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2002 explorer

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    Rear Glass Hatch Not opening 2002 Explorer XLT

    Hello, I am new here and this is my first post here, so forgive me if I posted in the wrong format. Anyways, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer that has a working lift gate but the rear glass hatch does not open. I can push the button near the license plate and I hear the sound of the lock actuating...
  2. E

    02 Explorer Transfer Case Issue?

    I have scoured the forum threads to see if there has been a similar issue and fix, but to no avail. My local mechanic has been on vacation and though he returns this week and I might be able to get in to see him, there's a blizzard (literally) warning, so that may not be an option... 2002 Ford...
  3. J

    1990, 2002, and 2003 I get lots of miles on my explorers. Glad to be here.

    I am currently working on axles, bearings, toe link, and more underneath my '02. It's been a little more difficult than my '03 was. Right now, I've done both rears with new knuckles instead of pressing out the bearings, new toe linkage. When I drive, it's drifting back and forth like a ship...
  4. C

    '02 Explorer Transfer Case

    Hi, I have an '02 Explorer with a clicking/grinding noise coming from the left front end. I've replaced the ball joints, wheel bearing/hub assembly, brakes, and CV shaft. Noise occurs in and out of 4WD but it's worse when 4WD is engaged. Edit: Sounds like the noise is coming from the front...
  5. S

    Courtesy lights gone crazy

    Hello all! I've been using the sight for some great advice and now have a unique(maybe) problem I can't seem to fix. 2002 Explorer XLT. The only way my courtesy and puddle lamps will illuminate when opening the door or using the fob is if the interior dimmer switch is turned to full off. So I...
  6. D

    No Power at all after replacing shift cable, 2002 XLT

    Hello, Hope I'm posting this in the correct place. There are many threads similar but none that Ive found address my particular issue. I have a 2002 Explorer XLT. The shift cable went so I replaced it myself. When I put it all back together the ignition turns and all but there is absolutely no...
  7. U

    Moderate Tire Upgrade - Help ??

    I am fortunate to have just purchased from my parents their pristine 2002 Explorer XLT 4.0. Gold with leather, 100% stock. They bought it new, used it very gently, and only ever put 92K miles on it. My teenage son (new driver) and I are planning to use it as a bit of a "light overlanding"...
  8. T


    Hi! New here. Came looking for some answers to a few issues with my 02 Explorer XLS. Truly love my vehicle, it' been an awesome, reliable beast since I bought it in 05. If I hit the lottery today, I wouldn't buy a new vehicle, I'd compltely redo my whole vehicle with all new parts, inside &...
  9. S

    Front Wipers on 2002 4.6L Explorer stopped working

    My front windshield wipers stopped working on my 2002 4.6L eddie bauer explorer. The washer sprays. I checked the fuse (#8) and it is good. I tested the run/park and high/low relays by putting them in the fog lamp relay position and verifying the fog lamps still worked. I checked the 5-pin...
  10. R

    2002 Explorer XLS Air Conditioning Not So Cold

    I just joined the Forum. Looks like a lot of great info. My situation. Got the pressure correct in the system. A mechanic did it. I'm getting cool to cold air but not like it should be. I see a small radiator at the bottom of the engine compartment. Does it have anything to do with the air cond...
  11. D

    Steel Bumper and Winch - 2002 Explorer XLT

    Hello Forum, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations re replacing the front bumper on my 2WD, 2002 XLT? I am looking for a steel bumper which includes a mounting for a winch but does not have a huge bull-bar?
  12. N

    2002 Ford Explorer A/C issues

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with the 4.6 V8. I am having issues with the A/C not blowing cold at all. I thought that maybe the coolant was low, so I went out and bought a can of coolant, and hooked it up. I follow the directions on the can and place A/C in Max A/C setting, and fan on high. I...
  13. 0

    2002 Explorer charging issues

    Hello everybody. I have an 02 explorer with a 4.0. Recently while driving the battery light would come on and the battery gauge would drop while driving. If I charge up the battery it holds the charge until the vehicle is running. Then after about 30 minutes the gauge drops and the lights...
  14. J

    5R55S Occasional No 5th. Recent P0775

    Hello, I'm still searching the forum for this issue and am well aware of the common issues with this trans but wondering if anyone has info on this specific situation. I have a very late 2002 Explorer (8/2002) 4.0 5R55S with 209K miles. About once a week for the last month I get the "OD...
  15. Q

    Tracking down a short

    Hi, I'm new to this thread and an idiot with vehicles in general so if I'm posting this in the wrong place, then I apologize, please let me know and I'll take it down. Here's what's going on. I'm trying to solve a short in my 2002 Ford Explorer. A few weeks ago my battery started draining...
  16. D

    2002 Ford Explorer Stutters

    Hello, I own a 2002 Ford Explorer and think its a wonderful vehicle. It's been a part of our family for 7 years now and has never given us any real trouble. A few weeks ago I notice it running rough, making the whole vehicle shake to the rhythm of the engine. As I accelerated I could feel it...
  17. S

    Starting issue 02 4.0

    So this afternoon I went to the store and my truck started fine when I was leaving my house. However after leaving the store I tried starting it and it started revved up past idle and then it died and did this 4 more times before it would start. I am not sure what's going on additionally I do...
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    Please Help me! 2002 explorer bucking

    Im new to this forum in a desperate attempt to find help for my explorer. Its a 2002 XLT 4X4 4.0 V6. Everytime i am accelerating uphill my car feels like its bucking, slipping, missing, misfiring...SOMETHING! We have so far ruled out the first thought of transmission and the spark plugs...
  19. E

    Both my side view mirrors do not work!

    Both my side view mirrors do not work on my "new" 2002 Ford Explorer XLX 4WD. The dealer that I bought it from claims that the mirrors do not work because they are oem mirrors added to the car! Has anybody run into this same problem?
  20. H

    2002 ignition chrome guide fell out

    The chrome insert for the ignition that guides key into ignition has popped out. It appears that it has 2 channels that it would fasten back in place however I can not resecure it?
  21. S

    Can someone explain this photo of my intake?

    My issue started when I began getting P0174 codes for System Too Lean, Bank 2. I found the most common mentioned issue on forums was that there was likely a vacuum leak, or a bad intake manifold gasket. I didn't find any noticeably damaged vacuum hoses so I figured I'd replaced the intake...
  22. T

    2002 Explorer - No Pwr to radio - fuse OK

    I'm new to the forum and not sure how to search for a previous answer to this question. The radio on my 2002 Explorer has no power. No lights on the screen, nothing. I checked the fuse and it appears to be fine. All other electrics are working fine. Anyone know what might be the...
  23. A

    2002 Explorer. Alarm sounds when locked.

    Just bought a used 2002 Explorer from a private seller and found out that the alarm goes off about 10 minutes after locking the car in any way. If I dont lock it, there is no problem... other than it being unlocked. HELP?
  24. V

    Looking for info on a custom sub enclosure for a 2002 Explorer

    Alright so I've been doing some serious googling and searching this forum trying to find info for a custom box for a 2002 explorer. I wanna save the trunk so I'm looking for something subtle. Everyone seems to post about 01 or earlier, and it's a different fit. I really wanna put the...
  25. C

    I might be buying a 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition

    Just want to know what the major problems and defects are and if I should purchase it? Its a 2002 with 117,000 miles on it