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2004 explorer

  1. S

    Electrical issues with interior/courtesy lighting

    Hello all! My 04 explorer has been having a strange issue that, thus far, I have heard of no one else having anywhere, from this forum to other websites. My interior lights are no longer turning on when any door is opened or when the light dial is turned all the way up. All interior lights still...
  2. S

    Headlights flashing while car is off

    So i have a 2004 Ford Explorer 2WD, and my headlight/brake lights will occasionally flash while the car is off. It happens at random. i will go outside and see the lights flashing at the same rate a turn signal would flash. i usually unlock and lock the car again which makes the flashing stop...
  3. P

    2004 Explorer xls cv axle (Replacement axle has tone ring)

    Hello all! I am new to this forum and I hope this question is in the right area. I have a 2004 xls 2wd Explorer. I am replacing the rear, passenger side cv axle. The part I ordered was an "exact match" to my vehicle (Carquest #NCV11122). The new axle I purchased has a tone ring (obviously my...
  4. J

    Ford Explorer 2004 pats module problems

    Hi all! I have a 2004 Explorer in a no crank / no start condition. Replaced battery, starter (solenoid built in), checked many items already. I have 3 programmed keys (from Ford dealer) and from what I can see it is a PATS issue. With key turned to on position, the pats light blinks rapidly. I...
  5. E


    Victorville, CA..........Hi Listed my short horror story in Profile. :help::help::help::help:
  6. E

    Another slightly knackered Explorer

    Ho there! I got this the other day, mentioned that it at least wasn't suffering the "death rattle" to a buddy in Walmart-which then appeared the minute I restarted the truck..
  7. P

    2004 Explorer A/C Blows Only HOT Air-doors work, actuator's fine, freon full

    We have been troubleshooting the a/c issue for a while. All doors work, actuator works, freon is full. We replaced the controls knobs. We still only get HOT air! Plugged in code reader=no code. Any ideas would be helpful.
  8. W

    Used Explorer Problems

    I bought a 2004 Explorer 4.6L AWD with 130k, and there are a few problems I'm having with getting it to drive properly. I've been through the forums and have found potential remedies to a few of the common problems I'm experiencing, such as replacing the transmission solenoid pack, servo bores...
  9. Bobbylew


    Well, I managed to check the back pressure on the right (Bank #1) side and it was Zero at 3000 RPM. That eliminates the Bank #1 Cat, Crossover pipe and Muffler. I'm still trying to get the Bank #2 sensor out in order to check back pressure on that Cat. I'm sure Ford could have made it more...
  10. E

    2004 Ford Explorer XLS - Modification Queries

    Hey all Hoping that someone on here can help me! Bought an '04 Explorer 4 years ago, but has a few cosmetic issues that I've been wanting to get fixed. Unfortunately had very little joy finding the parts. Would appreciate any help! (1) Center console The lid is mostly broken from what I can...
  11. H

    2004 Explorer Cold Starting Problems HELP!!

    I had a 2004 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V6 When it gets cold it is super hard to start the car. The car will crank but wont catch, eventually after several tries I can get the car to catch. one of three things will happen, the car will start and go to idle no problem and be ready to drive...
  12. W

    2004 Explorer fuel pump driver module location

    I am a new member to this forum, I hope this is not an old question, but I am afraid it is... The truck just stopped on my wife while coming home and would not restart, she said it acted like it was out of gas, well after a couples hours of friends trying to get her going they figured the fuel...
  13. S

    5r55s trans install possible electrical problems?o/d flashing/solenoid codes/no shift

    Hey I got another used tranny with less than half the km's than the last one and installed this weekend the correct way and now it's running. I put fluid in but only 3.5l in the pan plug and 1/4-1/2l in t/c now it seems like it's not pumping cause it still spilling out after running for 10-15...
  14. M

    2004 Explorer: major repairs or trade it in

    Hey all - we have a 2004 Ford Explorer with about 97,000 miles (~40,000 on rebuilt transmission). As we were approaching the 100k mark, we took it into the dealership to have it looked at. Man...did my stomach drop when they called about the repairs: $1,950 to rebuild/overhaul the rear end...
  15. M

    Parts from a 2004 Ford Explorer that can be used in a 2001 Ford Sport Trac

    Hello, My sister had a 2004 Ford Explorer, but unfortunately the transmission went, and shes getting a new car. I know that the 2001 Sport Tracs were based on the previous generation explorer, and this may be a longshot but what parts can i use from the 2004 explorer for my sport trac? Im...
  16. P

    What would you folks replace a 2004 Explorer with ?

    Crossed a couple things off the bucket list yesterday, air bag deployment and a ride in the big red and white buggy. I think without a doubt my 04 Explorer will not be recovering from this crash. I'm not excited about searching for a replacement vehicle, and I wonder if a Ford is in my future...
  17. S

    Help with install of Emergency Lights and Siren

    Hello, I am a volunteer EMT and respond directly to the scene. I was recently given a Whelen Mini Edge 9000 Strobe light bar and a Whelen Siren. I have a couple of questions. I need to drill a hole in the roof of my 2004 Explorer to run the wire. I may permanent mount the light as well but...
  18. F

    New Member, Doing Work On My 2004 Explorer Soon!

    first off i would like to thank everybody for having me! i found the group by just searching google for things about my 2004 Explorer XLT V6 4.0 Flex-Fuel i just purchased. its in phenomenal shape. 113,000 miles on it. i just replaced the transmission fluid in it and the transmission filter as...
  19. T

    2004 4.6 4X4 ABS light on and 4x4 blinking

    I recently was told my brakes needed to be replaced, and shortly after a grinding started in the front when I would press the brake pedal. I drove like this for maybe two days, and then my ABS light came on, and the 4x4 light blinks off and on. I put on new pads and rotors all the way around...
  20. H

    NEED HELP diagnosing my issue - 04 Explorer

    Here goes, hope someone can help I'm in a bad situation my mechanic is telling me one thing, and my mechanic cousin is telling me another. We can't seem to diagnose the problem. 2004 Ford Explorer, 137k highway miles kept in great shape regular maintenance. For the past year it has been making...
  21. W

    2004 Explorer fuel filter PITA

    :rolleyes:We all know how PITA is to replace the fuel filter.:rolleyes: I am contemplating the idea of relocating my fuel filter to the passenger side/firewall engine compartment. I will also cut off those fittings that require the special tool. I want to use a regular fuel hose with clamps...