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2011 explorer

  1. J

    PTU / Transmission

    11 explorer limited 4WD. Have recently experienced what I think is transmission slippage/shutter at highway speeds when accelerating to pass a vehicle. Description of a hesitation and lunge 3 or 4 times before kicking in to pass, not really a Jenking action. Then last night at a steady 55 mph...
  2. K

    2011 Rearview camera and blind spot sensor (BLIS) issue

    bought a 2011 explorer limited, salesman told me the back up camera didn't work. The camera will randomly ly show me a blurred view, but everytime i drove the vehicle for about 30 to 45 min, i get a message saying that my blind spot sensors are blocked, and then right after that it says my cross...
  3. N

    Help on base stereo upgrade

    Help on base stereo upgrade Hi all, I've search around and really can't find advice on my scenario. I have a 2011 Base Explorer with the base stereo, that's 6 speakers and no sub. I want a better system but it's been hard to find out details and answer my questions. I'd like to make everything...
  4. B

    2011 Explorer Terrain Management System Fault and Service Advanced Trac. No air blowing at all.

    2011 Ford Explorer. No cool air blowing. Spliced 6 ft. of the line and it began blowing cooler air again. The next day the power steering is out and no air blowing at all. Serpentine belt intact. The dash gives 2 error messages. Terrain Management System Fault and Service Advanced Trac. Has...
  5. P

    2011 Explorer XLT APIM issues

    Hi Everyone, After having a problem with the sunroof where a large amount of water fell through the center of the console, the radio began to work erratically. The USB port did not work properly and the bluetooth pairing did not work either. All this was corrected after removing all the...
  6. K

    2011 Banging noise in front, need help

    Hi to all, for some months now I have an increasing very unhealthy sounding bang in the front car of my 2011 Explorer. Problem: Most of the parts are brand new and my Ford dealer cannot find the root cause. What was replaced: Front Axle left and right, wheel bearings, strut mount bearings...
  7. B

    Electrical Starting Issues...maybe a ground issue?

    Ok, so here is a rundown on a starting issue that I have been experiencing. Hopefully I can get some help! 2011 Ford Explorer XLT with about 70k miles. New battery that is about 3 months old and has a full charge. This only occurs on random days. When getting into my car, all normal lights...
  8. C

    2011 explorer fuel pump replacement?

    Hi everyone my fuel gauge is not reading correctly and I think I need to replace the pump. How hard is it to change it and does anyone have pictures of this install?
  9. C

    2011 Explorer Crankshaft Position Sensor

    My Check Engine Light came on my 2011 Explorer and after having codes run, it appears it is my crankshaft position sensor. My engine has misfired and pistons 1 & 3 are out. I replaced all 6 spark plugs and that did not do the trick so I picked up a crankshaft position sensor yesterday. MY...
  10. R

    How to tell which Tow Package I have -- 2011 Exp XLT

    Hello - New to this forum and to the Explorer...so be gentle.... I have a 2011 Explorer XLT but not sure what towing package I have. I do have a "Tow" button.... but just not sure I have the oil/trans cooler. How do I tell what towing (if any) package or options I have?
  11. E

    Ford Explorer Running Boards: Do I have to remove the Mud Guards?

    We have had customers that have contacted us in the past asking whether or not they would have to remove the factory front set of mud guards in order to properly install our set of running boards for the 2011-Up Ford Explorer. In the past we always had to tell them that they had to remove the...
  12. B

    Bad News No AppLink for (current) Explorers

    I emailed the SYNC team and got terrible news I'm not sure where to express my angry about this!: Thank you for your email in regards to AppLink. Unfortunately AppLink will not be available on the 2012/2013 Explorer models. Sincerely, Nathan Ford Motor Company SYNC Support Center...
  13. jcerrion

    How To: Trim the lower fasica bumper on a 5th gen X

    Per a moderators request, i have redrafted my original writeup so it is supported within the website. This is a repeat post so that members can access the directions without traveling off forum.
  14. F

    2011 Explorer Door Seals & Water Retention

    I purchased a 2011 Explorer just over a month ago and have notice the A-Pillar rattle this issue is in the process of being resolved. However, has anyone noticed a significant amount of water being retained in the primary door seal? Basically, each time I open the door after the car sits in a...
  15. P

    Wes here

    Howdy, my name is Wes and I come from Arkansas. I currently own a 2004 XLT and am looking to purchase a 2011 XLT 4WD with a trailer tow package and dual air conditioning/heater controls package. Needless to say, there are hardly any 4WD vehicles out there or if there is the dealership...
  16. E

    Delivery Times!!!!

    I ordered a 2011 Ford Explorer XLT with the 202A rapid spec package two months ago. The vehicle is built, I got a vin, but no vehicle yet. My dealer had led me to believe that the ETA was the week of the 14th along with some other vehicles ordered around the same time. Well, the week of the 14th...
  17. D

    Is SYNC hard of hearing?

    Sorry if I missed where this was discussed before, but I began driving my new 2011 Explorer Ltd a week or so ago. Love the ride and all, but I am just getting used to using SYNC services, and I notice that (unlike voice commends for the MyFordTouch, which have worked well with my regular voice)...