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2000 explorer

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    Thinking My 2000 Security Module is not receiving signal from FOBs

    Needing proper advice over diagnosing the Remote/Security/FOB system on a 2000 EB Edition. a few months ago, my FOBs stopped working, lock/unlock the doors. On both, I used a new battery and made sure the connect points were snug. One FOB had been unused for most of its life and last time tried...
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    Finally Got Some 32’s

    We’ll 31.6” technically. I’ve wanted some since I got the truck in 2011 and I finally did it. I like how it came out. I had to do some trimming in the front but nothing too bad. So far the 3.55 gears are ok. I’m driving it for a while before I decide if I want to spend more on 4.10’s.
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    Control arm bolt, 2000 explorer EB

    Ok I have a new issue. I am replacing the upper ball joint on frnt drivers side. The bolt holding the rear of the control arm will not clear the frame. What do I do?
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    4R70W Transmission Missing Piece

    I posted a summery of my problem a few days ago but didn't get any useful answers. My 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0 V8 2WD is having transmission problems. Its stuck in limp mode, won't engae in reverse or neutral, and it threw these 3 codes; P1747, P1636, and P0750. However, I just noticed that there...
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    Best Adhesive to Reattach Window to 2 small tracks

    I have to resecure my drivers door window to the regulator track in my 2000 Explorer 4 door. there are two small brackets / tracks that are about 2 inches long each on the far sides of the window. It seems that the original may have been some type of silicone or something. What is the best /...
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    Sometimes 2000 XLS won’t start

    Hello everybody! Ive been having a problem with my 2000 Ford Explorer XLS for the past few months and was hoping somebody on here could offer some advice. So sometimes when I go to start my Explorer the engine does not start whatsoever. Just the dash lights come on. I thought it was the starter...
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    My two 2nd Gen Ex'es

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    Help needed

    I have a 2000 explorer xlt that im having a few problems with. First and most importantly I'm having a problem with my tranny not going into gear in 2x4 but always spinning all 4 tires in 4x4. Obviously I am getting power through the tranny for the back wheels to turn but it' sits motionless in...
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    2000 Explorer - "O/D Off" Light Blinking

    So, I am driving to the store yesterday afternoon and the "O/D Off" starts blinking (I tried to push the button to turn the light but, didnt work).....I pulled into the nearest parking lot and checked the transmission fluid had to just a tiny bit (dont know why I checked trans fluid first...
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    2000 explorer grinding brakes

    well first off I'm new to this forum and I found it because of course I now own an explorer yeah!! Big ups the the creator of this forum and every single member. Any way as the title states I have an issue going on with my wheels and a grinding noise. Well to begin, when I purchased the truck I...
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    Radiator - Explorer 2000-2001 - Automatic

    Radiator - Explorer 2000-2001 - Automatic - Spectra CU2309 :us:
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    Not sure what to do about dent in liftgate

    Hey, everyone. New to the forums and to Explorers. And to body work, for that matter. Just bought a 2000 with a massive dent in the back. Apparently, a boat came unhitched. Lucky me. I was speaking to a paint and body man about it and sent him this picture. He said "You probably just want to see...
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    How to convert from 2wd to AWD

    Hi. I have a 2000 stock Ford Explorer 2 WD and the front end needs to be totally rebuilt. I am wanting to change the engine to the 5.0L that came in the Mercury Mountainer, and switch it to AWD also from the Mercury. Can this be done? If so, any and all information and advice is greatly...
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    2000 ford explorer problems

    It's the v6 4.0, it's a 2000 For some reason nothing happens when you turn the key, literally nothing no dash lights no cranking nothing, put a brand new battery still nothing. Was told it was possibly the ECU? And one have any idea what it could be ?
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    BW 4405 Rebuild Questions

    Daughter's 2000 Explorer (125K miles) started having ratcheting sound when decelerating and it was determined that the issue was most likely with the transfer case. Research seemed to point pretty clearly at the same issue that Glacier991 covered in his helpful 2007 diary. Opened it up and the...
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    Eatc confusion? Code 25 - which blend door actuator?

    I have a problem with my blend door actuator. I've done the eatc tests and receive code 25 error. I've checked the blend door itself for operation and all looks good and nothing broken. So all that is left to do is purchase a new one and install it.... However There is a little mystery...
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    2000 ford explorer problems NEED HELP!!!!!

    I read the codes on my 2000 ford explorer and it says I have a bad knock sensor but doesnt have any symptoms of it not working. When I start it up it wants to stall out and usually does. When I start it again the RPM's go down real low and when I give it gas it responds but the RPM's still try...
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    2000 Ford Explorer Keep or Sell?? Timing Chain Rattle

    Need advice - I have a 2000 Explorer, XLT, 4 door, 4.0 SOHC, 200,000 miles, orginal motor and transmission. I've owned it since new and never had to do any major work to it. It runs good, everything works and the interior and body are in great condition. Now there is one issue I...
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    New here, looking for a latch spring, any suggestions welcomed!

    http://i1013.photobucket.com/albums/af258/Bluestrean/014.jpg I was lucky enough to have my uncle pass on his old car to me recently, and it has a few quirks i've been working out one at a time. The drivers door handle (outside) is loose, which doesn't bother me, but the power unlock doesn't...
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    Buying 2000 Explorer XLT-Why so cheap?

    I found a 2000 Explorer XLT, 4wd, 4.0 SOHC, only 84,000 miles. They're asking $2,800. Went and test drove it with my dad, a former mechanic, and it seemed fine other than a slight pull to the right and some interior cosmetic issues. Good tires, sounds good, trans shift as it should...
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    For Sale 2000 4.0 ohv 136,x.. miles ran great before parked.

    delete sold already
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    oil pressure

    My 2000 Explorer XLT loses all oil pressure after running for approximately 15 minutes. If the engine is then shut off, you can restart and the oil pressure is back for approximately 15 minutes. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it?
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    Driver's side rear door won't open, 2000 explorer limited

    Somehow at the carwash the rear door got jammed. Didn't know until I got home. Wouldn't open from inside or out. Friend pulled too hard on ext. handle and broke it. I've replaced that before, but door would open from inside. Inside handle remains partially pulled. Now trying to decide how...
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    Gear oil re-revisited, again..

    Sorry to beat this one to death, but... I have a 2000 ford explorer XLT (vin:X) with a Non-limited slip rear diff. Axle code: 46 3.73 8.8 etc.. So, my rear is leaking and I'm about to do the fluid change but I'm very confused about which gear oil to use. The manual say that some...
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    My 2000 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOVH Died

    My Exploder died on me the other day when I was pulling out of a parking lot. She started up fine, then misfired and flatlined. She cranks like a champ, fuel pump works, runs for a few seconds when I spray starting fluid in the intake and I just replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor. Any ideas???