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1st gen build

  1. O

    Dreamin' of places off road

    The Backstory: Howdy! My name is Sebastian (Left). Excited to post to these forums! I've been lurking for around 6months, and have learned a ton. Bit about me: Grew up in Texas, moved out to Denver about 3 years ago. I'm a caretaker for my dad (right) who is a stage IV cancer patient. As a kid...
  2. K

    Project Get This Running and Ripping

    Hello everyone! I'll start by introducing myself and how I came to acquire my 93 Explorer XL 4x4. I am 26 and have been in the car scene for about 8-9 years. It all started with my dad's 89 foxbody that I learned everything I know today on. My dad daily drove it for 10ish years and then when...
  3. B

    Help 1988 Ranger 5.0 4R70w 4404/4406 swap

    Hi All, New poster, long time leach that built a 99 Ranger 4x4 5.0 4R70w 4406 with the info I gleaned here. So now that I need real help I decided to pay back the community with an Elite membership 🤓 Currently in the throws of a more complex swap, 1997 EX 5.0 w/ 4R70w & 4404 into an 88 Ranger...
  4. 9

    Gt350x 93 explorer

    WELL I know its been awhile since ive posted here and the last i was on i was talking about my V8 swap - ive finished the swap and thought i would share photos and help answer any questions for anyone else thinking about the swap. thank you to everyone here who helped answer questions along the...
  5. Explorer23

    Completed Project TTB Terror build

    The time has come! After being a proud explorer owner for a year and half I have decided to start my build thread from the beginning. It all started back in spring of 08 when my best friend's sister blew up the transmission in the family's 92 explorer. After finding this site I learned more...