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  1. H

    Stock Heated Mirrors - Need a Picture

    Hello, Winter has come and gone and the snowy weather has convinced me that I want to get heated mirrors on my 2004 XLT. I've done some reading, and I am told that the 3rd gens XLTs were prewired for heated mirrors IF they have standard power mirrors w/ puddle lights. Good news, I have power...
  2. Mr_Fruffles

    Wheel Hub/Bearing Question

    Is it possible to buy a wheel hub and bearing already pressed or is that just not a thing? I cant seem to find one already pressed anywhere. Its for a 2004 explorer xlt btw
  3. W

    Explorer 2004 parasitic drain engine fuse #15

    First time poster or maybe a poser. I own a Ford Explorer from 2004. I am the original owner and it has about 180k miles. I had a 4yr old battery die and I bought a new one about 2 months back. We had a recent cold snap and the battery was dead. I "think" I have a parasitic drain. Here is what I...
  4. C

    What is this ticking sound when starting 2004 Explorer? (Video)

    I have an 04' Ford Explorer 4dr XLT 4WD with 150K miles. Recently, there is a loud ticking noise coming from around the engine when I start the vehicle. It only lasts for about a minute or two, and then goes away and doesn't come back until after it has been started up again after being off...
  5. C

    Please help! 2002 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC

    My 2002 explorer has a terrible rough idle and clanking sound. After its running a minute or 2 the RPM's level out just under 1000 but the clanking sound is still there. I'm getting lean codes p0171 and p0174 as well as misfire codes in all 6 cylinders. I've checked for vacuum leaks with carb...
  6. D

    Does 2004 Stock Explorer Have a Battery Reset parameter in the BCM?

    Hi, Helped a friend diag a bad alternator in a 2004 Explorer w the 4.0. Orig battery was replaced prior to my involvement. As I am new to Fords (2014 Escape SE), I know the newer smart charging systems require a reset to zero out the age and stored perfornance data when a new battery is...
  7. D

    2004 Explorer P0734 P0735 P0775 P0795 + parasitic battery drain

    The above transpired after a boatload of mostly unnecessary mechanical repairs perpetrated by an independent shop under the guise of being "required" repairs in order to pass PA State Inspection. None of these repairs involved the transmission. [EDIT] Ran fine for 1 week, then began...
  8. D

    Hello -- need some help....

    Hi Folks, I do not actually own an Explorer. I'm trying to help a friend sort out some transmission codes that recently appeared after a slew of mechanical work and one electrical problem that remains unsolved. I'm a mod on a Saturn forum for 11 yrs running so I have a strong automotive...
  9. J

    After Market Instrument Cluster??

    I have a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac and want to replace the instrument cluster to a black modern led instrument cluster. Does anybody have a instrument cluster they suggest? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. G

    So I bought a Sport Trac

    Hey guys, long time no see! I stopped posting but I still come around a lot to see what's new and what crazy engine swaps you all do, however, I have news! I bought a Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin! It's a 2004 model year, and cost me $1200. It had basically every option available for these...
  11. J

    04 Mountaineer Revival. Engine swap 4.6l --> 5.0l?

    Ive had this car for a few months now. Bought it as my first vehicle up here in MI as a winter beater since the motor was already giving issues. Thankfully it lasted me long enough to get thru the winter but the motor no longer runs. Now that the weather is nice out i thought id take some time...
  12. D

    2004 Explorer 4.6 alternator CHAOS (long post)

    alright so here's the story.. its retarded, so bear with me. i was on my way up north, headed to the rig for work. my alternator **** the bed on me about 20km from the closest town. i limp (somehow) into town and take it to canadian tire, hoping for a quick (and cheaper than a dealership)...
  13. D

    2004 explorer 4.0 TB spacer delete and seafoam video with results

    A few weeks ago my rig was throwing codes and idling too low and wouldnt stay running after starting. i cleaned the throttle body and found success, no more codes, smoother idle, and overall ran smoother. When i had the TB off i saw the weird spacer with the teeth. Seemed very counter intuitive...
  14. M

    04 EX - ABS & Traction Control lights "ON"

    Hi guys, wanted to know if anyone had a problem with their ABS and Traction Control lights being on. Brief history, car was salvaged due to fire under hood...id10t hooked his amp up to the alternator rather than the battery...long story short, fixed that. Move ahead a week - ABS and Traction...
  15. B

    Transmission without dipstick

    I have a 2004 Ford Explorer with 4.0 engine. Just found out there is no transmission dipstick. I've learned how to check the transmission fluid, but would rather have a dipstick. Is there any way to modify it so that I can check transmission fluid from the top of the engine? I think this...
  16. S

    can not accelerate past 40

    hey new here. just bought a 4.0L 2004 Explorer XLS. I am having an issue tho. when I am driving it has A LOT of lag. getting to 40 KPH is hard but then gets worse from 40-60. I have had a scanner done (engine light IS on) and it pulled a ton of codes. including O2 sensors and...
  17. H

    2004 ford explorer xlt audio hookup problems

    I have a 2004 ford explorer xlt black with platinum underglow. I was looking to hook up a 900 watt pioneer amplifier for my 2 '12's they aren't the best speakers but anyway I got a sosche converter to splice the back speaker and send the signal to my amp. Thus I had problem 1, the...
  18. T

    2004 Sirius unit in a 2007 Explorer

    I had a 2004 Explorer with a sirius unit in it that is active and I was hoping to somehow rig it up in my 2007 EB. Sorry, could not get pics to embed without them being enormous. The plugs are not the same from the current sirius unit in the 07 and my unit from 04, so it's not a simple plug and...
  19. C

    04 Explorer Transmission Issue / Won't go in Reverse, Neutral acts like Drive

    Hi! I am hoping you guys can help me with a couple of problems. 1) My 2004 Ford Explorer with a 4WD, V6 Engine and a Rebuilt Transmission from a 2005 Mountaineer will not allow me to backup. When I put it in R, the transmission does not engage. When I put it in N and let off the brake, the...
  20. D

    Can't find an intake manifold for 2004 Base 4.6L Mountaineer

    I'm having a problem in my 2004 Mountaineer 4.6 with coolant leaking from the left and right sides of the intake manifold (mostly the by the thermostat housing) and think it is the upper intake manifold gasket that needs replacing. I've read a lot that these manifolds are prone to cracking and...
  21. G

    2004 eddie bauer computer replace

    what are the procedures for remove and replace computer module that controls the fuel codes?
  22. M

    04 Explorer Tranny issues, please help snow is flying! Slight slip what to do?

    OK guys thanks for all of the help you have previously given me. Please point me in the right direction once again. History: I have a 2004 Explorer I bought with 26,000 miles less than a year old, it now has 136,000 miles on it. It is our third vehicle and only drive it in winter. Over the...
  23. M

    AC blows hot. Rookie posting here. Pressure said 110 on recharge can.

    So my ac started blowing hot air. After a day of this, it just started blowing cold AC again without any work. That lasted about a week. Now, it's been hot air for 2 weeks. So I got a recharge 134a kit, and followed instructions. The pressure gauge went to just over 100, in the red...
  24. D

    Baffled at the power steering

    Ok Im a little baffled at the power steering issue I have going on. I own a 04 Explorer EB 4.0 V6. About 2 weeks ago I noticed its feels like the power steering is starting to go out. If I turn the wheel slightly to the left or right it almost feels like its starting to whine/squeal but it still...
  25. L

    2004 Ford Explorer HIDS and LEDS

    Just installed 5000k 35watt DDM Tuning HID kit into my low beams and fogs. and also installed LEDs in my directionals. the LEDs are super bright and they look sharp with the HIDs.