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    Broken Shift Lever 2002 Explorer 4X4

    So I get a call this morning from my daughter...she and her husband were not able to get her Explorer to shift out of Park. He forced it and broke the shift lever....not the die cast piece with the ears that the lever attaches to with a pin...but the actual lever itself! Broke it right off...
  2. T

    Possible Computer failure 2002 explorer

    Hey all, I recently had a rebuilt trans installed in my 02 explorer. Once it was in and filled (filling was a probem but i resolved that), everything seemed to be going well. At approx 100 miles after installation I experienced a complete engine failure. I am not very inclined mechanically...
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    Stock Fog Light Relay

    Does anyone know how many amps the stock relay is? I have a 02 xlt and it didn't come with stock fogs. So i put them in and I ran my own circuit. Do I need a relay or will I okay without one?
  4. C

    2002 Ford Ranger. It rides rough. Help please!

    My 2.3L 2002 Ford Ranger is experiencing some rough ride issues. After the vehicle warms a bit, at about 40 MPH, when i step on the throttle, the engine revs heavy, and feels as though it is downshifting. And then the Overdrive Off light turns on. I have replaced the steering column to attach...
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    33 x 12.50 tires on my 2002 Explorer?

    Hey guys I wanna buy some new tires and I want them big and nice looking. Can u plz post or send me some pics of explorer on 33 or tell me a website where I can see what it would look like with new tires and a lift? I know there is websites out there and some advice I can use so plz post! I am...
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    2002 Explorer AC Fan issue

    Hello. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 6cyl 4WD. The AC fan cuts on and off while driving. It seems to happen most of the time on AUTO. But also happens on non AUTO setting. It tends to happen on the higher fan settings and almost never on the lowest setting. The symptoms are the...
  7. 3

    4wd problems 02 Explorer XLT

    4wd doesn't engage, light doesn't come on any ideas for troubleshooting?
  8. E

    Needs tips on replacing engine

    Hi everyone. I am going to attempt to replace my 4.6 in my 02 explorer. Does anyone have experience replacing one before?? Do I need to take the trans out first?? Is there any tricks or tips you can share?? I bought a Haynes manual. And it says the trans needs removed. I'm not sure why this is...
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    5R55W to T-5 Swap

    Hey guys been a while since i've been wondering around here again. Anywayzz I have a Mercury Mountaineer in my garage and its proximate to a almos hole tear down sinc eit has many things to fix like the Differential(leak) engine heads sounds like a hurt valve and etc etc. in the TO...
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    2wd to 4wd or AWD for '02 explorer xlt

    hi everyone! i have a 2002 xlt RWD i was tryin to hold out for a 4x4 but i couldnt wait for ever i hear its not too hard what do i need to do? and how much will it run?
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    2dr Replacing Cupholder

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out and let me know if this would be a fit to replace the stock cupholder in my 2002 sport 2dr? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/91-94-EXPLORER-CENTER-CONSOLE-CUPHOLDER-GREY-/300442801424?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item45f3c95510...
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    what kind of decals would look good on a dark dark green explorer?

    what kind of decals would look good on a dark dark green explorer?
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    3rd Gen Explorer/Mountaineer Homelink

    Hey Everyone, I'm trying to set up the Homelink in my 2002 Mounty to open up my garage door. I have the manual and it states to: 1. Reset previous codes by holding down the first and third buttons for 20+ seconds. 2. Hold a garage door control 3-5 inches from the Homelink unit...
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    Interior Door Panel Trim

    I'm trying to get a hold of two rear interior door panel trims for a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer. I'm not looking for wood trim decals to place over, but looking for the actual piece itself. I've searched on ebay and a few other auto websites (including epairables) and have been unable to find...
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    '02 Explorer needs new Transmission

    I have a 2002 4wheel drive Exporer XLT that needs a new transmission. I'm looking for ways to get my car a new transmission or rebuilt or used for under $2000. I was wondering can transmissions from other years be put in my explorer? And could I put a manual transmission in? I've heard that...
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    '02 Explorer Starter Problems - or more?

    Hi I'm a new member with an old 2002 explorer 4 wheel drive V6. First it sat for 2 or 3 weeks. When I tried to start it I got a loud clicking coming from the starter. So I took the started out and replaced it this morning. Now the clicking is faster and is coming from the relay box #51...
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    I am in hell because of my 2002 Explorer Sport blend door

    Hi everybody. I have a 2002 Explorer Sport, and a few days ago the AC started blowing warm. I tracked it down to a blend door issue, but the problem is that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to just temporarily modify the darned door to blow cold air. I've checked every post on...
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    Replacing exterior door handle on 2002 Explorer

    I recently replaced a broken exterior door handle on my 2002 Explorer XLS while also replacing the power window master switch. Below is a somewhat brief description of the door handle process. I was originally thinking that the door handle would be difficult, due to access, but it turned out...
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    Looking for help with radio

    I'm new here. My mother has a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. The radio in it is a OEM CD amfm. She want to put in an OEM CD/CASS/AM/FM, but I'm having a problem finding out which model will work for her. There are several on eBay, I just need to know which will plug and play. Thanks for any help you...
  20. Z

    Transmission problems.

    Hey so i have an 02 xlt explorer and my tranny has been acting up. every time i start it and go from park to reverse or park to drive the engine revs up and stalls out then goes into gear.. also my overdrive light has been flashing.. anybody know why? thanks- zach
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    2002 Ford Explorer XLT with a PATS system failure.

    I realize I am new here and I am posting in the wrong category, but I have thoroughly exhausted myself trying to figure out this problem, and for some reason I'm not allowed to post in the Ford Explorer "Assitance" forum. I have a '02 Ford Explorer, I just bought it. It's going to be a...
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    AC accumulator for '02 Mountaineer..problems!

    Hello! A brief history.......my '02 Mountaineer (v8 AWD) was in for a cooling (lack of AC) problem in April, '07. Was told it was a loose fitting, fitting was tightened and system was recharged. Fine! August of '07 no cooling on one side inside cabin (has auto cooling/heating with dual...
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    2002 XLS 4.0 4x4 Cranks but not start...

    Hello I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLS 4 door model with a 4.0 L V6. Since November I have had problems starting the truck. It takes several cranks to start the truck, some times 5-10 mins worth. It has always acted like it does not get fuel. Once it was started it drove fine, and if the engine...
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    Hello from the Mississippi Delta!

    Hey everyone! I just found the site by googling "Ford Explorer." I look forward to learning a lot about the next Explorer I hope to buy, an '02-'05 XLS or XLT 2WD. I just sold my '98 XLT 2WD after using it exclusively for almost 6 years. It had been in the family for all but a year of its...
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    Cheap way to bring up my truck?

    can anyone give me alil advide on how to bring this bad boy up a few more inches? :exp::thumbsup: