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1999 explorer xlt

  1. M

    1999 Explorer- stalls in reverse

    I have a 99 Explorer with 160k on it. (V6, 4L) About 8 months ago it started to rev hard starting up, jumping to about 3 to 4 RPM. Which was concerning, then slowly it started to rev up when I had my foot on the break at stop lights, fast food, traffic. That slowly turned into revving up and...
  2. C

    1999 Ford Explorer 4L V6 SOHC -- Engine & Transmission Swap.

    Hello ExplorerForum, Been a frequent lurker for the past 5 years but never had any questions to ask until recently. My trucks been very well maintained over the course of it's *known* life. It's been smooth all the way up until the start of last year, transmission starting to slip, engine now...
  3. F

    1999 4x4 ?s

    I have a 1999 explorer XLT 4.0 with the standard 4wd features. My question is tho, when i shift to 4wd lo does that lock the back or front wheels? also does it lock the diff or do the hubs lock. I am aware that something engages because when i put it in neutral to shift to lo i hear the...
  4. F

    Red "X" formed by brake lights

    When I was moving the cars in my driveway, my buddy noticed a red X on the ground behind my truck. approx 4ft off the rear bumper. When i took my foot off the brake pedal it went away. Apparently its formed by the tail brake lights. I have a 1999 Explorer XLT. My moms got a 2005 Xplorer XLT and...
  5. T

    Stalling issue 99 X-XLT 4.0 SOHC

    I tried the search function, but didn't come up with results that seemed to mimic my situation. Seems if I drive the rig on the highway and shut it down, the next time I start her up, she will fire up and stall. Upon stalling I wait a min and turn the key again and it seems to be flooded...
  6. F

    Anybody know how to replace the front bumper on a '99 ford explorer?

    Fender benders suck. Im trying to replace the front bumper on my own but it would be great if i could get some help. Can anyone give me instructions, or tips, or websites where i could find instructions would be great. instruction pics would be awesome too. Sorry if this has been posted by...