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2006 explorer

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    06 explorer 4.6 2WD - acceleration issues at low speed

    V8 explorer 2006 - 270k miles The problem I'm having is when accelerating. Any light pressure on the gas causes a stutter/vibration from what I think is the transmission. Any significant press on the gas it accelerates fine. Good response. No hesitation and actually gets up nicely.. no issues...
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    Bulbs for Climate Control Backlight - 06 Explorer XLT

    There are 2 lights that provide the backlight for the 3 climate control knobs on the 2006 Explorer XLT. Both of mine have gone out. There are no markings but they have a blue plastic base that is rectangular on bottom. I've searched the web and have not found anything yet. Does anyone here have...
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    Wheel & Tire Sizes With A 2-3" Lift (Please Help)

    I recently upgraded from a 1991 Explorer XL to a 2006 Explorer XLT 4.6L V8. I am going to be getting new wheels and tires soon. I'm pretty set on ATX Wheels, looking into the ATX201 17x9, and I'm looking at a few options on tires, Nitto Ridge Grapplers, General GrabberX3's, or Cooper Discovery...
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    06 Explorer Rough Idle when in Park..Help

    Here is what I got: 2006 Eddie Bauer 4x4 4.0 Sohc v6 121,000 Miles Here is what happened: Vehicle overheated due to thermostat housing melted and seam separated. Here is what I've done: Replaced Thermostat housing Radiator Flush and fluid replace Oil Flush and fluid replace Changed PCM,spark...
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    2006 Explorer Clicking when trying to start after jump starting twice

    I've just acquired '06 Explorer when my guypal died several months back. Started it weekly (to move to cut grass and drove it only a little bit [because I was advised by long-time mechanic friend it needed tires]); then one week, mysteriously to me, when the key was turned, it was dead quiet...
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    2006 Ford Explorer Climate Control Not Working

    I have a dual zone automatic climate control system. The blower motor does not turn off even though the off button is depressed. The blower only turns off when the car is turned off. All other controls on the climate control panel seem to work, ie heat control, AC, vent, etc. The blower only...
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    Electrical issue?

    I have a 2006 Ford Explorer 4.0 V6 XLT 2WD and it keeps losing power/shutting off, first the ABS light comes on then a few others then all the lights in the car start to dim and turn off , can't use the powers buttons to put window down or up or to open/lock doors. Replaced battery and it worked...
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    2006 explorer XLT front airbag fuse

    Hi, Can anyone point me toward the steering wheel airbag fuse. I will be installing audio control and I need to know where is that fuse for airbag. I will disconnect the battery but I want to more secure with fuse removed before I start.
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    Confuse about milage (MPG) 06explorer

    Hi exlorerers, I am new to this forum and this is my first Explorer . I just bought it and previous owner have no record for service and maintenance. I am getting milage that has made me confuse. I live in chicago with crazy cold weather and with my driving in city I am getting 8.4 on cluster...
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    2006 Explorer Radio Wont Turn On

    Hello all, I recently had an alternator replaced as well as a new battery on my 2006 Explorer. After the alternator was replaced, the only electrical issue I had was with my Kenwood Radio not turning on. I've got a KDC-X595. I checked all of the fuses, and none are blown. Is there...
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    2006 Mountaineer Passenger Seat Won't Move Backwards

    I have a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer and my passengers seat will move every direction except back I checked the fuse and it is okay. Any thoughts on what might be wrong and how to fix it?
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    Help Please!

    My two wheel drive 2006 explorer with the 5r55w or 5r55s transmission is stuck in what it think is fifth gear. It's been having shifting problems including a delay when going into reverse, sometimes slamming into reverse, and now revving or downshifting when cruising at around 50mph. It has...
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    New member in need of a seasoned Ford mechanic.

    Hello guys and gals. I'm brand new here. I just posted in the 2006-2010 Stock Explorers Forum and I'm seeking help from a well seasoned Ford mechanic who knows '06 Explorers inside and out. I will trumpet your name from the rooftops if you can help me get my '06 Explorer back on the road...
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    2006 Explorer 4.0 P0108 Trouble Code Answered

    I am posting this as a new thread so others won't have to go through the same hassle I did to get an answer on this one. I had the CEL come on and when scanned code P0108 was listed which indicates manifold absolute pressure is too high. No big deal, there has to be a sensor just for this (or...
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    Sudden Coolant Loss

    I have a 2006 Explorer 4x4 and was driving to work when I made a pass of a slow moving vehicle, but the explorer kicked in to passing gear and just a few seconds later, I noticed smoke from my rear view mirror. I made it to work with no loss of power, but the temp gauge was moving from hot to...
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    Low side A/C pressure fluctuating

    Hey everyone, First post here. Just bought an 06 XLT. A/C doesn't blow out cold air. I bought a gauge for the low pressure port and tested it today with the outside temp being about 75F. With Max A/C on, the gauge reads 10 PSI and slowly climbs to about 50 PSI and then shoots back down to 10...
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    2006 explorer help

    hi, i have a 2006 ford explorer Eddie Bauer i wanna add a factory dvd player but not sure where to get it and what things must i buy to make the upgrade, not sure if my stereo is compatible i have the normal mp3 player one. last not sure how to hold the dvd in place.
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    Cracked Radiator

    '06 EB Explorer - 4.0L V6 - 37.8K miles (1800 miles out of warranty) At 37,800 miles I notice a small pool of coolant under the driver side of the radiator. I take it to the local dealer and they inform me (after $75 diagnostic fee to pressurize the radiator) that it is a loose hose clamp and...
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    New '06 Explorer: What About HID Retrofit?

    As many of you many know, I recently upgraded the headlamps on my '98 X to HID kits (Retro-solutions) and they have transformed my older X into a great night-driving machine. Last weekend, my wife bought and took delivery on a '06 Explorer XLT. Well wouldn't you know it, the headlamp system...