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    FOR SALE! 01’ XLT! 95.5K MILES!

    FOR SALE! Located in Port Huron, MI. 01’ XLT with the 5.0 in it. Has the AWD. Was owned by City of Ecorse Fire department but no key. Has oil in it, haven’t tried to start it yet. Has clean title. 95.5K MILES! This can be a nice beautiful Explorer with some love! BEST OFFER, NO LOW BALLS! Will...
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    2001 5.0 Eddie Bauer Vacuum Diagram is Unobtanium!

    I have searched for a vacuum diagram for my 2001 5.0 Eddie Bauer AWD over several Ford truck and SUV forums with very little luck. My Haynes manual doesn't have one. Found some partial diagrams of the right side vacuum reservoir, a few for the 4.0. There is a thread on this forum to which...
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    New member..My 01 Sport 4x4 hunting rig

    I'm glad I found this place..I am just finishing my 01 Sport 4x4 for hunting..I have about 90% done so far..Needs new shocks and some cosmetic stuff,,I'm also looking to get some more hp out of the 4.0 sohc..I've put a new performance exhaust and filter, but It's still not where I want it to...
  4. A

    What are the best first steps to take?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2001 Explorer Sport 4WD. I used to have a Mustang so the difference in space and handling is immense! I've already purchased new rims, tires, and a front grill guard. But what else (besides a lift) would you guys recommend for offroad/convenience for a first-time...
  5. R

    Ford explorer airbag code 36 help

    I know the airbag code in my 2001 eddie bauer is for the drivers side airbag and it's because I replaced the torn to shit seat, the new seat doesnt have an airbag in it factory. Is there a resistor that I can plug in to keep the airbag light off? I dont want to find another seat with an airbag...
  6. B

    New explorer sport member, older model

    Hello all, I have a 2001 explorer sport that after bouncing around for 17 years is starting to get some wear and tear. I have a few issues that I need help figuring out but my BRB is still trucking on well considering. I have some sort of exhaust leak that started giving me issues when...
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    4.0 SOHC. Replace timing or Not?

    I have a RWD, 2001 ford explorer sport, with the 4.0 SOHC engine, that has about 195k miles on what I assume is the original trans and engine. I inherited the truck from my late mother. I have put the last 15-20k miles on it with minor issues but now I have a nice clear rattle at cold start from...
  8. G

    Engine swap for '94

    I've got a 4.0 SOHC engine out of a 2001 Explorer Sport XLT (2wd, 4 door, auto), and I'm about to attempt to put it into my '94 Explorer Sport (2wd, 2 door, manual). Will it even work? If so, what pointers would anyone have to offer? Thanks in advance.
  9. J

    Explorer stuck in 4X4 High??

    Hello, I recently posted a thread about a nasty vibration with my explorer while accelerating and I noticed something with my 4X4 system and I'm not sure if this is an issue or not. I have a 2001 Explorer XLT (4.0l SOHC) and when I bought it the 4X4 lights would flash about 6 times every...
  10. J

    2001 Explorer Bad Vibration

    I have a 2001 XLT with a 4.0 V6 SOHC and it has developed a pretty bad vibration when accelerating. I bought the truck in December of 2016 and the only issues with it were the thermostat being stuck open and the 4X4 lights were flashing. Well I disconnected the battery and got the 4X4 lights...
  11. M

    VIN Chassie number on Ford Explorer 1999 - Solved

    I had a very hard time finding my VIN on the frame. Its required by the goverment control in Sweden, not enough with the VIN in windshield or under the hood. This explorerforum have helped me SO many times, so I just thought I will share the location for others that needs to locate it. The vin...
  12. J

    2001 Explorer Heat issue

    I know there are several posts about heat issues with the explorers, but I never seem to find a definite answer. I know each issue is different so I have been brainstorming ideas. I have a 2001 Explorer XLT with 127,000 miles and the heat seemed to be working okay when the temp was in the 20's...
  13. B

    CHARGING ISSUES!!! woweeeee

    ok I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT 6cyl 4.0 SOHC 2WD automatic. Here are my steps to present day & the problems presently... About 1-2 yrs ago I had the standard-everyday-Joe-dead-battery... whoops its the alternator! I had a friend replace it, I was too busy to do it myself, he worked at a...
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    No Max AC, no Vacuum?

    Hello all. New user here. I have a 2001 Explorer XLT V6. Love the truck. It has about 140,000 miles. It is stock. I bought it about a year ago to do driver training with my kids. Anyway, the AC works great, but last week the MAX AC setting quit working. I search the internet to see about...
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    Correct Radiator Size for 2001 Explorer Sport 4.0? 1" or 2"?

    Help! Needing to replace a leaking radiator in my 2001 Explorer Sport with 4.0L (build date 3/2000)...When looking up this part online, I am seeing two part numbers--one for a 1" top and bottom channel, and another for a 2" top and bottom channel... How do I determine which part that I need to...
  16. R

    V8 Swapped Eddie Bauer Build Log

    So, I've been an Explorer owner for a year and a half now, since I got my beginners permit last year. I had a 99 V8, had a mechanical failure in the steering or brakes, rolled it, lived through it with just bruises, been hunting 2 1/2 weeks now, and I came across a 01 Eddie Bauer with the SOHC...
  17. K

    2001 Explorer XLT EVAP LINE

    Does anyone know where to buy evap lines for the above explorer. My guy called ford and said they are discontinued. Thanks
  18. R

    2001 ranger edge monitors wont reset

    I had battery failure and repaired it now the monitors wont reset so I can get an inspection. It is the C and the EV that wont reset .Any ideas
  19. S

    2001 sport air bag replacement (cosmetic)

    I would like to replace my air bag on the passenger side of my truck. The bottom left corner has a broken mount that keeps the skin on and it flaps. It also has splits in the dye so I want to get a new one.I know the whole deal about disconnecting the battery. I've taken one out of another...
  20. E

    New Tires At 155,500

    Alright so I'm in the market for a new set of tires. My mileage is just over 155,500 and I am pretty much asking for opinions on what I should get. I would hope to make it as close to 200,000 as possible but I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to longevity of the 2001 Explorer Sport...
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    Different Size Tire Than Factory

    Hey guys So I bought my '01 Sport used about 4 months back and noticed that I needed new tires as the tread was pretty low. Now that I'm done with school for the summer and making enough money to afford a set, I ran into a problem. The factory size for the '01 Sport is 235/75/15 yet the tires...
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    Love My Explorer

    Hey guys! I finally got my hands on an Explorer. I went out, sold my Taurus, then turned around at bought a 2001 Explorer Sport just a day later. Four months later and I have no regrets on the transaction. I've already replaced the 4x4 Control Module, put some LED dashboard lights in, and had...
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    New Member from down under :)

    This is my first post but I've been reading and using other members' tips on how to fix/do stuff to my explorer for a few years now. This is what my 2001 XLT 4dr 4.0L looks like at the moment... (Hopefully I will have the time/money to do some modding at some stage) Hopefully that link...
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    Wanted 2001 Ford Exp Sport Door Molding

    Wanted - 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Molding for bottom of passenger door. I believe the part # is 1L2Z-9820878-AAA
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    2001 Ford Explorer - Exterior Door Panel Missing

    WHERE CAN I ORDER THIS MISSING DOOR PANEL MOULDING? Hello - I took a road trip this weekend and the door panel flew off somewhere. Does anyone know how to find and order this part? Its the passenger door "gray" panel.:(