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    2008 Explorer - Car starts, drives but then won't start later but then starts again magically

    I'm hoping you can help me since I'm not finding anything with my google searching or even a way to best say the problem. Car: 2008 Explorer XLT 4x4 with about 135K miles. Major work: rebuilt transmission in Jan 2020 Minor work: new interstate battery April 2020 TL;DR problem: Car has begun a...
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    2008 Ford Explorer XLT Won't Crank

    Been living with the issue for about 3 years now until last week, it was same ole same ole for the approach to get the Explorer to crank. Working Theory: When the fuse box under the hood in front of the driver gets warm, the truck won't crank. The heat can be from driving it or even just...
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    2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 AWD (Ford Explorer) Engine Replacement

    I am having to replace the engine on a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 and am looking for any advice, recommendations, tricks and instructions. We've already grabbed a used engine from a local salvage yard. I should be able to get the instructions off of All Data but was wondering if anyone had any...
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    2008 Eddie Bauer No air flow from floor vents

    Hi everyone, I searched the forums before posting but I didn't find a clear fix. When I select the floor vents barely anything comes out. I tried the face/floor selection and I only get flow from the face vents. Defrost/feet I only get flow from the defrosters. Is this a blend door issue...
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    Removing the starter ('08 4.0L)

    Hello all, I've been having trouble removing the starter. I'm able to get two bolts off on the right side of the component itself, but I'm not sure if I'm missing anything else as it's not becoming loose. It's such a pain to even reach it, so I'm kinda lost. Does anybody have any tips? Or maybe...
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    New to the Explorer world.

    Hello All! Just purchased a 2008 Explorer XLT /w 64,000 miles. I'm new to the Explorer world but recently just sold my 98 Ranger XLT. I'm looking forward to staying up to date and participating in numerous threads. Location: SW Pennsylvania
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    Front bumper removal

    Most of it is straight forward with bolts or plastc screw push clips. But in front of the tires there are brackets that have me stumped. I cant seem to find any info on how these assemble or disassemble. Anyone with experience please help.
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    Rear Hatch Question - 2008 XLT

    Hi there, first post here on the forums. We have an 08 XLT in the White Sand color, I believe. It has a bit of damage, but I believe our worst damage is in the rear hatch, where there's a massive dent. It happened while my brother was moving the ex, and he made a mistake and misjudged on a...
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    Looking for cap for 2008 Sport Trac

    Hey there, I'm looking for a cap for my sport trac.... Thing is my partner is needing to travel with a walker now and so I need a cap to give a taller storage area for the walker. The truck is white, but I'd take whatever color cap would work on this particular bed. The cap could make...
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    2008 Ironman - Wanting to switch out the OEM fogs for clear ones...

    Hello, I just bought a 2008 Ironman, but can't stand the fogs on it. It makes the road look orange at night and they aren't very bright... Does anyone know if I can switch the orange ones out for the clear ones on the other 08 explorers? If not, any suggestions on where to find some clear...
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    Front End Noise Continued

    Hello again. Vehicle is 08 Explorer, 6 speed, 4wd. 68K. Started noticing a noise from front end which sounds like a bad bearing or knobby tires. Noise continues after: new front wheel bearings(replaced twice in 2K miles), new front half shafts, new tires, brakes, alignment. Car drives out very...
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    RPM Drop

    I'm having an issue and I'm lost for ideas. I own a 2008 Explorer XLT 4.0l V6 with 70k on it. Had the transmission replaced under warranty with a rebuilt unit around 63k. Now when I start the car the RPMs jump up to 2k RPMs for about 30 seconds then back down to 600-800. Then as I come to a...
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    New to The Forum - My 2008 4.6 Limited 4X4

    My new ride she has 17,000 miles on her. Black 4.6 V8 4x4 camel leather interior, sun roof, and loaded. power running boards. I will prob start with tires, exhaust, intake and replacing the factory speakers.
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    Lift Kit for new Explorer

    Hi, I'm new to the Ford Explorer realm... I just bought new Explorer 2008, Eddie bower edition and I'm looking for lift kit (or suspension kit - I really do not know what is the right term) to lift it up for ~ 3-5 inch. I can not find kits fro 2008 in the web. I will appreciate if someone can...