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2005 explorer

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    05 ExplorerRSC shut off while driving, Turns-over but won’t stay on?!

    Little Background Leading up to shut off: Hello everybody, I currently have a 2005 Ford Explorer RSC (roll stability control) not sure if that last part matters but anyways. She has 130,000 miles on her. Three days ago while driving i noticed a notification While driving, it said check charging...
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    05 Explorer RSC shutoff and now won’t start!?

    Little Background Leading up to shut off: Hello everybody, I currently have a 2005 Ford Explorer RSC (roll stability control) not sure if that last part matters but anyways. She has 130,000 miles on her. Three days ago while driving i noticed a notification While driving, it said check charging...
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    HELP! 2005 Ford Explorer Fuel Pump ????

    I need to replace fuel pump on my 2005 Ford Explorer. I purchased a fuel pump which the Auto Store matched and it doesn't match my fuel pump. Mine has a oblong female plug-in molded into the top of fuel tank. The one I purchased has two leads with male plug-in's one square and one round. Why...
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    2005 Ford Explorer Transmission

    Hello, I have a 2005 Explorer, (V6, rear wheel drive, over 210,000 miles). Yesterday I was driving on the highway with no problems, but when I stopped at a restaurant and restarted, first gear wouldn't kick in. The "CHECK TRANSMISSION" light came on and the "O/D Off" light started blinking. I...
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    2005 Explorer XLT 4.0L Outside/Underhood A/C Clicking?

    Hey, I have a 2005 Explorer XLT 4.0L and when the A/C or fan is running, it still works perfectly, there is a clicking noise coming from under the hood. It sounds like lifters lightly clicking would sound like but when you turn the fan or A/C off, the sound immediately stops. Anyone have any...
  6. Q


    i drive a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 I saw some older post on how to lower the front with keys. But I can't seem to find it. If anyone has done it or knows how to do it please let me know.
  7. K

    2005 Explorer Rear Wiper/Sprayer stopped working

    Hey, I have a 2005 Explorer XLT and 6 months ago, I tried both the rear wiper and the sprayer and neither worked. Took it to a shop and they suggested replacing the multifunction switch, which I proceeded to replace to the same results. I find it weird that both went out at the same time. Also...
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    No start issue 2005 Explorer 4.6, round 2

    Hello all, I am new to the forum. I have a 2005 4.6 Limited and about a month ago after driving to work it would not start. Just crank and crank. When the tow showed up it started and drove onto the truck, but upon getting home refused to start. I started cheapest and replaced fuel filter which...
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    05 explorer XLT instrument cluster shorting out

    i don't really know how else to explain it. Every day when I leave for work, I open the door and the gauges on my cluster start shaking. The interior light flickers once.If I leave the door open for prolonged periods of time, it will occasionally do it again. Timing is completely random. The...
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    2005 Explorer Sports Trac GEM location

    My 2005 Sports Trac lost all electrical power to the dome lights, radio, Windows, etc. all sources point to the General Electric module according to Google searches. Where is this located? Thank you.
  11. M

    Need help 2005 Explorer XLT 4.0 - PCM

    I replaced my PCM and forgot which plug goes to which jack! Can someone on here take a picture of theirs and post it?? My PCM is located on the left of the engine and is mounted vertically. I have searched the internet but only find off years. Please help!!!! (There is one plug coming from...
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    2005 Explorer XLT AC Blower Issue

    I did a quick search for a couple threads but wasn't able to figure out my specific issue. My AC blower isn't blowing on the first 3 settings, but when I turn it to 4 (high) it starts blowing cold and like normal. It seems like there are 2 different blowers or something, but I haven't been...
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    2005 Explorer Radio Installation

    Hello! I have a beautiful 05 Ford and I broke the CD reader, so I figured I'd update the whole stereo. I bought a SDC24USA 200 WATTS (50x4) stereo, that was listed under universal fit, but I can't install it because the wires don't all work. Are there wire adapters I'm going to need to get...
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    radio/lift gate glass/fuel level/alarm problems

    Yesterday I dropped off my bf in Dallas, and of course as soon as i got back to Houston my Explorer started doing some weird things. I'm not sure if they are related or several problems that just happened at the same time. The drive to Dallas and back was fine, but when I got home the problems...
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    rsc advanced track

    I have a 2005 Explorer XLT with rsc advanced track and some times it gives a grinding sound coming from the front hubs (like a bearing going out). Is this an expensive item to replace? I have been told it comes from this RSC. Help request!!
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    2005 Ford Explorer steering and Abs problems in right turns?

    Replaced all wheel bearings ,upper ball joints, rack and pinion and brakes. NOW my problem is that when I make right hand turns the ABS system seems to come on and 4X4 comes on . Today the Check Advance trac light came on and then the warning light stayed on. and the 4X4 high light flashed a...
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    2005 Explorer Roof Rack Removal

    I couldn't find any place where someone explained hot to remove the stock rack on the 2005. It's pretty easy, remove the front and rear covers. If your trying to save them, lift it up easy and get something thin between the cover and base piece ( flat screw driver worked for me, but a putty...
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    Fixing Overhead Console with broken tabs on 2005 Explorer

    Searched high and low and didn't seem to find part of the answer to other questions related to fixing an overhead console that was hanging due to tabs on the plastic mounting bracket breaking. The issue I have is how to get the plastic bracket off? I've taken the two mounting screws off but the...
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    List of Useful Threads wiring diagram

    hi i have wiring diagrams for the latest ford models, if you need a specific one just ask!
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    Vehicle swaying and steering WIERD?

    Haven't posted in a while but love getting advice and hearing I'm not alone in my passion for Ford Explorers. Just need a little advice. I have replaced all four wheel bearings,outer tie rod ends front and upper ball joints on my stock 2005 Explorer with V6 flex and Advance trac . Every thing...
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    Won't Start now....

    Hello fellow Explorers! I desperately need your help. My Dad's 2005 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC will not turn over anymore. Initial problem was that it would run extremely rough, and backfire every now and then. Replaced ignition coil, spark plugs & wires, crankshaft sensor. It started...
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    Where To Find Pocket Flares

    Hey Everyone, I am new to this thread and I have a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT V8, and I am looking for the bolt on style fender flares. Does anyone know where I could get those or do they even make them?
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    2005 XLT Explorer Tire Size

    I have a 2005 XLT 4x4 Stock Explorer and it is time for some new tires. Can anyone tell me the largest tire is can get without a lift? Will 255/70/16 fit??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Informal Survey: Best brand for rotors for 2001-2005 Explorer?

    Hafa Adai From Guam!!! I am about to purchase front disc brakes for my 05 Explorer XLS 4X4. I plan to upgrade to aftermarket rotors, maybe drilled and slotted. Here's your chance to brag about what's worked for you or what hasn't worked so well. I read a post about BrakeMotive Discs crack...
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    I have been on this site for a few months now, like the advise, but the tranny on my 2005 Explorer XLT 4.0 has been acting up, i.e. slipping. have about 75k miles. was told to get a flush...researched it more and found that if the filter isn't changed at the time of the flush all the shavings...