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2005 sport trac

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    Intermittent Flashing Check Engine Light

    2005 Explorer Sport Trac 4.0L SOHC Flex Adrenalin I'm having an irregular but persistent issue with my truck. I bought it in November with 150k miles, but the engine was replaced by the dealer after 67k miles. Since I've bought it I've replaced had several things replaced that both myself and...
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    2005 Sport Trac Bumper & side rail skins

    I have a 2005 S& & I would dearly love to bed liner the front & rear bumper skins & side rails - removing them for prep without snapping of any push-in connectors... I recall seeing a fairly detailed post describing the locations & types of all the clips & screws involved, but for the life of...
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    Fan belt tensioner stuck!?

    I'm in the process of my first DIY water pump replacement on my 2005 ford explorer sport trac rear wheel drive 4.0L v6 SOHC and am trying to pull up or ppush down on the tensioner to free the belt but I cannot seem to make the tensioner break free from position. Any suggestions?
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    2005 Ford Sport Trac XLT 4 x 4 (last year with OEM Rear Leaf Springs) Stock tires are P255/70 R16 - I acquired five P255 70 R18 off of a JEEP Wrangler. I want to put them on the Sport Trac (ST) - Is it possible to do so with out major modifications to the suspension or running into any...
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    Any ideas for a 2005 Sport Trac lift?

    I would be happy with a few inches of body lift, there just doesn't seem to be much available for this puppy. Thanks.