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2001 explorer sport

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    Baffled by Heater Issue...2001 Explorer Sport

    Hello, I have been having a heater issue and have reviewed most of the threads Ive seen regarding this but still not having any luck so I thought Id post. I have a 2001 2 door sport 4wd that i bought last oct. heater and AC worked when I bought it. During a trip in December I noticed my heater...
  2. A

    2001 Explorer Sport stalling and not starting HELP

    Last saturday my 01 explorer sport died at a busy intersection and would not for the life of me start or even crank over. So first off Im a girl, a BIG girl at that so regardless of that point I slowly(haha) pushed my car out of the intersection to the side of the road. Tried to crank it again...
  3. O

    2001 Ford Explorer Sport type of tranny

    I have a 2001 Ford Explorer sport 4.0 2wd I'm trying to find out what type of transmission I have. The one I have now is smoked and I'm trying to see which one it is so I can find another The code on door is D TIA
  4. 4

    4.0 SOHC. Replace timing or Not?

    I have a RWD, 2001 ford explorer sport, with the 4.0 SOHC engine, that has about 195k miles on what I assume is the original trans and engine. I inherited the truck from my late mother. I have put the last 15-20k miles on it with minor issues but now I have a nice clear rattle at cold start from...
  5. G

    2001 Sport - Driver Seat Repair / Replacement

    Just failed my annual safety inspection because the driver seat isn't doing so hot. So my two options are to find a new seat and replace it or...and here comes the genius part...see if there's a way to take part of the passenger side seat and swap it over. I recognize the patterns wouldn't be...
  6. J

    01 Sport 4wd jack points and other desperate questions

    So.. I have a 2 1/2 ton trolley pump up jack thing (that is, indeed, the technical description on the case), two 3 ton jack stands, and an explorer under body so rusted I cant quite determine where to put anything that isn't going to make the entire SUV disintegrate into a pile of rust in my...
  7. B

    2001 Sport 4x4 Indicator Flash

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping that someone could provide some insight into some trouble I seem to be having with the 4x4 system on my 2001 Sport. I was driving in 4x4 high today (a brief, messy snow storm in CT this morning), and after about 25 minutes (or approx. 13 miles) of seamless...
  8. M

    Need a center console lid

    I have a 2001 ford explorer sport with dark gray interior. The center console lid plastic housing for the screws has cracked. the hinge works just fine, so all i need is the lid itself. I'm looking for anyone that knows how to find this replacement lid. I have already purchased a replacement...
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    2001 Ford Explorer Sport

    Hello! I have the 2001 Ford Explorer 2 door Sport. It has the 4.0 overhead cam. I see some are suggesting replacing the IAC valve to stop the hard starting. I was afraid it might be the timing, lol! I really do enjoy this vehicle. I just don't like it locking the doors on me after I start it...
  10. D

    2001 Explorer Sport - Replacing Brushings

    Hello Everyone! New member here. Does anyone have and info, diagrams on how to properly change out the brushings on my two door sport? They are basically breaking into pieces. Thanks for any help.
  11. I

    Off-road 2001 Sport build

    So I'm new to the forum and am in serious need of some information on the right lifts, tires, and wheels to get for a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 2WD:JP:. Completely bone stock, just picked it up over the summer and was hoping to get a serious off-roading rig. So far I am looking for a 3-5 inch...
  12. R

    Will a Superlift 4" suspension lift work in a 2002 Sport?

    I recently rolled and totaled my 2001 Sport, and I am now in the market for another Sport. Right now I am looking at a 2002 Sport that is within my price range, and I want to put in a Superlift 4" lift into it after I get it. Their website states that the K494 lift kit only fits 1996-2001 Sports...
  13. M

    2001 Sport New Head Unit

    I would like to replace my old radio with something new. Choosing a unit isn't the hard part, but finding the correct way to wire it up seems to be. I don't want to open up the dash and find out it doesn't work. I had seen this part and was wondering if it would be what I would need...
  14. E

    2001 Ford Explorer radiator hose help!

    Newbe, can't find links to help with installing a new radiator hose the upper & lower myself (non- experienced with mtc.) I went to Ford this morning and picked up the two hoses. There were no sleeves or clamps included. What do I do next. Is this hard to change? Do I need tools...
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    I need advice for a 2001 Explorer Sport that's running rough.

    HI, I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 6 cyl that I bought in 2005. I have loved it. Fun to drive and been my baby. Two days ago on the way home I passes a snowplow and noticed some black stuff flying as I went by. It then started to run rough. No engine light came on. But after I stopped and...
  16. S

    Climate control died today!!

    This morning the climate system in my '01 Explorer Sport was working perfectly.... until I jumped in for the commute home, which is when I noticed that the heater was not working. I pulled over, restarted the car... still nothing. I tried the AC.... nothing. I still hear the "clicks"...