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  1. A

    Problem with the off-road terrain option ?

    Today my Explorer (2012 Limited Edition) got stuck in some thick sand, and the front left (driver side) tire was complete stuck in the sand. But the other 3 wheels were not stuck as much while the read two wheel were on hard sand and seemed to have perfect traction as they were not slipping or...
  2. S

    P2196 and P2198...what to check

    My wife's 2012 Ford Explorer got the codes P2196 and P2198 recently. They have since cleared, but wanted to know what I should check first. Any suggestions???
  3. F

    wiring to the battery from interior

    This may sound dumb, but I was wiring up a set of tow lights and need to connect directly to the vehicle battery ( with a fuse of course) but I can not find a way to get through to the battery from inside the interior of the vehicle Vehicle 2012 Ford Eplorer XLT. Any help would be great...
  4. A

    2012 Explorer Starting Problems

    I have a 2012 Explorer. Last week I had to jump start the car few days in a row. I thought it was because of the cold weather. I took it to the dealership and they replaced the battery (New Battery), because they said it failed the load test. Just after 7 days car is not starting again, I have...
  5. Jon Turdle birthday cake 2014

    Jon Turdle birthday cake 2014

  6. txaggie

    Roof Rack / Rail Removal

    Still looking for a way to remove the rails and have the holes in the roof plugged. Looked at the Ford Police Interceptors, the Utility version (obviously an Explorer). Most of the pictures of them do NOT have the rails standard. So, either they have figured out a way to fill in the holes, or...
  7. W

    Explorer Gas Mileage - including Ecoboost

    I've had the 2012 limited ecoboost for about 2 months now with 1700 miles. I'm getting an average of 16-17mpg city and around 24 highway. This is driving VERY conservative. I know this doesn't seem like much, but we're talking a 20% decrease from the sticker MPG. I've owned a few new Ford...
  8. B

    Paint Issues - Non Hood

    well the day i purchased the Ex, i noticed a paint defect/bubble on the rear passenger door. i was lucky that i noticed it while it still sat on the showroom floor and pointed it out to them....they said they'll fix it later since it was 10pm on a wednesday night when i bought it....well last...
  9. C

    Have items been fixed on MY 2012?

    Okay, I'd like to purchase an Explorer, but here in Canada we generally pay more for cars, and we don't have strong lemon laws. I'd like to purchase in the next month (if Ford Canada brings back a Costco discount that brings us closer to US pricing), but ..... I don't want a problem car. I...