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2010 explorer

  1. K

    Hello from MN

    Picked up my first Explorer this past December after enduring the family minivan stretch for about 18 years! 150k miles and it's in great condition inside and out. Looking to make some minor modifications to start and see where it goes. Hoping to find some great ideas and inspiration here.
  2. C

    No (cold) air intake available for V6?

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2010 Explorer Limited with the 4 L V6. I also own a Nissan Frontier (also a 4 L V6) and put a K&N Air intake into it a couple of years ago. I immediately noticed a small gain in power and improved fuel economy so I wanted to do the same for the Explorer...
  3. EGruner

    2010 Explorer 4412 TC noise diagnosis help needed -video

    2010 Explorer V6. I have a Clunking "ratcheting" sound when I put it into gear. As the driveshaft spins it sounds like it's coming from the transfer case. It also continues to spin for a few seconds with a higher faster, but similar, noise... like it doesn't go into park. I am wondering if...
  4. W

    What Sensor(s) should I change? 2010 Eddie Bauer Edition V6 4WD

    Codes: P0135 P0141 P0155 P0161 P0403 P0443 P0645 I need to know: How many O2 sensors? How many upstream? How many downstream? What sensor should be replaced first based on above codes? What needs to be changed for a/c clutch relay? There is no gas cap on the car so EVAP code is odd unless...
  5. E

    Gold Series Remote Start/Alarm???

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I need some help. I went to my dealer to have a remote start installed. I asked if it would automatically activate my Climate control, rear defroster and heated seats. I was told that it would so I told them to go ahead with the install. When my truck was ready, I...
  6. F

    2010 Explorer Dash Vibration

    I have a 2010 Explorer XLT I bought used in April 2011 with 15K miles. It now has 27K miles. There is a vibration/rattle that appears to be coming from the dash on the passenger side. It is intermittent and only occurs in gear but stopped (at a light, etc). As soon as RPMs come up, sound...