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2008 ford explorer xlt

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    2008 XLT power steering issues

    Hello everyone- I have a problem I am hoping you can help with. My 2008 2wd 4.0l XLT is having a strange power steering issue. When I start the truck and back out of my driveway it feels like I have no power steering. Within about ten seconds of putting the truck in reverse the "check charging...
  2. O

    2008 Explorer XLT Cloth to Leather seat swap out

    I purchased an 08 Explorer XLT with damaged rear 40/60 2nd row seat missing 40 2nd row seat and damaged drivers side seat. I was able to find leather full set of seats. The fronts seem easy enough to swap out and I was able to loosen the bolts without snapping off the heads. The 2nd row leather...
  3. D

    Question on adapter for SW controls w/ aftermarket HU

    Hi! I will soon be the proud owner of a '08 XLT with premium sound. I'll be installing an Eclipse CD5030 that is currently in my '00 Ford Contour. I want to be able to use the existing steering wheel (SW) audio controls on the '08 XLT with my Eclipse CD5030. From looking on here and google...
  4. J

    08 Rear Camber

    I have a 08 XLT 2WD, and the rear camber is way out out of spec. The place that did the alignment said, they are not sure how to correct it. After searching for a number of hours, I haven't been able to find any rear camber kits that work for an 08. There has to be a solution.
  5. F

    2008 Explorer thermal bypass

    Hi, My name is Francisco Blanco an i recently purchased a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT, i started to have an issue wich a connect to the transmission and after some research on the problem i found a thread in here with the exact issue. the problem is when accelerating from stop, the revs go up...