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1998 ford explorer

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    98 explorer no voltage from all o2 sensors

    Hello, 1st post here! I have an explorer 4.0 ohv that has 2 codes on it: P0171 and P0174. They are for "system too lean" for banks 1 and 2. When looking at the live data from my obd2 scanner, I see 0 volts and short and long term fuel trims at -100%. I have tried this obd2 scanner on other...
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    Lil question about rear wiper blades

    I have a bit of a question about the blades themselves, not the arm, my wiper works fine however I've been thinking of getting one of those cool flexible modern ones since my standard wiper doesn't like the curve of the glass (I removed it and held it against the glass to make sure, the way the...