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  1. D

    Driver's side power seat on '03 Explorer is stuck all the way back

    Hey everyone, Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, but I'm looking for help with my '03 Limited. I got it back from a tire shop today to discover my driver's side power seat was stuck. Unfortunately, because I had the auto seat retract feature on, it got locked as far back as the...
  2. 1

    2003 Explorer 4.6L oxygen sensor circuit problems

    I recently picked up this 03 Explorer with the 4.6L in it, the odometer says roughly 198k. I bought it pretty cheap so I've been fixing things and sorting out the bugs. Up until now the fixing has all been mechanical, bearing assy's, upper control arms, latches, hinges, etc. Here's the deal...
  3. N

    2003 Explorer Sport Trac XLT Tonneau/Bed Cover

    I'm looking for an OEM tonneau cover for my '03 ST under $500. If not OEM, something sturdy and reliable that won't break the bank. I bought an after-market cover that claimed to fit the '03 ST, but upon trying to install it I realized I needed bed rails or something for the cover to clamp...
  4. N

    Aftermarket wheel reliability

    I had some issues in the past with some pro comp wheels on my 2003 cracking around the lugs after being torqued to the factory spec of 100 ft lbs. I called them and talked to tech support, they stated 70-80 ft lbs maximum. Has anyone else had issues with aftermarket cast wheels on these not...
  5. T

    2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT Stereo Wiring Harness Color code

    Power wiring Black+Black Yellow+Green/purple Red+White/Purple Speaker Wiring Gray+White/Green White+Green/orange White/Black+LightBlue/white Grey/Black+Turquoise/Orange Purple/Black+Black/Pink Purple+Orange/Red Green/Black+Tan/Yellow Green+LightBlue/Grey
  6. D

    2003 Ford Explore fuel pump not engaged

    Have replaced almost everything I can think of and will not start
  7. E

    2003 4.6L 281ci 2V Aluminum Block

    A couple months ago I sold my 2002 Mustang Gt, I had swapped the engine for a 2003 4.6L to have the aluminum block. I pulled it in 2 hours and had it torn down the next day, the engine had roughly 182xxx. I had replaced as much as my wallet would let me haha, new piston rings, new valves, new...
  8. D

    Intermittent Starting - 2003 Ford Ranger XLT Fx4 4.0

    I'll start here. I replaced the fuel pump today, 7/3/19. Now and then my truck would not start for no apparent reason. I would start it and it would die only to not start again. Sometimes in gear sometimes not. It acted like it was flooded then would sound like no gas at all. I'd check all the...
  9. W

    swapping a 2004 explorer transmission in a 2003

    I posted this on an explorer FB page already, but I figured I'd get some more recommendations here. I have a 03 4.0 4x4 that the OD band broke and shot metal through the transmission. I was originally planning on rebuilding it myself, but would rather swap in a good trans and save a lot of time...
  10. 2

    4.0L Engine Year Compatibility?

    Well, 230k miles and the timing chain gave out on my '03 4.0L without warning. I'd like to put a used engine back in the car, already have the old one out, and figure $800 or less for an engine with under 150k miles is worth it, and for sure put new gears, chain, and tensioners in it. I'm pretty...
  11. M

    2003 V8 4WD leaking transmission fluid after towed

    This is my favorite car I’ve ever owned. Yesterday, the starter went out (I think) because it wouldn’t crank or anything. (Tried jumping, swapping relays, no luck) So I called AAA to have them tow it to my house at lunch today, where I could jack it up and replace / troubleshoot the starter...
  12. F

    2003 Mercury Mountaineer Loud chatter coming from underneath

    I woke up this morning to drive my girlfriend to work and the car was fine as the engine warmed up there was some strange chattering coming from maybe my feet. Seemed to be coming from the transmission because i’d put it in neutral and rev it and there would be no chatter. As i kept driving the...
  13. 2

    2003 Ford Explorer Heated/Memory Seats Problem

    2003 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer, 4.0L V6, Automatic *Background Information:* - So I purchased this car used many months ago, and heated seats (both sides) have never worked. The light on the buttons and the heat do not come on. - The seat also has a lower seat cushion tilt and (I believe)...
  14. M

    Heard a pop & a flap slap shut, now air flow is very weak

    Hi all - First, I'm new to the forum and not the most knowledgeable about working on the climate system - so i please ask for your patience and forgiveness my ignorance in advance. I've got a 2003 Ford Explorer with dual automatic air control. Yesterday, I had the AC on full blast, and I...
  15. S

    turn signal blinks fast, intermittent?

    My 03 explorer has a bit of a minor issue. Sometimes, the left turn signal blinks fast, sometimes it doesn't. I had my brother turn on hazards, brakes headlights etc. when signal was "hyper flashing". When headlights are on, everything looks fine from all around. When i put hazards on, front end...
  16. W

    2003 4.0 slight overheating issue?

    Hi everyone I have a '03 4.0l that for the better part of 6 months I've been fixing different problems on, coolant leaks being of them, and this is the latest in the saga. so at the end of may this year, my car developed a coolant leak. which was 'fixed' by reseating the thermostat o-ring which...
  17. C

    Transmission swap - 03 into an 04

    Hoping someone here can answer this. I have 2 Explorer XLT 4.0l The 03 spun a crank bearing, the 04 has trans issues. She slips when thrown in reverse, and locks up in forward. On the BAD advice of a relative "trans guy" I put a new torque converter in and the results were the same. So My...
  18. J

    Transmission fluid level on 2003 Explorer?

    Yesterday I put my 2003 V6 Explorer on a lift to check the transmission fluid. I had it warmed up, checked transmission fluid temp on my scanner before removing the small inner plug with a T30 torx. This was the first time I've checked it since we recently bought this vehicle. When the plug...
  19. P

    03 Explorer v8 Knocking?

    I've searched up and down these forums for a couple days and have found a couple posts that might be helpful but don't seem to describe exactly what I'm experiencing. I've got a 03 Explorer with the v8. I recently changed the oil and even more recently swapped the water pump (just before a 150...
  20. P

    3rd gen transfer case removal how to

    I couldn't find Anything on the 3rd Gen. Transfer case removals. Or the Borg Warner 4411. So I made a quick video as i was doing mine. hopefully this helps somebody.:burnout:
  21. R

    4.6 XLT 2003 P0306 and P0316 help!!!!

    My 4.6 XLT 2003 has codes p0306 and a p0316. I have put on a new dorman intake manifold, new motorcraft plugs, new cop boots. I have moved the cops and fuel injectors around but the misfire stays in cylinder 6. Pulled all plugs and all look good. Compression for 1-4 is 190psi, 5-8 170psi. I...
  22. T

    New Explorer Owner.

    Hey everyone! New to the Ford Explorer I got sitting outside and this site. Hope I can share the progress with you guys!
  23. T

    Replacing rusted out rockers with bolt on pair

    I have a 2003 Explorer XLT that has both rockers rusted out. Anyone got videos or tips and good parts to replace with.
  24. Number4

    2003-2005 4.6l Intake Manifold New Number

    FYI Dorman now makes an intake manifold for the 03-05 4.6l. The 02 version being 615-175. The new version is 615-775.
  25. mfitz725

    Advice on purchasing 03 Explorer

    I have a 94 XLT that won't pass emissions and a chance to replace it with an 03 XLT for 2200. It has 204k on it and looks like new. Does anybody have any advice or guidance in this endeavor? I hear stories about transmission problems that I would like to avoid but am not sure what to look for...