorer sport problems

    I'm new to the forum, so hello all! Now i'm having quite the problem with my brother in law's explorer. 1997 explorer sport 4.0 4x4 manual. Now what has happened is that there was two codes that we set out to fix were p0171 and p1131. We replaced the pcv valve and air filter and that seemed to...