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1998 explorer 4x4

  1. G

    Solved PATS location for 1998 Explorer XLT AWD

    Just information but I found it behind the passenger side airbag. easy peasy to get to.
  2. JungleSkunk

    New Colorado member '98 Explorer XLT 4x4

    Just wanted to say hello and thank you for the great forum. New Explorer owner from colorado. This isnt my first rig but my first Explorer. I am a little partial to the Bronco II but an explorer will do! I recently picked up a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 4.0 for next to nothing and plan on...
  3. F


    As promised this is the second of my two threads. I'm not as concerned about this one as I am the idling issue and I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced the issue of the headlights/dash lights coming on sometimes without turning on the lights. Long story short, some idiot decided to...
  4. S

    For Sale 1998 Ford Explorer Limited Black V8 5.0 AWD 4X4 conversion 2nd owner

    Hello Forum members! I have been on this forum for a few years now and it's been a great help to me and my car! I figured what best place to sell my car, than the place that helped me so much in making it what it is today! 1998 Ford Explorer Limited 4 door V8 5.0 4x4 (converted from AWD)...
  5. T

    Suspension/towing help/tips please!

    I have a 98 limited edition 4.0 explorer, my first vehicle so pretty attached and don't want to sell. I need something to pull my other car around to events. I'm sure the 4.0 can handle towing 5k lbs but I know for a fact suspension will sag once I put the trailer on. The truck already has the...
  6. M

    whats the voltage of my VSS conector?

    i have a P0500 code and it says tha i need to check the conecction, wires etc, i need to check continuty, so i need to check the voltage of the conector with my voltimeter, si i need to know what volt it have to be. thank you, sorry my english sux. ford explorer 1998, xlt, 4x4 sohc automatic