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2001 sport trac

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    Wheel adapters

    Hey everyone, first post. I’ve been looking at different wheels and tires for my 01 sport trac. I’ve found a set of newer 6lug f-150 wheels and tires for super cheap. Any issues running 5x4.5 to 6x5.5 wheel adapters? Any links to a good cheaper set under $150? Thanks so much
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    ISO used 2001 sport trac hard topper

    Located in west central Wisconsin but location doesn’t matter Nit finding any online besides brand new at $1,500 and up. also unsure if my 2001 fits the 1995-2001 or 2001-2005 category
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    Wiring new upgrade lights

    Hi everyone, I have a 01 base model sport trac and I want to install new OEM fog lights with halo lights inside,also halo lights inside of the headlights, and rock lights installed in the wheel wells as well as lights under the hood and maybe some extra aux lights. So, I have a base model ST...
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    Sport Trac owner

    Hello My background is heavy duty diesel trucks and buses. After 25 years as a fleet mechanic I started working in the hybrid electric vehicle industry. For the last 6 years I've been involved in building state of the art heavy duty hybrid vehicles, prototypes and testing them. I also traveled...
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    Parts from a 2004 Ford Explorer that can be used in a 2001 Ford Sport Trac

    Hello, My sister had a 2004 Ford Explorer, but unfortunately the transmission went, and shes getting a new car. I know that the 2001 Sport Tracs were based on the previous generation explorer, and this may be a longshot but what parts can i use from the 2004 explorer for my sport trac? Im...
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    Leaking valve cover gaskets but no oil

    Hey guys I had a quick question for you, so i just replaced the vapor canister and valve as instructed by a diagnoses from a local shop however they also proceeded to say my valve cover gaskets needed to be replaced due to a bad leak. Now I thought about this and took a look at my valve...
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    Replaces shift control module now my Sport Trac won't shift out of park

    A while back, my 4x4 went out and I decided it must be the shift control module. I purchased a refurb on ebay and replaced. When I started my Sport Trac, not only did the 4x4 switch not respond, i now can't get the truck out of park. I replaced the new module with the old module and tried...