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  1. M

    2003 Sport Track Timing Chain Question

    I have a 2003 ford sport trac, the front drivers side timing chair cassette/tensioner is damaged, and the chain is making noise. does the engine need to be pulled for that cassette/tensioner ? also if anyone has a step by step or a guide on doing this repair Id really appreciate it...
  2. J

    Bad starter?

    I know this is a common topic, and I have tried to read some other threads but don't see anything with exactly my situation. I have a 2003 Ford Explorer 4WD V6 Flex Fuel. I tried to start it earlier today, but it wouldn't turn over at all - just a 'click, click, click, click'. I was able to...
  3. F

    Spare Tire Winch/Carrier

    I did bit of searching, both Google and through the forums but I am having trouble finding a straight answer. My Explorer: 2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition 4.6L V8 AWD(not selectable 4X4) With Class III Towing Package 97,500 Miles I'll give a bit of back story. I was driving and...
  4. U

    airbag code 42 - replaced sensor still getting fault

    Hi, I have a 2003 Eddie Bauer and am getting the 42 airbag code. from other threads on this site i determined it was the front sensor which was broken so has been replaced ($95). I have cleaned the terminals in the connector prior to refitting and have now refitted and connected it. Prior to...
  5. R

    03 xlt headlight issues

    I have a 03 explorer xlt. My high beams dont work. i've tried changing the bulbs and checked the fuses all is ok there. i think it might be the relay switch. i would be gratefully for any help.
  6. M

    A day in the Life of an Explorer Lover

    decided to make my own thread Hey, just wanted to introduce myself my first car was 2003 blue ford explorer v6, base model (i can never rember if it is a xlt, or xls) i loved that car, never a single problem, easy to work on, drove it for 50,000 miles Then, unfortunately, i...
  7. E

    Ride height issue on a 2003 2 door Sport 4x4 w/plow.

    My story. I put together a personal plow truck out of a 2001 Sport 2d 4x4 by installing a Homesteader plow, limited slip, and best of all a "rubber bushing thingie" that virtually eliminates that unsightly "nose-dive" look with the plow mounted. I loved the package so much that I went out and...
  8. B

    New 03 sub/amp suggestions

    Hi, this is my first thread. I have an 03 Explorer with factory amp/sub and am looking to upgrade them. I want to be able to feel the bass without shaking all the cars around me. I am happy with the factory front and rear speakers, so I only want to upgrade the sub and amp. My current head...
  9. D

    New guy needs 2003 XLT lift help!

    I have a 2003 XLT and i would like to lift it about 2 or 3 inches. i can't seem to find anything other than the rear lift blocks. i would like the kit to be durable and as inexpensive as possible without it being a POS. Any and all help is welcome. Thanks
  10. S

    Stereo Overhaul

    Hello everyone, I have decided to overhaul the entire basic factory audio system in my '03 Explorer XLT. The system right now is the basic factory one. I am looking for a new deck, new tweeters and/or components, and 2 subs with the necessary amps. I am new to the audio customization...
  11. K

    cragar soft 8's

    Would cragar soft 8's look good on an 03 4dr. It's more of a street truck than off road. Thinking about lowering. or if anyone has pics of these wheels with stock tire size i would love to see. I am desperate for black 16" wheels. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3369682 sorry no pics. havent...
  12. P

    2003 XLT 4x4 Hub Bearing

    I have a 2003 Explorer XLT 4x4. Need to swap the hub bearings for new ones. I'm reading conflicting posts on the axle nut size. I'm told that it should be a 1-1/4 size socket. The Ford dealer told me 32mm. However, when I fit the 32mm socket on the bolt it was too big. I went back and this...
  13. M

    Broken Rear Hatch Door Handle

    Hey, the handle to the rear hatch door on my 2003 Explorer Sport XLT is broken. I can pull the handle and it springs right back but I can also feel that its just not catching on anything. I know I can fix this problem if I could get the door open but I dont know how to do that. If anyone has any...
  14. M

    Broken handle on the outside of the rear hatch.

    Hey, the handle for the back door on my 2003 explorer sport xlt is not opening my door at all. you can still pull it and it springs right back like its supposed to but I can tell that its just not catching on anything. I need to fix this problem. I cant even get my spare down without opening the...
  15. J

    2003 4WD Problem

    Alright just to start out I have read hours worth of information on this site. My problem is with a 2003 explorer xls. When I start the vehicle both 4x4 lights go on and off as they should. Within a couple minutes i start to get the 4x4 high light flashing. It flashes 10 times every...
  16. S

    2003 HID Conversion Help!!!

    ok so i have a 2003 Explorer. I bought an HID kit and put it all in but when i turn them on they aren't getting any power for some reason. when i put the old headlights back in they turn on no problems. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if anyone may have any advice as to...
  17. S

    Painting My '03 Sport Trac

    Okay so I have a silver '03 sport trac and i want it black. So i guess what im trying to ask includes a few things... :scratch: 1) What is the cheapest way to do this? 2) How much is this going to cost me? 3) How long does it take? 4) And is there any other stuff i need to be aware of when...
  18. B

    2003 Explorer blend door (clicking noise).

    I have read enough on here to know that my 2003 Explorer is having the blend door problem and found directions for replacing it for a 2004 Explorer. I followed all the directions and pulled the center console, but now I still can't get into the dash. The directions talk about pulling the lower...
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