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  1. D

    Preventative Transmission Maintenance - 07 Sport Trac

    I previously owned a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT which unceremoniously blew it's transmission on the way to the supermarket. I had a long battle with it, trying to diagnose a seemingly haunted PCM, as well as any service on the transmission being a complete pain in the ass. I purchased a 2007 Sport...
  2. S

    5r55s from a 2007 compatible in the 2008 model year?

    Im swapping a rebuilt 5r55s from a 2007 explorer limited trim 4x4 with the 4.0 into my dd 2008 explorer xlt trim 4x4 with the 4.0 as well. Curious if im gonna running into any compatibility issues when i go to swap them, particularly with the ecm/tcm? Will the 2007 5r55s plug and play with the...
  3. C

    2007 Ford Explorer 100$ bounty

    Took it to ford and paid 1000$ to have nothing fixed and for it to come back with an oil and coolant leak that’s gonna cost me an additional 1000$ to repair from quotes with the initial problem still being present. I don’t have the money. Anybody willing to give me advice that actually has...
  4. F

    Hello from New(ish) member, happy new owner

    First off, this forum has been a great to place for me to learn more about Explorers and what comes when buying one. I joined last year when I was thinking about purchasing, did a lot of reading - but not much else, and that's my bad! Fast forward and I ended up with a 2007 Sport Trac 4WD V8 and...
  5. E

    Will changing my timing chain tensioners do more bad than good?

    2007 4.0 SOHC 4WD. I know this topic has been beaten to death but when I cold-start my truck I have a slight rattle which goes away very quickly (unless its REALLY cold out then it lasts a little longer). When the truck warms up the engine is super quiet and has good power. The only other thing...
  6. E

    2007 Ford Explorer Intermittent Stalling Issue

    Hello all, my 2007 Explorer XLT 4.0 has developed an issue where the vehicle will intermittently stall. When this happens, the check engine light flashes and the oil pressure light comes on. Usually, it will start right back up but sometimes it will only crank. When it only cranks, if I wait a...
  7. N

    2007 Ford Explorer XLT Header Panel Replacement

    Hey all, As title states I am trying to replace the Header Panel On my 07 Explorer. Was in a minor collision the header panel is smashed near the drivers side headlight. Does anyone have info on how to remove it? I do most of my car repairs myself so I'm pretty sure I am capable of replacing...
  8. I

    Rpm fluctuation/drop then surge.

    so recently after hitting 200,000 on my 07 EX 4.0. my transmission between 3-4th gear rpms will stay the same,@2000 then drop,1800 then spike up to 3000 then shift into 4th gear, it doesn't do it all the time, and i can drive slow or be "nice to the transmission" it will still lag but not...
  9. S

    07 sport trac v8 - new board member. Some Minor issues. Need help

    Picked up an 07 sport trac a few months ago. 74000mi it was a "water damaged" vehicle. i was scared when i was told that. Friend of mine went with me to look at it that is a grease monkey gearhead. Truck outside was pristine up close after they washed it. Went to fire it up. click click, lol...
  10. J

    shaking when idol and over 60mph

    Hi I'm Jennifer and I am the only owner of my 2007 Ford Explorer. It's my fourth Explorer and the only one I purchased after a lease. The last two years I've replaced quite a bit yet it still has original motor and transmission. I know I'm living on borrowed time with the trans because it...
  11. F

    Front bumper removal

    Most of it is straight forward with bolts or plastc screw push clips. But in front of the tires there are brackets that have me stumped. I cant seem to find any info on how these assemble or disassemble. Anyone with experience please help.
  12. D

    2007 IAC valve?

    Hi all!- I'm new here this is my first post. Tried searching for this but didn't come up with anything. My 2007 4L xlt explorer has an issue- when it comes down to idle speed it revs back up and repeats this again and again, even when moving and foot off the gas, it'll rev back up to 2000 before...
  13. The-HewMan

    5r55s started losing reverse then gone!

    Just 6 months ago my wife complained about a hard shift going to 4th gear. The fix was new solenoid pak and it's been fine ever since until a few weeks ago she was attempting to back up about a 20 degree incline with 6 persons on board but it would not move. However, shifting to 4X4 low...
  14. M

    2007 Explorer Ironman Grille

    Does anyone know it's possible to put an Ironman grille on my '07 Explorer XLT? It would replace that chrome grille that's already there.
  15. H


    I own a 2007 Ford Explorer Ironman V8. I am in desperately searching for a 3-4" body or suspension lift. I am not having any luck. Please help me out!
  16. M

    2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer Overheating

    Hi All Your Support Needed I bought American used Ford Explorer 2007 Eddie Bauer v8 4.6 before 3 Years, It was winter when I bought the vehicle, everything was good I loved the vehicle and the summer starts. Whenever I stuck in traffic the vehicle starts overheating with AC on, but if AC...
  17. T

    2004 Sirius unit in a 2007 Explorer

    I had a 2004 Explorer with a sirius unit in it that is active and I was hoping to somehow rig it up in my 2007 EB. Sorry, could not get pics to embed without them being enormous. The plugs are not the same from the current sirius unit in the 07 and my unit from 04, so it's not a simple plug and...
  18. E

    Wire harness chafing impact on AC?

    Dear ExMen, I have a not-so-new-to-me 2007 EB v8. Been my daily driver for 8 months. I put on 16,000 of the total 91,000 miles. The history: In October, had a hot few days and the AC ran great. All winter the defroster performed flawlessly. In March, and only on start up, it began...
  19. 2007 EB

    2007 EB

    Very tastefully equipped 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V6 4x4
  20. 2007 EB

    2007 EB

    Very tastefully equipped 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V6 4x4
  21. 2007 EB

    2007 EB

    Very tastefully equipped 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V6 4x4
  22. 2007 EB

    2007 EB

    Very tastefully equipped 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V6 4x4
  23. 2007 EB

    2007 EB

    Very tastefully equipped 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V6 4x4
  24. N

    Hard Folding Tonneau Cover - anyone using it?

    Hi, new to the forums, so I apologize if I'm not approaching this question in the right manner. I have a 2007 (early '06 model) Sport Trac Limited that I purchased used last fall. It came without several things I wish I had known about before completing the sale: No Tonneau cover, so I've...
  25. D

    2007 Explorer XLT Replacement Driver Seat

    I have a 2007 Ford Explorer XLT. My drivers seat has some rips on the sides and in the process of trying to fix things i made it worse and the cover and foam underneath is a mess. Foam is pretty crushed down anyway and seat is getting uncomfortable. I have been searching online trying to...